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May 29, 2023

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an NFT marketplace that operates on the Polygon blockchain, providing a platform for artists to display their artwork across various industries, including entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and fashion.

Official Trailer


Q4 – 2022: All Set to Launch

  • Cricket gaming application goes live in October 2022
  • For the first time, compete with players across the globe

Q1 – 2023: Cricket Prediction

  • The world’s first cricket prediction platform using cards
  • Win cash with zero entry fees

Q2 – 2023: Colexion Premier League

  • Participate in the most innovative league where you are the player
  • Backed by the finest brands of the Web 3.0 universe

Q3 – 2023: Attain Warp Speed

  • 50+ games on the ecosystem
  • All favorite games part of the Colexion family

About the game

Player Requirements

To participate in Colexion and its associated games, players typically need to fulfill certain requirements.

  • Register an account on the Colexion platform.
  • Have a compatible digital wallet for storing and managing NFT cards.
  • Own NFT cards acquired through purchasing or trading on Colexion.
  • Familiarize yourself with the specific rules and gameplay mechanics


Token: $CLXN

Total Token Supply: Unknown

The $CLXN token within the Colexion ecosystem can be utilized for the following purpose:

- Purchasing NFTs from the Colexion marketplace: Users can use $CLXN tokens to acquire NFTs (non-fungible tokens) available on the Colexion marketplace. These NFTs may include artwork, collectibles, or other digital assets created and listed by artists and creators on the platform.

It's worth noting that the information available does not mention any staking possibilities for $CLXN tokens. Thus, it appears that the primary utility of $CLXN within the Colexion ecosystem is focused on facilitating transactions and acquiring NFTs from the marketplace.


Players in the Colexion ecosystem can earn through:

- Trading NFTs on the marketplace

- Winning bets

- Earning XP points, redeemable for cash or converted into cards.




To learn more about the team behind Colexion, please visit LinkedIn

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Analytic Opinion

"It is challenging to form a well-informed opinion on a project with such limited information. While I understand the concept of a cricket game, I have reservations about its ability to attract a significant number of people.

Regarding the project itself, there are several crucial details missing. For example, the whitepaper, which typically contains valuable information, seems to be unavailable. Additionally, there is a lack of comprehensive information on tokenomics, such as how to utilize or earn tokens, as well as the utility of the NFT cards.

Based on the available information, I find it difficult to envision this project gaining traction. The concept appears unappealing, and the overall lack of information diminishes its potential."

Colexion is an expansive ecosystem that enables users to engage in the creation, collection, and trading of NFT cards, which can be utilized in games to optimize earnings and enrich the overall experience.

Within the platform, players who possess NFT cards have the opportunity to participate in the captivating game called "TopRun Fantasy Cricket." In this game, players curate a fantasy cricket team by carefully selecting players from a diverse pool of options. To enhance the team's performance, players can strategically attach a minimum of two of their owned NFT cards to their chosen lineup. The contest's victor is determined based on the accumulated points scored by the selected team, with the player achieving the highest score emerging as the winner.

While currently, only "TopRun Fantasy Cricket" is available for gameplay, the existence of future games within the Colexion ecosystem remains uncertain. However, it is plausible that the platform may expand its gaming repertoire over time, offering users a broader spectrum of interactive experiences and increased avenues for engagement with their NFT card holdings.

Moreover, Colexion serves as a pivotal gateway for traditional artists seeking to transition into the realm of digital art. Through the Colexion marketplace, artists can showcase and vend their artistic creations in the form of NFTs. This invaluable feature empowers artists by facilitating their exploration of new horizons for exposure, enabling them to reach a wider audience, and potentially generating revenue through the sale of their digital masterpieces.

Overall, Colexion presents itself as a multifaceted ecosystem that seamlessly amalgamates NFT card creation, collection, trading, gaming, and the provision of a marketplace for artists. By allowing users to actively participate in games with their NFT cards and providing a platform that supports the transition of traditional artists into the digital art space, Colexion cultivates an engaging and empowering environment for its diverse user base.