BlockTrucks tries to provide truck racing that is as realistic as possible. Race, upgrade your truck, win and earn.

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  • Efforts to develop a racing mechanism
  • Easy to understand


  • A one-man team
  • No partnerships
  • A small community
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q3 - 2018 – Q4 - 2021

  • Racing game mechanism development
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • New user interface
  • Start of server development for multiplayer and race preparation
  • Completion of transferring the game environment to Microsoft Azure Playfab

Q1 - 2022

  • Presales of NFT stadiums and trucks to the first community members
  • Start of server development for multiplayer and race preparation

Q2 - 2022

  • Interfacing with Enjin/Efinity SDK
  • Control support for mobile devices
  • More optimization for mobile devices
  • Complete server development for multiplayer and race preparation

Q3 - 2022

  • Closing the beta test for the first community members
  • Game launch

Q4 - 2022

  • Weekly tournaments
  • Racing teams
  • New vehicle classes

Q1 - 2023

  • AtomicHub Pre-Sale (Founder's Packs and Stadiums)
  • $TRUCK token generation event
  • Pre-launch marketing campaigns

Q2 - 2023

  • $TRUCK token generation event
  • Closed beta test (open to Founder's Pack holders only)
  • Pre-launch marketing campaigns
  • Game launch!

Q3 - 2023 onwards

  • Weekly tournaments
  • Race teams
  • New vehicle classes
  • Monthly e-sports tournaments
  • Additional game modes
  • Private race lobbies with mutators i.e. unlimited nitro boost, modified gravity etc.
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About the Game

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This is a racing game aiming to simulate races on different terrains as best as possible. A player should only need a keyboard, and no other device should be required. At the same time, vehicle control should not be simple, which according to the author is usually the case with racing games.

There should be several game modes. You start with a truck without any upgrades. As you improve it over time, it will become faster and more controllable.


You earn ranks in the game. Each rank has three levels (for example, Bronze rank I, II, III). All newcomers start in the Bronze rank. The system is built in such a way that the stronger the opponent you beat, the more XP points you get. If you beat an opponent weaker than you, you will get significantly less XP.

You can only race on a sandy surface with the Bronze rank. The higher rank you reach, the more race tracks and surfaces you unlock.

The highest rank you can achieve in the game is Grand Champion. This is unique as it has only one level.


There will be tournaments every week, usually at the weekend. They will take place in three different time zones: 8 pm Eastern Time (America), 8 pm UTC (UK) and 8 pm Australian Time (Sydney). During these tournaments, players will compete for:

Big rewards in $TRUCKS for top players.

Cosmetic elements for trucks.

Tickets to more exclusive tournaments.

Game marketplace credits.

Tickets can be bought for $TRUCKS or you can find them in crates after races.

Benefit packs

We can already purchase benefit packs on the game’s website. Currently, “Founder’s packs” are still available for the first supporters of the project. For example, the regular pack was discounted from USD 50 to USD 9.99.

By purchasing one, you get the following benefits: access to the game’s beta version, a classic truck color, a classic tires set, regular decals, basic nitro boost, a Founders banner, a permanent earnings bonus of 0.5% from all races, one stadium raffle ticket, and one game truck raffle ticket.

There are also epic, rare and legendary “Founder’s packs” ranging in price from USD 150 to USD 250. It is also possible to purchase your own stadium for less than USD 2,500.

Truck upgrades

There are many ways to upgrade your racing truck. There are cosmetic items such as truck decals, paint, sets of tires, and nitro boost. Each of these elements has its own class: basic, rare, epic, and legendary.

The rarer the truck you have, the more XP and $TRUCKS you can get from each race.

You can further improve your truck’s engine to get the maximum possible speed, improve the exhaust for the highest possible acceleration, improve the tires for better maneuverability and grip, improve the suspension for the best possible stability when crossing the various stadium pitfalls, and improve the nitro so you can use it for longer.

Each upgrade category has three levels, and each level has a total of 40 possible upgrades. To advance to a higher level, you need to complete all 40 of the previous ones.

You get upgrade cards during races and need four cards of that level for one upgrade.

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Player Requirements

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The game does not impose any special player requirements. It should be playable on both PC and mobile devices. It probably won’t be a browser game, so you will need to install the application.

You can enter the game for free and play without any restrictions. Yet if you then purchase a pack, you will only get certain benefits.

Every player needs to consider how much time they want to invest. If your intention is to make money in the game, you should spend as much time as possible in it and play as many races as possible.

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During races you can collect cards that contain game improvements. If you don’t need them, you can sell them in the game marketplace for the $TRUCKS token.

Stadium owners receive $TRUCKS as fees from all races held at their stadium. They also receive a revenue share from advertisements displayed on the boards, which will belong to the project partners.

$TRUCKS can also be obtained from races. Just win bi-weekly or time-limited challenges and you will be placed in the game leaderboard.

Rare NFTs can also be found during races, which can then be sold in any in-game marketplace or outside the game.

Tournament tickets (which are NFTs and can be sold) can also be found.

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Main token: $TRUCKS

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Network: Binance Smart Chain

Where to buy: Not listed yet on any exchange.

Token distribution:

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The only known team member is the project founder Greg Quinn. A South African living in New Zealand, he has over 20 years of game and software development experience, 14 game titles behind him, and has spent over 15,000 hours on the Unity game engine.

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analyst opinion

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“The game is in its early stages and is not attracting much attention yet. The community has approximately 1,000 members, no Discord, and at first glance the game does not bring anything new.

The game does not stand out in any way graphically or conceptually, so it will have to bet everything on its game mechanism, which it is working to develop.

The game might be interesting for racing game lovers. We have tried the game and it is clear that it is still at the very beginning. On the other hand, the main developer’s experience from the game industry is visible here. If you are interested, take a look at the Founder’s packs that the game offers and check whether the game appeals to you.”

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