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Put on your NFT sneakers and run to earn by healthy movement with Calo.

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  • Interesting concept
  • Active community


  • Copy of another project
  • Investment needed
Rating 6.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q2 - 2022

  • Wallet in the app.
  • Marketplace.
  • NFT sneaker system.
  • Single mode Beta.
  • Shoebox minting.
  • Official launch.
  • Gacha.
  • Stone upgrade.
  • NFT collaboration.

Q3 - 2022

  • Marketplace improvement.
  • Tournament mode.
  • Achievement system.

Q4 - 2022

  • Mission system.
  • Multi-chain.
  • Rental system.

Q1 - 2023

  • Team mode.
  • AR single mode.
  • Customization.
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About the Game

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Calo is a health and lifestyle app with GameFi and SocialFi elements.

The main game is simple: Players run or walk to earn tokens. Before starting, they must select one of their NFT sneakers and press the start button. Then the Walk and Run buttons will appear at the top of the screen.

Each player will have their maximum Stamina capacity, and this is burned while running or walking. Players get FIT tokens for burning Stamina units. Players’ maximum Stamina capacity will vary according to the number and quality of the NFT sneakers they own. One Stamina unit is equal to five minutes of walking or running, and 25% of a player’s Stamina is recovered every 6 hours.

Each NFT sneaker differs in terms of the speed it is tuned for, and how many FIT tokens it earns per Stamina unit. For example, a Walker is tuned to a speed of 1-6 km/h, and players will receive 4 FIT tokens for one burned Stamina unit. The sneakers also have a level system. When a sneaker reaches a certain level, the player can unlock slots into which they can insert “Stones” to improve the sneaker attributes. These attributes are performance, luck, speed, and recovery.

The game includes a Floating mode to prevent cheating, and automatically switches to it if the GPS signal is weak or the player is moving in a suspicious way, e.g., riding a bike, or if the device is attached to a dog. When the game is in Floating mode, the player burns Stamina units but does not get FIT tokens. This means you will also need to check your GPS signal.

The game will be playable in multiple modes. In Single mode, you run alone and have a chance to get a Gacha Box, which is a box that is randomly distributed when players walk or run. It will contain level 1-3 Stones. The quality of the Gacha Boxes matches the sneaker quality.

Players can participate in weekly and monthly challenges in the Challenge mode. You have to register at least 24 hours before the start and pay a fee. Fees are refunded upon completion of the challenge, or pooled as a cumulative reward for ranked users.

The game also offers a Team Challenge mode, in which players can join a club or group. After reaching a certain level of points, they have the right to become a leader and create their own clubs and group challenges. Teams can compete against each other. The ranking is calculated based on the number of participants and the total distance travelled over a certain period. In addition to tokens, the winning team can also receive a limited number of NFT sneakers.

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Player Requirements

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The game will be available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Players have to purchase at least one NFT sneaker to run with Calo.

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CALO is a governance token with 500,000,000 units in circulation. A total of 48% of CALO will be provided to users through participation in and management of the Move-To-Earn project.

FIT tokens are not limited in any way and can be obtained through physical movement, either in the Single or Challenge mode.

FIT tokens will be burned:

To mint NFT sneakers.

To repair sneakers.

To level up sneakers.

To upgrade using Stones.

To unlock sneaker slots.

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Players can get a reward:

By trading and renting game assets.

By completing activities in Single, Challenge and Team Challenge modes.

Through missions (daily, weekly, monthly).

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analyst opinion

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“The project initially really interested me because I like walking, and it’s something different to other games. Even before I started the analysis, my colleague pointed out that he had already worked on similar analyses and that one project was nothing more than a copy of the other. Unfortunately, it turns out that Calo is not far from just being a copy. When I compared the Calo and StepN whitepapers, they were identical documents, with only a few words changed – just like when a school friend copies your homework and edits it a little in the hope it’s not recognizable.

There was a guy on the Calo Discord who supposedly switched from StepN to Calo and compared them to IBM and Microsoft. The same individual claimed that the entire market is falling, with only Calo remaining in the black. When I checked their token price, I saw that this was not true as it has already been falling for weeks. This was when I stopped trusting this person. The truth is that the project could improve and surpass StepN, or become something like what Pepsi is today for Coca-Cola.

Although I like the project concept very much, I am puzzled by the need to invest in NFT sneakers, without which I cannot use the application. I could accept this if it was enough to buy only 1 sneaker for all speeds, but it seems that the more active you are, the more you invest. For now, I’ll stick with my Apple Watch while running, even if I don’t earn with it.”

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Kuba Lohnický

Kuba Lohnický

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