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May 15, 2023

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    Make your city the best in the world by working with other residents. Trade and compete with other civilizations to make a profit.

    Official Trailer


    Q3 - 2022

    • Minting of additional characters
    • Additional utility reveal
    • Whitelisting begins in August
    • NFT lands reveal

    Q4 - 2022

    • Minting of first land collection

    Late 2022 / Early 2023

    • Alpha gameplay reveal
    • First trailer
    • Distribution of invites for Alpha testing

    About the game

    Player Requirements

    The game will be available on both phones and PC. The future goal is to go in the direction of augmented and virtual reality.


    CITI is an ERC20 token, that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It serves as an in-game currency as well as a tool for managing the DAO and for other functions in the game.

    Players can earn in-game rewards in CITI tokens and NFTs through missions, exploration and trade by use of augmented reality and passive resource collection.

    Land owners can stake CITI tokens to gain benefits. Additionally, each city is a sub-DAO and has its own staking area. The city council and its residents decide on the rewards for bets from the city treasury.

    The date and place of its listing, sale options or other information are not yet available.


    In this metaverse, you’ll probably be able to earn money by expanding and upgrading your plots and by participating in mini-games that reward you with CITY tokens. The city tower should offer individual quests to be completed by the players, which should also not go unrewarded.

    The project NFTs will be tradable. By this I mean especially items crafted in the metaverse, but of course, your character and land are also worth something.


    Missing from the picture are the project’s advisors, including Santiago R. Santos, Stani of Aave and brothers Kieran and Kain Warwick. Kieran is a Co-Founder of Illuvium.



    The studio operates three offices around the world – in Reykjavik, Shanghai and Los Angeles – and is assembling its teams accordingly.

    Kent Byers is the project manager and studio director. The core team can be found in the project whitepaper.

    Social Media and Online Presence

    Analytic Opinion

    “The project is at its very beginning so we can only see the vision of its creators. I don’t want to underestimate the gaming studio, but to me it doesn’t look strong enough. However, from what they claim about themselves, they should be experienced and the cryptoworld is open to enthusiasts.

    I really appreciate the project partners. I’m mainly referring to the gaming guilds and project advisors mentioned above. They belong to real experts in this field and the games they support work well.

    Civitas is at the very beginning. The first traceable reports on Discord come from the end of March 2022. This opens up the opportunity for investors to hop on the train before it takes off and becomes popular. Early players could more easily become the rulers of this new world.

    One of the toughest moments for any project is to get players interested and spread the vision in the virtual world. I find the rollout of Civitas to be somehow slower. However, the delay is understandable given the current market situation. Should it be used meaningfully for the game development, I fully support it.

    I really like the idea of Civitas. Building a city, cooperating with other players and somehow competing with other cities seems fun, strategic and diverse. I’m not worried that the game would stop being fun after a while. However, time will tell what the reality turns out to be in the end.”

    The game looks really interesting. You are an inhabitant of a city along with other players who have bought a plot there. You work together to bring your city to perfection. The better the individual plots are, the better the city itself, as you will be allowed to construct more advanced buildings.

    Each city center houses a “Tower of Influence” that can only be accessed by its citizens. It provides players with vital information regarding city performance, available quests, global diplomacy status, yield rates, city business, and other information relevant to city progress and growth. You will also find the city marketplace and the world map view in there.

    Within the game, you access and acquire unique resources needed for crafting items. Subsequently, you earn CITY tokens by playing mini-games.