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Chronos: Dawn Of Time
Jun 6, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Interesting project
  • Captivating graphics
  • Small team
  • Very few social media

Chronos: Dawn Of Time, is a 2D action role-playing game (RPG) set in a post-apocalyptic world full of fierce enemies.

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About the game

Player Requirements


The main in-game currency is Dark Aether, which the player will receive for completed quests and similar rewards, possibly in a minor currency such as blue or green Aether.

Uses of Dark Aether:

There wasn’t more information on Tokemonics found.


The player generates profit from:

  • Game rewards
  • Trade and production of in-game NFT items
  • Creating new travelers
  • Winning tournaments




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"The game lacks information about the Road Map and tokenomics. However, this is an exciting and promising project with possibilities for earning in the game. The game’s storyline is shorter, but the gameplay is fun and will keep players entertained for a longer time."

Several rewards await theplayer in the dungeon. An NFT character will be necessary for theplayer to purchase and further develop. Likewise, the player willbuild their Village as they improve in the game. The level oftravelers will also increase; their attributes may also be changed.The game also allows communication between players, adventurecooperation, and player duels.


They represent the main gamecharacters. They arrive on new planets and worlds to survive anddiscover new things, which the player can help them with byincreasing their attributes or purchasing character clothing andequipment.

NFT Trading

Players can trade items (suchas travelers, weapons, skins, parts, etc.).

The game will be free onPC/Mac, Android, or iOS mobile devices.

In Chronos, the player willencounter two game modes:


Dungeon environments will varyin vegetation, enemies, or quests. The quests vary in difficulty. Theplayer can complete challenges such as defeating many enemies, lords,or parkour challenges and earn rewards. The dimension will shrink, soplayers encounter enemies more often, and the task is to defeat themand collect loot.


Players live and grow in theVillage. Their home can strengthen their characters. They can also betrained in different Village rooms. The rooms vary, including a gym(Dojo), factory, or workshop. The more the town grows, the moretravelers it will accommodate and employ. The player will thus beable to compete in the dungeon while the running of the Village willnot be disrupted and will continue to thrive.