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Champions Ascension

Published: 31 August 2022

Located in the Kingdom of Massina, titans and monsters fight each other in a large and important ritual-battle in order to win honor and glory.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Champions Ascension is an upcoming game based on blockchain technology located in a warlike Metaverse that offers an incredible series of battles fought by multiple enhanced characters. The idea of the project is to become a fun alternative inside the genre of RPG battle games thanks to the benefits Web3 can provide to players in the context of collecting, converting or equipping virtual assets such as: real estate, items or rewards. Socializing and creating new content will be additional attractive features.

Jam City, which is the team behind the project, promises that Champions Ascension is a new way to play&earn. The project has been promoted through many platforms and social media apps, aiming for collaboration between developers and players.

Before the project launches, the sale of an NFT collection: “Prime Eternal Champions” is a set of 7,622 unique characters you can buy at Open Sea or Looks Rare and can use in-game.

Road Map

Taken from the official Medium account – check the sources for more information.

Phase 1.0 |  The drop (Early 2022)

  • Whitelist/Presale Created: WL to get into the project.
  • Private Sale: 2,000 Prime Eternals are reserved for the private sale, one per person.
  • Public Sale: 7,500 Prime Eternals are available for purchase on our website during the public sale. 500 will be reserved for promotional purposes.

Advance 1.1

  • Prime Eternal Owner Perks: Airdrops are given out to those who have purchased the initial drop.

Phase 2.0 | Staking (Early 2022)

  • Tokens and Staking: Tokens are released along with staking rewards.

Advance 2.1

  • Staking Gameplay: Novel mechanics that employ staking gameplay in a fun and rewarding way.

Phase 3.0 | MVP Gameplay (Early 2022)

  • Champion Battles: Combat in diverse battlefields and dungeons. Defeat monsters, bosses and other Champions for fame and fortune.
  • Ascension Mechanic: Ascend to higher tiers and gain access to more features.
  • Create New Champions: Bioengineer new Champions based on genes of existing Champions.

Advance 3.1 (Mid 2022)

  • Battle modes Released: More battle modes, staking rewards.

Advance 3.2 (Mid to Late 2022)

  • Land Gameplay: Claim your very own piece of the world of Massina and increase your earnings through Tokens and Staking.

Advance 3.3 (Mid to Late 2022)

  • Forging Gear: Gear forging is one of the most fun parts of the game that you don’t want to miss, so stock up on resources

About the game

The gameplay has not been fully developed yet – the development team is working on this right now – but the image below gives a rough indication of what it will be like.

The whitepaper of the project explains certain things that players will be able to access. These are briefly explained below:

  • Collect and Ascend: Breed, enhance and collect many different playable champions during battles or other activities.
  • Battle: Combat with your own champions or spectate others. Have your champions fight against bosses, monsters or other champions. Move, attack and use abilities.
  • Forge gear: A NFT asset which will provide the champions with more power and abilities, allowing them to participate in more fights. Players will be able to craft items using a certain list of parts and even spend tokens – this feature will be limited.
  • Land ownership: Leveraging the blockchain resources, players or simply interested investors will have the means to build and own a part of the Messina Kingdom.

Champions overview

Structure: Each Champion belongs to one of twelve Families grouped in six Classes, two Families per Class. The other thing is that there are only seven Essences that each Champion gets their core power from:


All the playable Champions are categorized in four tiers:

  • Challenger
  • Gladiator
  • Eternal
  • Prime Eternal

Ascension: To Ascend your Champion you will need to spend tokens ($ESSENCE) and in-game resources that you can earn through gameplay and fighting other Champions. The order of ascension is:


A cool thing is that when this process happens, the consumed tokens get burned forever in the blockchain, meaning the tokens will become more valuable each time, in terms of total available supply.

Death and Resurrection: If a character dies in a deathmatch the players will have two options in order to revive the champion. The first is to wait an amount of time in the Soul state, the other is to take the bloody remnants to the Ministry of Bone and harvest them in the form of tokens. ($BONE & $ESSENCE).


This area seems to be really well-designed because of several aspects. Players will have various options of using tokens, which is why these assets are called utility tokens. To clarify this, let’s see what the whitepaper describes:

$ESSENCE: Can be won by winning battles and completing challenges. It can be used in many different ways including breeding new Champions and crafting new gear.

$MASSINA: Is earned gradually when staking a Prime Eternal (NFT Staking) and will be paid daily. It’s designed for activities where players can craft items or get access to some services for in-game use.

$DIAMOND: Is also earned gradually when staking a Prime Eternal and is accumulated daily for as long as the player has their Prime Eternal staked. It can be used to acquire Diamond Gear items, and only a Prime Eternal NFT can generate this.

*Potential DAO Token: The whitepaper presents the proposal of creating a future DAO token that enriches the experience and adds governance. There is no clear detail about whether it will be one of those mentioned before or a new class of assets only for DAO members; it will be ERC-20.


The $ESSENCE token will be the core asset, so one can predict that it will also be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. There isn’t much information available (or at least is not easily accessible) and we can’t say for certain whether this or any of the previously mentioned tokens, will be tradable and swappable for other liquid assets such as $ETH or $USDT inside centralized exchanges or DEX.


The game will reward the player using tokens and non fungible tokens as collateral. 

The Prime Eternals collection will give the holders the opportunity to stake and receive tokens as assets. Also, users that will hold $DIAMOND or $MASSINA will get these tokens in accordance with the staking of NFTs and tokens, over time.


This project is led by Jam City, an award-holding mobile entertainment company recognized because of the millions of downloads of its games by players worldwide. The team includes experimented professionals like

Analyst opinion

“This is a more complex project in the category of metaverse games, and seems to be definitely more innovative than the typical options that we as players have today. Jam City promises to soon offer the chance to play and earn from a more lively experience. The tokenomics are really well thought-out, AAA – 3D game mechanics, sandbox game type, etc… Are valuable factors to take in consideration. The website and whitepaper content doesn’t show any investors or partners behind the project.

I think that there is enough information for content creators and future gamers to see the big opportunity that Champions Ascension is trying to bring to the market, web3 and finally the community.”



Published: 31 August 2022

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