Cyber City Game

Cyber City Game is a promising project with Play-To-Earn mechanics, exciting environments, and game strategies that players can use in PvP mode to gain new territories and resources. The game rewards players in Cyber City $CYBR tokens.

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  • Interesting and diverse theme
  • Graphic design


  • Short Road Map
Rating 5
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q2 - 2022

  • Release of Cyberians
  • Opening of Gaming NFT boxes
  • Launch of Cyber City Marketplace

Q3 - 2022

  • Launch of IDO Token
  • Public Sale of the $CYBR token
  • Game NFT Sales
  • Alpha Version of Cyber City Game

Q4 - 2022

  • Beta Version of Cyber City Game
  • Work on Play-To-Earn Mechanics

TBA 2023

  • Cyber City Beta-Version will be released
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About the Game

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Cyber City Game is a dystopian project set in the future of 2088. Players take on the roles of heroes who must fight for essential resources that can be traded in the game. Players are thrown into a fierce battle with their opponents based on the principle of turn-based strategy, in which they must raid and capture inhabited areas on the game map while dealing with the threat of retaliation themselves.

Players must purchase a block (their territory) and a character to enter the game. To do this, they must buy and open a box, which contains three possible quantities of character and block (1 character and 1 block, 3 characters and 3 blocks, or 5 characters and 5 blocks).

The marketplace is up and running, and players can open boxes by following the instructions here.


There will be several types of blocks, each type with its own specific benefits:

  • Urban (passive income for players)
  • Information buildings (reporting on enemies)
  • Military buildings (providing protection and attack)
  • Industrial buildings (affecting mining)
  • Warehouses (providing security for the resources stored in them)
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Player Requirements

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Players must purchase an NFT block and character before entering the game.

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The in-game token is $CYBR, with a total allocation of 300,000,000 units.

Players will be allowed to stake their $CYBR.

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The player generates profit:

  • By playing and gaining in-game rewards
  • Through passive income from acquired territory (e.g., city buildings)
  • Competing in PvP and earning rewards
  • Minting and selling new in-game equipment
  • Combining conquered territories into guilds and dominating the game world
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Aleksandr Kents

  • Co-founder
  • Entrepreneur with blockchain and IT experience

Vladimir Nikitin

  • Co-founder
  • Startup creator, financial manager
  • Former CEO of SpaceSwap

Denis Denisov

  • Studied political science and international relations
  • 3 years’ experience in the crypto world
  • Management and business development

Andrew Nesterenko

  • Product designer
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analyst opinion

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"Cyber City Game has an exciting theme and, when combined with the classic combat standard of players fighting against each other for resources, the project appears to be promising."

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