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Boss Fighters

Published: 2 September 2022

Boss Fighters is an action game with a strong emphasis on VR technology and economy. It is controlled by players with their own NFTs and cryptocurrency. The game is currently in development with an alpha release date scheduled for Q2/Q3 2022, and only for NFT holders initially.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Boss Fighters aims to bridge the gap between VR gamers, PC gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts by providing specific benefits and experiences for each and every one of them. The game is Free-To-Play, so all the equipment can be purchased with in-game currency. However, players who want to take full advantage of blockchain technology can monetize their success and compete for big token prizes. The game is developed on Unreal Engine and uses the Solana blockchain.

Road Map

Q3 2021

Game prototype.

Q1 2022

NFT collection – Boss Fighters.


Game trailer.

Q2/Q3 2022

NFT holders’ early access.

More NFTs.

Handing out VR headsets.

Whitepaper release.

Q4 2022

Token implementation into the game.

Early access release.

Tradeable game assets.


Quest VR support (Meta/Facebook).

Android and iOS.

Twitch API integration.

Enabling community modes.

About the game

Boss Fighters is a unique project that aims to fulfill the expectations of players, spectators, and the creators themselves. VR and PC players become gladiators who fight in fast-paced battles and compete for rewards. Inside the futuristic arena, gladiators don’t have to fight each other, but against a huge Boss.

The developers focus primarily on the game’s mechanics, as the basis for long-term activity and the overall game success. Many other projects do not meet these criteria and rather deal with Pay-To-Play or Play-To-Earn elements. There aren’t many combined VR and PC games, and it’s certainly not common for them to be supported by blockchain technology.

Game modes are divided into:

Basic game mode

  • Easy Free-2-Play games, available to all player.

Advanced game modes

These game modes are only available if you are an NFT owner or if you are staking $BFT tokens.

  • Ranking games – a game mode where it is possible to get  token rewards.
  • Tournaments – events organized by the community or sponsors.

In each of the game modes, players will receive rewards, equipment, and cosmetic items. Some rewards may be issued as NFTs and can be traded for $BFT tokens on the game marketplace. VR players will receive bonus rewards (equipment, items, or tokens).

There are 3 main types of game assets: equipment, skins, and avatars.


These are various weapons, explosives, and items. They are available to all players and can be purchased with in-game currency.


A general term for various cosmetic modifications such as gear skins, custom animations, visual and sound effects, etc. Some skins are available from vendors, but the main way to get them is through winning battles. The harder you play, the higher your rank and the rarer items you get.


Unique NFTs that represent game characters. Although the game contains cosmetic items as rewards, avatars cannot be obtained through gameplay. The only way to stand out from the crowd in the arena is to own an avatar in the NFT form.

Players can grow and earn XP for battles and by completing daily and weekly quests. VR Boss progress is separate from fighter progress. Items and equipment upgrades can be purchased with in-game currency. Additionally, some items and upgrades have XP requirements.


The VR player controls the Boss – a powerful monster that destroys its opponents and causes chaos. Playing as the Boss means you can grab and throw fighters, smash objects, and use surrounding obstacles as weapons. You can also level buildings and block passages.


As a fighter, you move around an enclosed arena scavenging for resources and ammo to recharge your weapons and abilities. The main game principle as a fighter is team cooperation.

Player requirements

VR compatibility

Steam VR:

  • HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro 2.
  • Valve Index.
  • Pimax
  • Varjio Aero.

Windows Mixed Reality:

  • Samsung Odyssey +.
  • HP Reverb, HP Reverb v2.
  • Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2 (compatible with Oculus Link / Air Link only).


  • 4-core processor.
  • 16 GB RAM.
  • 15 GB of free hard disk space.
  • GTX 1060 (minimum), RTX 2060 (recommended).


$BFT is a utility token used in the Boss Fighters metaverse advanced game features.

The total token supply is 500,000,000.

Players can choose to play for free and use in-game currency, or go the cryptocurrency way, which speeds up the progress and unlocks a range of benefits with the $BFT token.

Game features can be unlocked by staking. Here are some of the benefits players will get:

  • Passive income as in-game currency.
  • Equipment upgrade speed increase (the lower the level, the longer the upgrade takes).
  • Options to get gear or skins for free.
  • New NFT discount.
  • Reduced marketplace fees.
  • Unique skins and customization options.
  • Team functions – allows you to create and manage teams.
  • Access to tournaments and ranked games.
  • Watch-2-Earn, unlock Spectators pass.

Staking rewards depend on lock time and token amount.


The game contains a game marketplace. Players can trade items such as NFTs to monetize their in-game assets. All assets on the marketplace are paid in $BFT. A few examples of what players can trade are:

  • Premium passes.
  • NFT equipment.
  • Cosmetic NFT items.
  • Player created assets.

It will also be possible to rent out your NFT assets to other players.



Analyst opinion

“The idea of combining VR and PC gamers is absolutely amazing. The catchy graphics that we are already used to are stunning. I think VR gamers will welcome this as a very nice change because they only have a few games to enjoy. Unfortunately, there are not many VR players, because investing in a quality VR headset is more financially demanding. I hope enough of them join this game, otherwise the gaming experience won’t be as strong. The studio is tempting them with higher rewards, but we’ll see if that’s enough once the game launches. Boss Fighters has an average community and a strong active team. Unfortunately, I’m not a VR owner, but I’d still like to play the game at least as a fighter.”

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