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Published: 10 November 2022

The project didn't look bad at all, it had a complex story, character design and gameplay elements, but this project can't be recommended due to inactivity. It's a shame, as a lot of time and effort invested in the game will go to waste. This is a dead project.

Basic information

At first, I thought this game had a high potential as the developers were planning to shift the paradigm upon which the entire NFT game market is set, but it seems that the game has been abandoned since the last quarter of 2021, causing a huge impact on the reliability of the whole project. Their community is not getting stronger either since their social networks are not active any longer, their Telegram does not look trustworthy, and their Discord is closed. 

The World of Cryptia is a mystical universe of swordsmanship and wizardry which was ruled by four nations of enchanted elites long ago. They ruled over all living creatures and lived in harmony.

These nations are:

The Almighty Fire Empire,

The Glorious Water Kingdom,

The Prosperous Nation of Migrant Fairies,

The United Confederacy of Mythical Creatures and Demons.

Your mission is to strengthen your heroes, to skillfully guide your team through thrilling ancient dangers, and ultimately acquire your well-deserved reward!

Without a strategic character choice and continuous skills upgrade, you simply cannot get far ahead.

The goal is to unite the Four Forgotten Kingdoms of the Realm. You can do this by building a community of adventurers. You can reach the goal by buying and sharing the NFT treasures, weapons, and heroes at the in-game marketplace using $CRYPT and $TIA tokens. You need to pick out the best combination, and combat fellow exploring teams to showcase your physical and intellectual omnipotence.

The Gameplay Features are a World Class Art & Design, Cryptocurrency-Based Training Dojo which is the place where you unlock and strengthen your adventurer’s special skills. What sets their dojo apart from other game character-enhancing facilities is how the efficacy of a training session fluctuates alongside the exchange rate of real-word cryptocurrency.

Road Map

– Stage 1: Early October 2021


Public NFT Sale


This phase is dedicated to finishing our sale rounds, together with the Gacha concept in the game. IDO was planned for the end of October 2021.

– Stage 2: Late October 2021

Adventurer Training Dojo


Finalizing the design and development of the Cryptia Adventurer Training Dojo, as well as the NFT Marketplace to buy and sell in-game items.

– Stage 3: 

Dungeon and exploration

Rent adventures

Devoted to the game’s augmentations. With these features, players will have the freedom to expand their team of adventures.

– Stage 4:

Team dungeon exploration

MVP on iOS & Android.

In this stage, the team aims at expanding their reach to mobile gaming trough the introduction of an MVP that helps evaluate the user’s interest in their product on iOS and Android.

– Stage 5:

Guild War

Full support for iOS & Android

The final stage will be dedicated to perfecting the last details of the game, and full support for mobile gaming (iOS and Android).

About the game

World of Cryptia is a full-scale RPG fantasy game where players must overcome grueling, multi-level battles and puzzles, all in the hope to earn rare, enchanted antiquities from the long-lost civilization of sorcerer elites. 

Adventurers can join groups to explore the abandoned ruins, searching for clues as to the whereabouts of the Four Forgotten Kingdoms. Deep within these ruins are unique antiquities of tremendous magical power manufactured by ancient enchantments that are no longer in practice, these ruins are guarded by ageless, deadly monsters and magical creatures created by the lost magical civilizations. 

At Cryptia you will find the Guild War (it is the largest event) in which guilds compete with one another over the rights to manage Cryptia’s ruins. You will also find Team Ruins Explorations that are carried out by the Rogue-like game system, allowing players to experience new challenges no matter how many times they reenter a ruin. Also, PvP tournaments are available so you can upgrade your heroes while battling against other players. Ranking highly in a PvP tournament will result in acquiring the hottest personal and guild rewards.

An Exploration is constructed by battles against monsters, ruins protected by traps to prevent intruders, puzzles that are encrypted inscriptions that will help you understand more about the ruins and treasures which are NFTs found at the end of a level as a “commemorative prize” (TIA tokens or NFTs such as weapons, heroes, or ruins).

The Multiplayer Features are composed by the Guild System, used so you can make friends and form your own in-game gang. You have the rights to manage and operate the ruins acquired from the Guild War. The Team Dungeon is where you can team up with adventurers owned by other guild members to take on challenges.


The Heroes are separated into different races which are: The Humans (50% of the population), which are the most developed race in the Cryptia Universe, the Dwarves (35% of the population) who mainly live in caves and rock holes and the Elves (15% of the population) that are human-outliving inhabitants of forested areas. 

There are also different classes: the Swordsman is a born team leader, and main attacker of the team, the Knight is the main defender of the team, the Archer, whose skills complement the swordsman’s attacks in battle, the Thief, who obtains found treasures from ruins, historical sites and sunken ships, the Sorcerer that intuitively detects hidden scrolls and easily decodes even the most encrypted inscriptions to help the team advance and the Priest who gives adventurers his blessing before they dive head-first into danger. 

There are two types of monsters:

The Elite which is an enemy much more powerful than regular monsters. Those who defeat them will be commemorated with rare, invaluable treasures, and then there is the Boss which is the most superior maleficent of all. Those who emerge victoriously will be prized with the main rewards from the corresponding ruins.

Player requirements

Full support for Android and iOS.

The player must explore ruins, battle against other players and guilds, and solve puzzles to obtain exclusive NFTs.


Native token: CRYPT

Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens, available on Binance Smart Chain.

– CRYPT (Primary Token): Will be used for transactions at in-game marketplace and the purchasing of gacha. The inflation of CRYPT is non-existing due to their limited supply.

– TIA (Secondary Token): Obtained from treasure chests, or as a PvP reward. TIA tokens speed up the recovery of injured adventurers, augment training sessions, pay for Class Change, purchase items that elevate the exploring experience and even used to invest in the maintenance of Guild-managed archaeological sites after Guild War update. 

Staking requests will be put into 3 vaults backed up by Oraichain aiRight’s platform, based on the date on which the tokens were locked, and the amount of time it must remain that way.

Oraichain partnership:

Yield-Farming/Staking: Using our $CRYPT token to gain access to aiRight’s Farming, World of Cryptia players and $CRYPT holders can stake and maximize their returns, in addition to your usual Play-To-earn in-game practices.


The game earning possibilities are located at their Cryptocurrency-based Training Dojo, their largest PvP event: The Guild War, Team Ruins Explorations and PvP Tournaments. All of them allow you to earn treasures that are irreplaceable NFTs and can be sold on the Marketplace or used as special weapons and spellbound attributes in a variety of quests.



Nguyen Hung LongCEO (PhD Candidate Pittsburgh University / Competitive gaming background).

Masumi Komura Game Director (20 years as a game producer).

Tatsuya YoshidaArt Director (18 years in game character design).

Ho Tung LamBusiness Advisor (Cofounder Alpha Group, Founder & CEO GIANTY Inc).

Ta Son TungBusiness Advisor (Cofounder & Chairman Rikkeisoft, Forbes 30 Under 30).

Thi Truong Executive Advisor (Founder & CEO PolkaFoundry & RedKite Launch).

Analyst opinion


Mürell Ayón

Mürell Ayón

Published: 10 November 2022

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