A world of toys that come to life after they are purchased.

Cryptoys Introduction
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  • Project keeps postponing plans
  • Missing token
  • Missing information
  • A lot of competition
  • Team and community activity
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3 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Phase 1

  • Cryptoys Classic airdropped to early supporters.
  • Origin story trailer revealed.
  • Genesis Line of Cryptoys released (30 000 1st edition heroes).
  • “The Block” (our gaming engine) launched.
  • First Mattel Cryptoys revealed.

Phase 2

  • Initital Mini-Gamees launched.
  • Binary Dust Utility Token ($BD) launched.
  • 3rd Party Marketplace Support.
  • Staking functionality.

Phase 3

  • Items & Accessories launched.
  • Skill Gems (power-ups).
  • NLP and Al functionality.
  • Companion App.

Phase 4

  • Cryptoys Animated series.
  • New breeds.
  • Pocket dimensions.
  • Playsets.
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About the Game

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Cryptoys is a collectibles game using the Flow blockchain. The essence of the title is pets (Cryptoys, or toys) that come to life after they are purchased. Once they are alive, players can play various games with them.

No details about the game have been released yet. The authors clearly feel no need to rush. The dates of the first drops or Cryptoys sales are not published either. Events scheduled in 2021 for the spring of 2022 are now postponed until the summer of 2022.

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Player Requirements

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The game will be developed for PC and will be playable after an initial investment. Players will also need to buy a toy.

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Since no details about the games have been released, probably the only way to earn will be through NFT sales.

The NFT themselves will be ranked by rarity. There are 7 classes: Common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, grail and ultra-grail.

In addition, I assume it should be possible to earn by playing, as is the case with similar projects.

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The project does not have its own token. In-game payments should be possible by credit card in USD, BTC, ETH, DAI, mUSDC and USDT.

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The team consists of people from OnChain Studios. You can find the complete list here. An introduction to the team members can be found on the project’s Discord. Yet rather than the creators and their experience, you will only learn about their vision for this project.

Regarding the background of the studio, we certainly find experienced people there, and so the team composition is not bad.

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analyst opinion

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“I don’t have a good feeling about the project. It’s been on the market for almost a year, during which time the creators have only managed to set up stickers on Discord. I admit that the team behind the project is good, and we find some interesting partnerships, albeit few of them, but that’s all.

After a year of operating, they have a minimal membership base, their activity on the networks is decreasing over time, and it is clear from Discord that the community is not active either. The creators promise that big things will happen soon, but they’re probably just postponing their whole plan, as they’re failing to deliver on it. Additionally, the game is being developed for PC only.

I personally think this concept is more suited to playing on a phone. Yet according to the creators, this is “not necessarily expected”.

There are many similar projects, some of which are already running. In my opinion, the game cannot come up with any better concept that those. The question is whether it will ever launch at all. I do not recommend investing in the project. However, I might also add that for now there is actually no possibility to invest in anything.”

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