In the dystopia town of CipherCity, rebels and masters fight each other for city dominance. The forces commanded by a devil organization have taken the peaceful city and depleted its resources. Citizens are scared and only the rebel squad can stop them. Unfortunately there are no updates since last year August/September on the project's social media.

CipherShooters Introduction
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  • Nice retro style graphics
  • User friendly interface


  • Very primitive gameplay
  • Almost no information about team
Rating 2.5
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2022

  • Launch Core game on Mainnet
  • Crafting Systems
  • Mercenary Missions
  • Raids

Q2 - 2022

  • Generative NFTs
  • CipherCity
  • New Operators
  • Lending Operators

Q3 - 2022

  • Metaverse Integrations
  • Leaderboards
  • Story Mode

Q4 - 2022

  • World Bosses
  • King of the Hill
  • Music NFTs
  • CipherShooters DAO
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About the Game

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The story is set in CipherCity, the player, as a rebel commander, has to rally a brave squad to save the citizens and bring back the good times back to the city.

The player’s main goals are to put together a squad of operators, to craft or find powerful weapons, to team-up and to strategize with the community. There are certain points that are mentioned in the whitepaper that define the gameplay.

They are the following:

Factions: Each Operator can belong to 1 of 4 different factions. Each faction is represented by the element they have a natural affinity towards to;  They will have specific bonuses against each other. When an Operator is recruited, there is a 25% chance of landing in each faction.

Classes: Each Operator can belong to 1 of 5 different classes. Each class has unique synergies with varying types of weapons.

Crafting weapons: As a player you want to make sure that the factions and gun types of your weapons line up with the specialties of your operators.

Armory: The armory provides the player a chance at rolling any weapon in the game.

Drops: There will be a chance of stumbling upon weapons that have been  claimed from unfortunate rebels along the way.

Crafting: As a player you will be able to use the manufacturing station to disassemble weapons into smaller parts.

Battles: The battle is decided by two sophisticated dice rolls: one from your operator and the enemy. The win condition is simple:

Player Roll > Enemy roll

Player Roll = ((DamagePerShot ± 10percent) * BodyPartHitRatio) * NumberOfShots + Class/Faction Bonus

Raids: Raids will happen occasionally and last for a limited time or until the large enemy has been defeated. Being part of the group that defeats these enemies will allow you to reap benefits of that large-scale battle.

Land and territory control: CipherShooters introduces a new and never before explored concept of NFT Land. Owning land will enable players and factions to receive combat bonuses in that area, special deals in shops, and access to income produced on that land.

Mercenary Missions: Players will be able to send your operators on missions with outcast mercenaries; after a few days, your operator will return with currency and even some rare items, if the hunt goes well.

Lending Operators: One will be able to lend an Elite operator to another person and claim a portion of the income generated by that operator. The lending terms will be able to be modified.

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Player Requirements

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You will need an Operator (Avatar) and a Weapon to get started.

You can purchase these with Cipher TAGs obtainable via Quickswap (100K CTAG recommended).

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The game will use two currencies in order to keep up with all tokenomics needs.

$CTAGs & $CCOREs will be selected to drive the economy.

Cipher TAGs: This is a variable supply token (with an initial mint of 1,000,000,000 tokens). $CTAG will be the main currency for most activities in CipherShooters. It will be used to spend in most activities, such as minting new weapons at the armory, crafting and disassembling weapons and gadgets, transacting in the marketplace, participating in raids, purchasing land, and staking against players; players vs. players.

Cipher COREs: This will be a fixed supply token with an initial mint of 100,000,000. Once the initial supply is minted, there won’t be more additional $COREs. The Cipher CORE token represents the entirety of the CipherShooters Economy.

Also, it provides unique in-game use in cases such as when minting an Elite Operator or promoting a trainee to an Elite. Players can stake Cipher CORE tokens to earn a share of the Cipher TAG tokens fee across the economy as a whole.

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$CTAG can be earned in-game via combat and trading on the marketplace. The stronger your squad becomes, the more Cipher TAGs you'll be able to earn within the same time frame.

Cipher CORE tokens can be earned in special in-game events, purchased from the market, and earned by staking CTAG/MATIC and CCORE/MATIC LPs.

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There aren’t any partners or investors that are officially recognized. However, Polygon is the blockchain and it backs the project up.

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The only thing  mentioned is that Hugo, Kuldeep, and Joel formed Humble DAO after many successful hackathons.

They’ve been present on many prior projects:, Farmtopia, FundPool, and now CipherShooters.

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analyst opinion

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"At first sight the game looks promising but the actual gameplay videos reveal that it is just a very primitive game. Ciphershooters does not seem to be a great option if you are a player who is trying to discover new and better blockchain-based game experiences. The RPG - card mode is not innovative as game dynamics show. Speaking about tokenomics, the project has a lot of information to explain further to users on how it will be driven, it is really well planned and the whitepaper disposes of many other details that aren’t in this analysis just to summarize the information and center it around the game itself.

Another fact that is not clear is who the team members are. There isn't much information on them, the only information is what the whitepaper mentions."

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Ladislav Horáček

Ladislav Horáček

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