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Published: 6 September 2022

Blocklords is a medieval strategy MMO game, with an economy fully owned by the player. Players can impersonate one of the characters roles, which have distinct, specific but highly interconnected responsibilities within the medieval Blockboards metaverse.


Basic information

Blocklords is a pure MMO medieval strategy game, with an economy that is fully owned by the player. Players can participate in several different game styles. Whether you want to be helpful, greedy, benevolent, tyrannical, or peaceful, everyone plays an important role.

The game takes an innovative approach to storytelling, allowing players to create their own unique stories in a shared metaverse. Players will be able to fulfil their destinies by farming, fighting, and ruling across the medieval metaverse.  Players will also be given the freedom to develop their kingdoms to the highest level possible.

Road Map

There isn’t a Road Map. It has been reported that a playable Beta version will be launched this year, and that their token will be listed by autumn 2022.

About the game

In the game, the player takes control of their medieval hero and builds a civilized community.  There is the great responsibility of leading one’s army into the battlefield. It will also be possible to own land, collect and trade resources, and to build an economy. The challenge will be to build cities, administrate and defend them against enemies.

The main character, who has his or her own bloodline can be gradually improved and equipped with various items.

The game will have an economy driven by in-game assets. Players will be allowed to fully own all their acquired assets. They can also monetize their skills and earn a living by renting or trading assets. Ultimately, the game is about creating a strong and healthy economy in the city one builds.

Assets in Blocklords are not limited to native in-game tokens. The main game loops, such as farming, includes several different mechanisms for spending, delegating, and earning different assets.


The native token is planned to launch in autumn 2022. No other information is available.



The game is created by Metakings studios, the real creators are unknown.

Analyst opinion

“To me, the game looks very good in terms of graphics. They promise it will have the best of Age of Empires, Crusader Kings, Total War and Mount of Blade. If all goes well, it will be a very good game.

In contrast, the Road Map and whitepaper are missing, the team is anonymous and tokenomics are not described.”

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