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Crypto Game
May 22, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Many ways to earn
  • Strong partners
  • Tokenomics
  • NFT rental option
  • Initial investment required
  • No information about the team

A redesigned 90s tank game with modern mechanisms and simple controls, designed to provide endless fun and great earning opportunities.

Official Trailer


Q2 - 2022

  • Start the development of CryptoTanks' Game App
  • Start the Game's Marketing Program

Q3 - 2022

  • Alpha game testing
  • Whitelist registration
  • Whitelist mint
  • Public mint

Q4 - 2022

  • Beta begins with P2E
  • Android App launch
  • GTANK token launch

Q1 - 2023

  • Partnerships with top streamers & e-sports teams
  • Strategic partnership with major media and game companies
  • Community building
  • Strategic partnership with gaming guilds
  • Tournament launch

About the game

Player Requirements

Players need to buy an NFT tank to start playing. The other option is to rent one, with the owner presetting what percentage of the rewards go to them, and what percentage goes to the player. This will allow users who cannot afford to buy their own tank to play the game.

In order to make money and be successful in the game, players must train hard and improve their characteristics to gain an advantage over others.

To play the game, users need a crypto wallet account.


There will be two tokens in the game.

Governance token

Name: CryptoTanks ($TANK)

Total supply: 100,000,000

Blockchain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

Original price: 0.1111 USD

Usage: buying/mint NFT tank, buying upgrades, token staking, tank renting.

Token distribution

Private sale: 18.5% - 18,500,000

Public sale: 3% - 3 000 000

Marketing: 12.5% - 12,500,000

Liquidity: 10% - 10 000 000

Game development: 13% - 13,000,000

Game Rewards: 25% - 25000,000

Consultants and partners: 4% - 4,000,000

Team: 14% - 14,000,000

In-Game Token

Name: $GTANK

Stable Price: $1

Usage: in-game rewards, exchange, in-game purchases, tank repairs and upgrades, bets.


Players can earn in the game in several ways, but the main source of income comes from playing the game and winning battles. Another option is to rent a tank, with players themselves choosing what percentage of the rewards will be allocated to them. By renting out a tank, players can earn a passive income. Upgrading, then selling a rare tank is also an earning option. Later in the game, token staking will be available and possibly also in-game NFT staking.




The team is anonymous, but they left this message for the players on the website:

"The CryptoTanks Team is lucky to have many talented and experienced professionals involved with the project. CryptoTanks was founded by blockchain experts specializing in blockchain technology, business development, and the crypto industry. Not only that, but they chose CryptoTanks as their next project as they are personally invested in the idea of this game. CryptoTanks have an extensive roadmap ahead and a team willing and capable to see it through. Part of the team is also the Seven Winds Studio, which is the gaming studio in charge of developing the game itself."

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“This is a very well developed project based on a popular game from the 90s. The graphics are unchanged, which will remind you of the old days, but the gameplay and all the features have been completely redesigned and for the users, there is really a lot of fun. The tank models are fairly simple, but new models will be added to the game in the future. The game is very easy to control and can be played by anyone.

Players have many options to earn in the game, and the tokenomics look interesting as well. Moreover, the project is backed by a strong game studio and well-known partners.

Although the required investment in the game is not the lowest, players have the option to rent a tank and play without any initial investment.”

CryptoTanks is based on the game Battle City, which was released in the 1990s on Nintendo and Game Boy. However, the game itself has been completely redesigned and now offers several new features. But what hasn't changed are the graphics, which remain 8-bit even in the updated version.

CryptoTanks is an NFT Play-2-Earn and Pay-2-Play tank shooter powered by the Ethereum, BSC and Polygon blockchains.

The game is available on PC and mobile phones.

In the game, players control a tank and fight in an arena. Each tank can be upgraded for experience points and in-game tokens to improve its stats and rarity.

The game features tanks of three rarities: common, rare and legendary. Depending on a tank's rarity, its stats will improve, and other power-ups are also available, allowing players to win more often.

Before starting a 3-minute battle, a randomly generated game map will be created. Each battle involves 6 players/tanks and the game will initially feature 4 game modes.

Game modes


Blitz mode is a free-for-all battle involving 3 tanks. Players must pay a predetermined entry fee to participate and the winner will then receive the collected fees as prize money. In Blitz mode, all participating tanks have the same stats, which means that the level of the tank and its rarity are not advantageous in the battle.

Capture the flag

Capture the flag is a team game mode, with teams of 3 participants, each of whom must pay an entry fee to raise a prize fund for the winning team. The first team to capture and bring back 3 flags to their base wins, but once a tank takes a flag, it loses 30% of its speed. To successfully bring the flag back to the base, the tank needs to be well defended by its teammates. If the player with the flag dies, the flag remains in the place of death and the next tank must go to get it.

Basic Capture 3x3

A 3v3 team battle with the objective of destroying the enemy base and/or the enemy team. All participants must pay an entry fee before starting, thus creating the prize fund for the winner. If neither team manages to destroy the base or all the enemy before the time limit expires, the team with the most tanks in the field wins. To destroy an enemy base, it must be hit with 5 direct hit missiles.

Basic Capture 2x2x2

In this mode, the rules are the same as in Basic Capture 3x3, but with three teams of two tanks fighting against each other.

Battle types

There are 3 different types of battle in the game, which depend on the rewards available.

Rating Battle - These are used to familiarize the player with the game itself and to hone tactics. Players try out different maps and earn experience points for winning, which can be used to upgrade their tanks.

Token Battle - Here, players receive $TANK tokens for winning and can then purchase upgrades for their tanks.

Money Battle - Experienced and confident players can create a pool into which each player puts a predetermined amount of money. The rules are simple - the winner takes ALL!


There are currently 20 types of tanks in the game. Players can view their tanks both on the battlefield and in the Hangar section, and they can edit their appearance in the Tankshop.

The tanks are divided into three categories of rarity: common, rare and legendary.

Depending on the rarity of the tank, players gain in-game benefits in the form of bonus characteristics, camouflage for different map types, and various upgrades.

There will be a maximum of 10,000 first-generation NFT tanks in the game.

Common tanks – 7,000 NFTs.

Rare tanks – 2,500 NFTs.

Legendary tanks – 500 NFTs.

Each tank will have 7 upgradeable characteristics: speed (80-130), armor (80-250), evasion (0-15), firing frequency (90-120), damage (30-80), luck (0-15), and resilience (0-3). Of course, the higher the characteristics, the better the tank will be.


There are also 3 types of bonuses in the game.

Automatic bonus - These are automatically activated after players collect them on the game map, but they are time-limited. The automatic bonuses are: super strength (+50%), invulnerability (the tank suffers no damage), flight (the tank overcomes obstacles that normally would slow it down), extra life (allows the random rebirth of one destroyed tank on the game map), time stop (stops all movement on the map, including the movement of enemy tanks).

Activation bonuses - Players also get these on the game map, but the bonus is then placed in their inventory and they can activate it whenever they want. These bonuses are: mine (players lay a mine and it explodes if an enemy tank runs into it), explosion (allows the player to fire a rocket at a player anywhere on the map), and blink (immediately moves the tank 6 fields forward).

Experience bonuses - This bonus is the only one that does not affect the game. Depending on the player's level, everyone will be awarded an experience point bonus at the end of the battle.