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Cloud Castles
May 23, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • $DIG tokens can be used in future games as well
  • VIP rewards
  • Lending-borrowing system
  • A team with a lot of experience in video games
  • Free-To-Play
  • NFTs may be challenging to obtain or expensive in terms of time and resources
  • NFT oriented
  • Not released yet
  • Anonymous team

With a talented team of developers with experience in AAA games, from the creators of Heroes of Might and Magic, in the Cloud Castles game, players control powerful creatures in real-time battles, tournaments, and more.

Official Trailer


The project does not have a Road Map.

About the game

Player Requirements

The project does not provide any information about the player requirements.


$DIG token Capped at 8 billion.

$DIG token has yet to be released; it will be the in-game currency and governance token used for leveling up artifacts, land upgrades, buying assets, governance, transaction fee, and more.

The team will add more use cases depending on how the ecosystem progresses.

Staking $DIG will possibly grant VIP benefits for current and future projects.


Players can earn $DIG through different in-game activities, auction house sales, staking, or even owning their arena to host events.

Auction house

Selling and lending NFTs such as creatures, artifacts, skylands, fortresses, land upgrades, and cosmetics in exchange for $DIG.

In-game player rewards

Determined player achievements still need to be specified.


$DIG rewards and, in the future, also will grant in-game titles and other ecosystem rewards depending on economic growth.

Commodities store

Players can sell Keys, chests, and diamonds for $DIG.


It offers legendary and mythic artifacts as NFTs that the player can sell at the auction house.

Battle arena

Place where e-sports, tournaments, and competitions take place. The arena owner benefits from advertising and receives $DIG as a reward for hosting the event.


The game will reward owners with $DIG from the community treasury. Players can spend diamonds to improve the reward.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I get very excited about this type of project; the creators have worked as RTS and RPG enthusiasts for large video game companies. It reminds me of games like LoL, Epic Seven, HOTS, Heroes Magic, and more.

Currently, it has a limited amount of information, but the one that it does present is very well explained. The creature designs are well done. The emphasis they place on the economy as if we were playing WoW or an RPG where we can sell the NFTs at the auction house, is exciting. It's not like in other games where you only do it for in-game gold; here, you convert it into $DIG.

If you like RTS, MOBA, or RPG games, this project must be in your favorites!

Personally, I am going to add it to one of my favorite projects that I have this year to be able to follow up on it. Once the game is for the public, I will see how profitable it is to invest in it.”

Cloud Castles is a fusion of RTS and RPG; players have powerful mythical creatures with fantastic powers which they must strategically position on the battlefield fighting against other players in real-time battles to earn powerful rewards.

The creatures of Immortals, Gate of Pyre, are magically carved stone statues. These are mere vessels that players will fill with energy to animate them and command them into a fight.

Players must make strategic deployments of their creatures, with each creature having an affinity that can have an advantage or disadvantage in the field of the arena in which they are fighting.

Players must ensure their team is in synergy by selecting one creature at the beginning, depending on the arena’s terrain, such as lava, water, forest, and more, to complete the team with other creatures later. The arenas are loaded with spirit sparks, used to bring the creatures from their statue form to life.

Each creature needs different spirit sparks to animate it from his statue form.

Players decide where to put their spirit sparks among their creature’s statues to be more effective in battle.

After this, the action starts in real-time. The creature moves to the specific location selected in the field by the player, and the creature’s movement speed is affected by the terrain.

The creatures will automatically attack the enemies that are in range. Creatures with melee weapons will do it in melee, but those with ranged weapons will do it from a distance.

All creatures have special abilities, both offensive and defensive; these can only be used when the player orders them. As the combat progresses, the creatures will get damaged and lose spirit sparks, which will cause the creature to turn into statues again. Once all a player's creatures are turned into statues, the player loses the match.

There are four different game modes:


The campaign is single-player; the player fights against the AI, with difficulty increasing progressively.


There are ranked and unranked arenas. Players can also fight against their fellowship in a friendly way, usually known as mocks.


It is like a clan/guild, where players can chat with community members to learn more about the game or discuss strategies. There will be challenges between fellowships to climb the leaderboard.


The quests are daily and weekly and can be done alone or with fellowships. The more players complete these challenges, the more rewards they will have. This helps the community grow by encouraging players to play together to obtain better rewards.