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Clash of Lilliput
May 22, 2023

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  • Interesting tokenomics
  • Engaging game theme
  • Poor graphics
  • Weaker monetization

Clash of Lilliput is an SLG game based around a scenario of a race of miniature people building a tribe to help them survive and prosper in a dangerous world.

Official Trailer


Q3 - 2022

  • NFT release and game beta test

Q4 - 2022

  • Official release of the game

Q1 - 2023

  • New pets and warrior types development

Q2 - 2023

  • New PvP battles development

About the game

Player Requirements


$COL will be used as tokens for various in-game expenditure:

  • By using $COL, players will be able to cut the waiting time (it normally takes two hours for a building to be upgraded, but after spending some $COL the upgrade is finished immediately)
  • For purchasing in-game items
  • For exchanging for in-game pets, equipment, etc
  • For purchasing various resources

Players will also be rewarded with $COL based on their rankings in matches.

$COL is used as a governance token and also for voting on proposed changes to game parameters and rules. The total supply of $COL is 100,000,000. The quantity of COL tokens is fixed, and no additional tokens will be issued.


The player can earn:

  • Rewards for winning battles
  • Tokens for their ranking at the end of a season




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Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Clash of Lilliput is a game that manages to captivate with its small NFT characters fighting against each other or against the environment. However, there is relatively little information about the game, as the Road Map is brief, and the partners and team have not been announced.”

In Clash of Lilliput, players can cultivate their tribe by recruiting workers, collecting resources, upgrading buildings, and researching technologies throughout the Lilliput Kingdom.

Players earn points during seasons and receive tokens according to their rankings. Players compete in ranked matches based on their points. After successful matchmaking, they enter a battlefield to compete. There are two parties in the battle - attackers and defenders. The units involved in the battle are the players themselves, the recruited armies, and their summoned pets. If the attacker destroys the defender’s base within the time limit, the attacker wins. Otherwise, the defender wins.

NFT pets

Pets are one of the most important combat units in the game. Players can acquire NFT pets by purchasing them in the marketplace for tokens, or by participating in in-game challenges and events. There is a limit to the number of pets a player can carry into a battle. Players can also merge a certain number of pets to create a higher level one and improve their battle power.

Resource plundering

There are various categories of resources in the game, each of which can be considered as a separate token. Later, it will be possible to trade resources.

Resources can be acquired in two ways:

By collecting: players can assign workers to resources. The number of workers and their technology level determines the harvesting speed. Upgrading warehouses will increase the maximum quantity of resources they can store.

By plundering: players can lead their own armies to attack other cities and plunder resources to generate revenue.

Three types of battle units:

  • The players themselves
  • Recruited armies - these can carry out automated attacks and can be replenished after death
  • Trained pets - players can only summon a certain number of pets to battle

Player cultivation to increase their level:

  • Equipment with different characteristics
  • Weapons of different appearance
  • Horses, allowing players to move faster and providing them with special skills

Army cultivation:

  • Types of warriors – higher-level warriors have more powerful attributes and skills
  • Number of warriors – there is a limit to the number of warriors that can be trained and carried into battle

Pet cultivation:

  • Players acquire pets in the marketplace by spending tokens or by drawing them
  • Training - each pet has different characteristics

There are various resources in the game, such as wild fruit, jam, wood, bones, resin, and honey. The game allows players to recruit workers for resource harvesting.

The game allows players to build various buildings, while each is of a single type. Each building requires different types of resources to upgrade, which will increase its quality and value. The different types of buildings unlock different types of functions.