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Published: 20 July 2022

Cryowar is a multiplayer action PvP game developed in Unreal Engine 4 that runs on the Solana Network. Cryowar is not Pay-2-Win, so you have to fight for your rank.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Cryowar is a Play-2-Earn NFT game developed on the Solana network. Players take part in ruthless battles on several worlds featuring vast medieval landscapes. Cryowar combines a traditional gaming experience and best blockchain practices, such as decentralized features (DAO / DAC, DeFi) and NFTs. All players will be able to win prizes and stake. Cryowar is a gaming ecosystem with deflationary mechanisms that links staking to gaming, allowing players to earn rewards by increasing their gaming skills and experience. The game is currently under development for PC, iOS and Android with cross-play functionality.

Obrázek hrdinky ze hry Cryowar

Road Map

Q2 2021
– Assembly of the team.
– Legal consulting.
– Technological consulting.
– Company formation.

Q3 2021
– Token private sale.
– Token sale.
– Finalization of the team and consultants.
– New partnerships.

Q4 2021
– Airdrop
– First technical beta version launch
– Public sale
– Listing
– Technical audit
– Official CWAR token launch

2022 Q1-Q4
– Second technical beta launch
– NFT land sale
– Token and NFT staking
– New characters and game modes
– Open beta launch
– New partnerships
– CWAR token burning
– Deflationary mechanisms
– Official game release
– Smart contracts improvement
– Integration into various blockchain networks
– PvE mode launch
– New metaverse implementation

About the game

There is nothing in the game providing players with a “hidden” advantage over others. They all have the same preconditions and only skill can take them to a higher level. Battles last a maximum of 3 minutes, so you can play anytime, anywhere. At the beginning of each match, objectives and levels are randomly selected and change over time. The player has to quickly adapt to all in-game obstacles. The game includes both PvP and PvE game modes (deathmatch, last man standing, 1v1).

Postava 2 ze hry cryowar
Postava 3 ze hry Cryowar


The CWAR token is the basic token of Cryowar and the entire ecosystem. Its supply is CWAR 1 000 000 000. Token burning will take place as needed to stabilize the gaming economy. CWAR will be the only token needed to buy a tournament or duel ticket. It will also be used for marketplace fees. CWAR holders have a higher chance of getting an NFT “drops” – weapons, armor, etc. After launching the PvE mode, players will be able to choose a game mode with a higher difficulty. They will risk losing their equipment or tokens. However, if they win, they will receive higher rewards. CWAR will be the only Cryowar currency.

CWAR tokens can be staked.


Loga partnerů hry Cryowar


Loga Dalších investorů hry Cryowar


CEO – Nikolai Petrovich 
CFO – Marian Boychev
COO – Alessandro Ciavola Penelli
CPO – Konstantina Georgieva

Analyst opinion

“An interesting combination of science fiction and medieval settings. The CWAR token is well designed and is used for everything. NFTs in the style of weapons / armor and land “skins” will be attractive for a wide range of players or investors. Thanks to the use of the Solana network, the gas fee is very small which I also consider a way to attract more active players.”

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