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Jun 4, 2024

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  • Graphic processing
  • Intuitive control
  • Playability without investment
  • Road Map delays

Be alert, fans of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy, because this action game will excite you.

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Q2 - 2022

  • Dueler

Q3 - 2022

  • Single Player Dungeons
  • Crafting and Land Development Beta

Q4 - 2022

  • Multiplayer Dungeons Beta

Q1 - 2023

  • Gen 3 Character Drop
  • Crafting and Land Full Release

Q2 - 2023

  • Multiplayer Dungeons GA

About the game

Player Requirements

To create a game account, you need to connect your MetaMask wallet.


ChronoForge has two tokens.

$CHRONOS token - Used to purchase NFT figures, mounts, and lands.

$RIFT token - Provides different benefits in the game and can only be obtained by completing game tasks. $RIFT can also be exchanged for various game rewards.


Staking an NFT can currently be used for 90 days to unlock the only flying mount in the game - Hussari.

Classic staking is for seven days. To qualify for the benefits, a player must put in an amount greater than the value of the “minimum remuneration threshold” at the time of staking.


There are several earning options:

  • $CHRONOS tokens build up passively at a rate of five per day
  • Everything from wearable equipment to buildings are NFT items and can be traded
  • Players can bet $CHRONOS at the ChronoForge Arena
  • Tax on resource extraction in an owned territory from other players
  • Performance of tasks




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Analytic Opinion

“The game ChronoForge, originally called Px Quest, has great potential, so if all goes according to plan, there is certainly something to look forward to.

Imagine appearing in a world that is inspired by World of Warcraft.

The player can choose from several classes they want to play with, performing tasks, extract materials, learn crafts, and at the same time, it is possible to earn real money while playing.

The game is compatible with Web 2 and Web3. I’m sure you have thought, ‘will I enjoy the game’?

Try it first, and then you can switch to the NFT version ☺.”

ChronoForge is an action-packed Free-To-Play MMORPG full of adventure split between Web2 and Web3. They use Web2 for players who choose to play without NFT and cryptocurrencies. If players change their mind, they can switch to the Web3 version.

World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy inspired the game. This game suits you if you like your character to move around in a vast virtual world, meet, have fun, and fight different monsters.

The game has been renamed ChronoForge from the original Px Quest name in the making.

ChronoForge is a classic RPG where players can explore the open game world, fight different monsters and perform tasks.

It is possible to play as 12 standard classes in the game - for example as druid, paladin, magician, knight, hunter, etc.

The player enters an environment where the gaming world is recovering from a major calamity. Once mighty kingdoms were torn apart by a catastrophe that made time and space unstable.

This left part of the country in an uninhabitable “broken state over time.” Fortunately, the survivors of this catastrophe, the NFT characters, discover the rare element of Chronos. Chronos can be used to stabilize time and space and to generate pre-disaster objects and creatures.

It is also possible to play a mini-game in ChronoForge, where players’ NFT characters can fight each other just for fun or bet tokens.

In this game, objects can be traded directly if the players are near each other.