Clash of Coins

Clash of Coins is an immersive online game where players join cryptocurrency clans, conquer provinces, and strategically manage resources. Dominate the game by strategically capturing provinces using COC tokens and expanding your influence.

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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q4 2022

  • COC Token Launch

2023 H1

  • Sustainable Gaming Economy
  • Season 01 Primal Earth
  • Desktop Client & Mobile Optimization
  • Season 02 Behind the Veil
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Season 03 World Between

2023 H2

  • Landlords Update Announcement
  • Strategic round & Surprise
  • OWB DAO Concept
  • COC Token listing
  • Scaling

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About the Game

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Clash of Coins, a captivating online game, offers players the opportunity to join one of several cryptocurrency clans upon their initial login. Upon selecting a clan, players are guided through an informative tutorial to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics. Within the game, players can stake their claim on different provinces by simply clicking on them, initiating a conquest animation. During this period, the province becomes impervious to other players' attempts at capture. However, securing a province incurs a cost in the form of a COC token, with more distant provinces demanding a higher expenditure.


Building structures is a strategic approach for players to optimize their resources and minimize unnecessary COC expenses. Offensive towers enable players to occupy neighboring provinces without depleting their COC reserves. Defensive towers, on the other hand, fortify a player's province, making it more challenging for opponents to conquer with a single click. A province equipped with defensive towers can only be seized by completely dismantling all defensive structures. Each tower possesses a unique building cost in COC and a set number of lives or resistance.


In terms of offense, players can swiftly conquer a province devoid of towers with a single click. However, if towers are present, they must be eradicated first. Initiating an attack involves selecting an attack tower from the menu and clicking on the desired province for conquest. During the offensive assault, the targeted tower's resistance progressively diminishes, ultimately resulting in the attacker gaining control of the province once the resistance reaches zero.

Skill map and Skill points

The game incorporates a skill map and skill points system, conveniently located in the bottom right corner accessible through the "Skills" icon. The skill map is divided into passive and active skills, categorized into four types: Scouts, Army, Hackers, and Raiders. Passive skills impart permanent effects to players, while active skills can be assigned to the skill bar for later use. To add an active skill to the skill bar, players select a skill and click the "Add" button. The active skill bar accommodates up to four skills simultaneously. Each active skill possesses a cooldown, requiring players to exit the skill map and click on the designated active skill slot located at the bottom of the screen to activate their chosen skill.

Time zones

Time zones play a significant role in Clash of Coins as global events affecting all players. These events involve the temporary locking and subsequent opening of specific countries or states within the game. Revenue generated from provinces during these events reaches its peak, translating into higher rewards for players who successfully hold provinces during the designated time. Participants who capture and maintain the most provinces throughout the event period receive an additional bonus reward.


Clash of Coins features two types of items: consumables and cosmetics. Players can access their inventory by clicking on the "Inventory" tab at the top of the screen. Cosmetic items have the added functionality of being minted as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), allowing players to showcase their prized possessions in a unique and valuable format.

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Player Requirements

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To fully participate in Clash of Coins, players should meet the following requirements:

1. Device: Use a compatible device with a stable internet connection.

2. Account: Create an account within the Clash of Coins ecosystem.

3. Supported Network: Have a digital wallet supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

4. Token Ownership: Acquire $COC tokens for in-game activities.

5. Understand Game Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the game's rules and objectives.

6. Time Commitment: Allocate dedicated gaming time.

By fulfilling these requirements, players can enjoy the immersive experience of Clash of Coins.

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$COC (Clash of Coins) is a utility token operating on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. It serves multiple use cases within the game ecosystem, including:

1. NFT Trading: $COC facilitates trading and transactions of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the in-game marketplace. Players can engage in buying, selling, and collecting unique and valuable in-game assets.

2. Province Conquest: $COC is utilized as the currency for invading and capturing provinces. Players need to spend $COC tokens to initiate conquest animations and secure control over territories.

3. Building Towers: Players can construct offensive and defensive towers to enhance their strategic advantage. The cost of building these towers is denoted in $COC tokens, requiring players to manage their token resources efficiently.

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Players in Clash of Coins have multiple avenues to earn rewards within the game:

1. Selling: Players can earn rewards by engaging in the trading of in-game assets, such as NFTs, on the marketplace. By strategically buying and selling items, players can generate profits and accumulate resources.

2. Holding a Province: By successfully capturing and maintaining control over provinces, players receive ongoing rewards. These rewards can vary based on factors such as the province's location, resources, and its economic significance within the game world.

3. Completing Quests: Engaging in quests and successfully completing them provides players with rewards. These quests may involve various objectives, challenges, or missions that contribute to the overall progression and narrative of the game.

4. Leveling Up: As players progress and level up their characters or clans, they unlock new features, abilities, and rewards. Leveling up represents a significant milestone and grants access to higher-tier content and potential rewards.

5. Daily Activity Rewards: By actively participating in the game on a daily basis, players can receive rewards based on their consistent engagement. These rewards serve as incentives to encourage regular gameplay and interaction with the Clash of Coins world.

By leveraging these earning opportunities, players can enhance their gameplay experience, acquire valuable resources, and strengthen their position within the Clash of Coins universe.

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