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Clementine’s Nightmare

Published: 30 August 2022

Imagine a fantastical universe with several creatures and nightmarish beasts, set in Clementine's neighborhood, who are trying to change the peaceful life of townspeople while she fights to return everything back into normality.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Clementine’s Nightmare will be a 3v3 hero brawler which combines Play-2-Earn strategies in multiplayer mode and in the singleplayer campaign with the main story.

The project is being launched in phases, starting with the “Genesis and Eclipse collections” consisting of around 15 010 NFTs that have been minted. You can take a look at them yourselves, as they are available for purchase at OpenSea.

The game is not public yet, however their whitepaper mentions that it’ll be a combination of card and hero brawler mechanics. A notable fact for this project is that users can get access to two types of Non Fungible tokens, pre-launched and in-game.

Moreover, pre-launch holders (Genesis & Eclipse collections) will have access to other two significant opportunities such as:

Lucid dreamsa Community alpha network where players will have private crypto meetings, connect with creators or Pre-sales for other projects.

Projekt Neighborhooda initiative that promises to give access to other non-common NFTs basically for free, one mint for each NFT you as the user holds.

Estimated timeframe for official game:

Alpha testing for pre-launch, EOY 2022 or Q1 of 2023. Available only for Holders.

Current OpenSea stats:

Eclipse collection: 10.000 items, 2,300 owners, 0.027 ETH floor price, 185 ETH total volume

Smart contract history:


Genesis collection: 5,000 items, 3,200 owners, 0.09 ETH floor price, 4,300 ETH total volume

Smart contract history:


We can appreciate that the in Genesis collection (the most valuable one) there are about 2 NFTs per owner. This drop has traded 4,300 ETH in volume, which is a considerable number, meaning that the NFTs are being looked at by many people.

Road Map

“The journey” consists of different phases of the project, dates are published according to the evolution of the game, that’s why it is important to get into the community.

NFT pre-sale pass event

  • Presentation of the two first phases/launches of the game, Genesis & Eclipse collections.
  • 5,000 and 10,010 NFTs respectively, minted on the website.
  • Story release.
  • Project Neighbourhood
  • Presentation of phases three and four of the game, The Project Neighbourhood and the Lucid dreams community.
  • PC Game Alpha version, available for holders. (EOY 2022 – Q1 2023).
  • $INK Token launch and Play-2-Earn mechanics
  • PC Game Beta version.
  • $INK Token official deployment on supported blockchains (Tokenomics, smart contracts, audit, airdrops, etc)
  • UI/UX + Game mechanics.
  • Official PC and Mobile public game versions
  • PC playable game version launch.
  • Mobile game Beta version.
  • Mobile game launch.

About the game

There will be two types of gameplay, multiplayer and campaign, which are both aimed to provide an AAA quality experience. In both of these, the player will craft decks to support or enhance their heroes, plus these Will be micro level decisions in each combat, meaning that each battle will be unique. Heroes can also be customized through stats, abilities or team composition choices. The player will connect their wallets and use the NFTs they hold to generate new ones during combat.

Every non fungible token is a unique incarnation of a hero in the game, combining attached customization features and in-game attributes.



The game will have a token which is called $INK. The token will be found in the form of in-game asset (INK) and exportable as a Token asset ($INK) which will be marketable. Even though it’s already being developed, the Developer team hasn’t clarified the main blockchain that will be used for the game. However, based on preliminary information it might be ERC-20 based on Ethereum. In spite of that, the whitepaper mentions that it can be deployed on the Web3 blockchains the project opens to support. Both assets will satisfy a real case of use:

INK (In-game asset)

In-game purchases of heroes and cosmetics.

In-game purchases of card packs.

Augmenting your heroes .

Turning heroes and rare cosmetics into NFTs.


$INK (Token)

Purchasing hero and cosmetic NFTs from the outside market.

Used outside of the game by supporting markets as a currency.


There are two things mentioned in the whitepaper, the first one is that this token asset is being planned to fight against inflation. The second is that they will have other tools to back it up. (But did not provide examples about which ones).


Only the highest level of heroes (in the game) can be exported as NFTs and are available for sale on the open marketplaces. Another option is keeping high level items considered as rare or legendary, in the form of NFTs. In both cases, players will receive the native token asset related to the marketplace that is being used. 

All players will receive Ink (the in-game token) and can convert it to the $INK token and swap this for other more liquid options 


The most significant rewards are substantiated by the two first NFT collections.

Genesis & Eclipse phases will grant the holders the opportunity to get certain rewards. In this case the rewards won’t rely on procedures such as staking, but will come in the form of airdrops, in-game assets and bonuses. Examples in the Whitepaper include:

  •  Master key passes.
  • Increased INK airdrops based on how many NFTs you hold.
  • +15% bonus to final multipliers for having Genesis NFTs:  Super Legendary 5x,  Legendary 4.5x, Rare 3.5x (the top 500 ranks after Legendaries as determined by Rarity Sniper), Common 3x (Everything Else).


The development and concept is led by Big Red Button Entertainment, an experienced studio with other games available on WiiU, Oculus, Playstation VR, Daydream and others.

Analyst opinion

“This game is another example of a blockchain-based game which combines fun and art to create a particular universe that seems to offer a good opportunity to play & earn crypto. Based on the analysis, I can say that most things are really well planned, however they are not completely ground-breaking in the context of crypto games. It’s just a solid project overall combining economic dynamics and game mechanics with AAA quality. The websites or whitepaper content don’t show any investors or partners behind the project.

An additional perspective the project can be analyzed from is to view it as an NFT trading opportunity. Relying on the stats exposed by the two collections that are in Open Sea, Clementine’s Nightmare could continue achieving more flipping movements because of the FOMO generated by its big community and the further launch of the PC/Mobile games. If you are interested in NFT opportunities this can be an excellent way to start – you may perhaps also consider holding the assets you buy and even get token rewards, or simply see this as one more opportunity to generate income by flipping assets.

Like many other projects, this one needs the support of the community. The growth of the token and the predominance of the NFTs, despite the use case, depends on that.”



Published: 30 August 2022

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