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City States: Medieval

Published: 16 June 2022

CityStates: Medieval is a strategy MMO game for mobile and desktop computers. The player has to develop their city by collecting resources, producing items and trading in the market. The game offers players a lot of freedom. They can decide what to build, where to place it, and change it later if necessary.


Basic information

City States: Medival is a strategic crossplay MMO game where players build their empires. It is currently in development for mobile (tablets/smartphones) and desktop computers. Although at first glance it resembles other games such as Lords Mobile, it differs in many ways. The low poly style 3D visual experience is captivating, and each building and icon has been hand painted with loving attention to detail. The most fascinating part of the game is the Play-To-Earn option, players can earn money by playing.

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Source: citystatesm.com/images/slider_barracks.png

Road Map

There is no Road Map, but one moderator on discord described it like this:

“The Road Map looks like this: development -> testing – > editing -> further testing -> game release”

About the game

The player starts with a few villagers and the resources needed to construct the buildings necessary to run the economy. As the town grows, more villagers are needed to work and replenish the military later on. Villagers and troops have needs that the player has to satisfy, such as enough food and wood to stay warm. As the town flourishes, these needs change over time. Players are given multiple play styles and freedom in what they can build and when and where. For example, the player can modify their city to produce high-demand goods while buying the necessary resources on the market.


Ownership in the game “CityStates: Medieval” is represented by the CSM token. The token was launched on PancakeSwap in June 2021. 1,000,000 tokens are available in total. Opinions and ideas will be heard through a DAO poll where token holders will be able to submit their suggestions. Token holders will be eligible for rewards from the game’s profits according to their percentage of the total stock.

Obrázek Tokenu Hex

Source: citystatesm.com/images/hex-shield.png

In the settings, you will be able to choose your preferred currency in which to receive payments, and whitelist addresses. After the initial phase, the plan is to pay token holders monthly. Every trade, purchase and sale in CSM is done using HEX. HEX is a token in the Stellar network that can be bought or collected by producing resources and trading. There are plans for several contests and other features in which HEX can be won or earned without the need to pay for it, such as referring new players to the game.


Dirk Pollmann (Germany)
CEO – game design, team management, finance, marketing

Abelardo Pastor (Philippines)
Co-founder, advisor, organization

3D modeling, icons, UI

Fabio Pineda (Venezuela)
Web development

Riccardo Triglia (Italy)

Analyst opinion

“A mobile strategy game with the possibility of earning money – now that‘s a genre combination that should attract many players. The crossplay feature will further expand the playerbase. Personally, I think there will be a lot of micro transactions in the game, like in the aforementioned Lords Mobile. However, who knows, Play-2-Earn games generally avoid Pay-2-Win mechanics. We’ll have to wait for an answer, though.”

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Source: citystatesm.com/images/population.png

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