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Crypto Game
May 18, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Experienced team
  • Scholarship
  • Low-cost entry for new players
  • No Free-To-Play option
  • Very simple graphics

This game is developed by Playneta studio. It is a futuristic space, Play-To-Earn NFT game, that combines collectible RPG and strategic game-play.

Official Trailer



  • First game release

December 2021

  • CGU, Neon, and Mercuryo partnerships
  • Whitepaper release and new Cryptobots collection design
  • NFT companions mint

February 2022

  • Genesis Cryptobots NFTs presale
  • Cryptobots tokens private sale
  • Cryptobots Game Battle Demo release

March 2022

  • Community Senate launch
  • “Battle for Lands” registration opening
  • Affiliate & referral program registration opening
  • Cryptobots construction development

April 2022

  • Merit Circle partnership
  • Tuzanye Guild partnership
  • “Search and Discovery” gameplay design
  • Lands and spaceships development

May 2022

  • New Cryptobots website launch
  • In-Game marketplace development
  • Spaceships construction development
  • Active marketing kick-off

June/July 2022

  • Battle for Lands Testnet launch: Bot fights, Spaceship Battles
  • NFT lands minting
  • $BITS token TGE
  • Beta game launch


  • Scholarship launch
  • Lending and trainers club

About the game

Player Requirements

Players have to install the Progressive Web Application (PWA) to run the game smoothly.

Presently, players can only play on the Testnet on iOS and Android.

Players will need to obtain a starter pack of Season 2 Bots in order to be able to play. These can be received by other players or Alliances on Discord or from starter pack Giveaways on Discord.



Total supply 1,000,000,000

Governance token

Players can stake their $BITS with the so-called “vote lock” to receive additional tokens. The lock duration increases the in-game rewards including in-games bonuses for maximum staking.

$BITS are required to participate in the end-game content.


There isn’t any information about the total supply. It is an in-game token required for breeding, ship construction, merging and upgrading. This token can be earned in arenas (for victories and achievements), and for completing missions and daily quests.


$BITS can be acquired as in-game rewards for:

  • Performing in-game activities
  • Selling goods (P2P trading)

$OIL can be obtained by:

  • Victories in arena fights
  • Completing missions and daily quests

Players can create personal visual customization packs that can be sold on the customization marketplace.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Cryptobots is currently undergoing a major update, which seems to be more than necessary considering the game was created in 2017. However, no further information is provided on what this update includes. For some reason, Cryptobots reminds me of one of the Powerpuff Girls Cartoons from 1998, just that it is presented in robotic form.

The gameplay isn’t exciting, it’s just another NFT-based space game. Currently there are many other space games that are more evolved, developed and with better graphics.

Although the Cryptobots team is very active on social media, the community asks many valid questions that do not obtain a response from the team. This gives me the feeling that the community is not that important to Cryptobots.

Although the team seems to be very experienced, I do not really see the game’s evolvement, or its improvement. Currently, the game is only available on the Testnet, so it has to be monitored for ‘if and when’ it goes live.

Overall, I would not recommend this game as I cannot see the Play-factor of the Play-To-Earn concept.“

Players build their inventory composed of 3 Bots to start their adventure discovering the unruled galaxy. Players can buy Bots on the marketplace or rent a roster.

Players fight in Arena Bot Fights, PvP fights and Galactic Tournaments. Manufacture their fleet of ships to join massive Spaceship Battles or face the Alliance Wars with their union to scout the new world of intergalactic politics and wars.

Expand resources by collecting precious loot and territories.


Each Bot is formed by 7 parts:

  • The head and body
  • The eyes, which will define the Bot's accuracy
  • The antenna
  • The ears, which define the Bot's non-combat abilities
  • The hands, which define the type of attack
  • The mask, which defines the number of lives
  • The legs which define the Bot's agility and initiative

The Bot's combat abilities can turn the tide in a battle by granting additional damage or restoring health. Non-combat abilities can affect the Bot's abilities outside the arena, such as healing faster. If a player combines two Bots, they can create a new Bot that inherits some of the "parent" Bot's traits.



The PvE mode is more of a tutorial for players to learn how to properly approach battles, tactically counter teammates and win in the PvP arena. PvE also introduces the game’s rules and serves as a testing ground for new players.


Players fight against each other. Two players always fight with their chosen Bot-lineup. The winner gets rewarded with points, increasing their matchmaking rating. The loser can lose his Bots and game assets. The amount of points earned by the winner depends on the distribution and placement of the players. Arena rules may change between seasons.


They last one to four months, and the battle’s rules and rewards are set accordingly. The matchmaking points that players earn for winning will determine the player's position in the rankings. One season may include multiple rankings, which may not be related to the number of wins a player has. Each season's leaderboard has the top 100 positions that are rewarded. At the end of the season, the player's points are reset.


Players can form alliances, but it is required that each player puts down a share. Each alliance has different conditions for formation, fees and rules. After depositing a share, the player chooses an insignia, name, internal structure and teammates. Players in an alliance gain access to global battles where they can use their ships in Space Battles. Alliances can set up tournaments and determine rewards on their behalf.


Land can be acquired by a player for participating in a tournament or by purchasing it from the marketplace. Land is used for mining and manufacturing operations, or the player can allocate it to provide services. Lands are part of planets.


They are the hub for services and passive income. Planets can increase rewards for resources, for upgrading ships, opening businesses, or mining resources. Wars are fought for control of a planet and there is always only one winner. If a planet is owned by an alliance, it can set fees for all activities taking place on the planet.


The player's ship is used to navigate the game’s worlds. To obtain a ship, the player must burn several Bots, whose parts will form a ship. Ships can be upgraded by burning more Bots. Ships allow the player to travel to space where resources, additional ships, planets, unique Bots, or licenses for in-game services can be obtained.

Space Battles

These battles are fought for the rights to control planets. The winner gains valuable items but may lose their entire ship if defeated. If a player wants to travel into space, he or she must make sure their ship is suitably equipped for long journeys.