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Crown Chaser

Published: 7 August 2022

Crown Chaser is a tower defence card game that will be playable on both PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS). Players will collect or buy cards and participate in exciting battles.


Basic information

Crown Chaser is a strategy game in which players will get rewarded according to their skill. Players will face new challenges as they progress up the leaderboard. The game is mainly skill-based. Each card is carefully balanced to make everything 100% fair. You will win only by using the right combination of cards. There is no need to buy cards to play. A free basic deck is available for those who just want to try the game.

Road Map

Q1 2022
Core team formation.
Concept design.
Game prototype.
Design and development.
Development of the community and social media.
Q2 2022
$CPG seed sale.
Technical alpha test.
NFT sale.
Q3 2022
$CPG private sale.
Beta version of the game.
NFT sale.
Marketplace launch.
Q4 2022
$CPG public sale.
Crown Chaser v1.0 game launch.
Season 1 start.

About the game

The game features two game modes – one versus one or two versus two with a random teammate or friend. The entire match takes place in the arena. Inside the arena there are a total of six towers, three on each side. To win the match, the player must destroy all three of the opponent’s towers (instant win) or destroy as many towers as possible within the time limit. Before the game, you need to have assembled the game deck, which contains a total of 8 cards. The cards have 4 types of rarity: base, rare, epic and legendary. Higher levels of rarity do not bring any advantage in the game, but they bring higher rewards for winning.

Cards can be obtained in two ways: by purchasing individual cards on the marketplace from another player or by purchasing a card pack from which the player gets 5 cards. Each new card starts at level 1. With the start of a season, a new set of card packs will be released, thanks to which the cards are in a limited supply. Cards from previous seasons will be found only on the marketplace.

From multiple packs it is possible to obtain the same card in a different rarity, which differ in appearance and their win bonus. All cards with a rarity of “rare” or higher are NFTs. In order to earn win rewards, a player must own 8 NFT cards.

Each player has 20 points of energy per day that they can spend inside the game. Energy will allow players to earn $CUC. Once the player has used up their energy, they can only earn crowns. Energy can be purchased for $CUC to continue playing and earn more crowns and rewards.


Players will be able to trade their cards on the marketplace. A 5% fee will be charged for each sale made to help develop the ecosystem. A portion of the fee will be distributed to the community, i.e. everyone who owns $CPG tokens. Players can earn $CPG from specific game events such as tournaments.


$CPG represents the DAO token. It has a limited supply of 500 million tokens – once the last token has been acquired, there is no other way to acquire more.

$CUC represents the utility token. It will have an unlimited supply and the only way to get these tokens is by playing the game. Every time a player wins a match, he will get $CUC according to his bonus. Players will be able to exchange the tokens through DEX. However, the player must wait 14 days between each withdrawal. Whenever a $CUC is used, it is burned and removed from the game forever.

Uses: upgrading cards, creating guilds, buying energy.


Analyst opinion

“This is clearly a cheap copy of Clash Royale and the game doesn’t even try to hide it. Everything is the same: the mechanics, the rules and some of the graphics – the crown. I have no idea what the developers are hoping to get out of it. Perhaps just to make a perfect copy and add Play-2-Earn elements, which will drag players into their gaming ecosystem. What has pleasantly surprised me is the tokenomics. The cards are limited in number. Despite various rarities, they have no Pay-To-Win elements. The in-game token has a lot of use and is burned with every transaction. Only time will tell how the project will deal with card balancing, as it wants to add new cards every new season. I used to play Clash Royale back in high school. I’m going to try out Crown Chaser to see if it’s really just a copy.”

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