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Published: 8 October 2022

A turn-based RPG currently in alpha with already launched token sales.


Basic information

In Devikins, you take the role of fighting NFT characters. You can currently send these on adventures through “Void Adventures”, but in the later stages, PvP, PvE, single player and other modes will be added. Several parts of the game are already up and running – the market is functional and so is the creation of new Devikin characters, their training, etc.

Void Adventures is one of the main features in the first stage of the game. Depending on your level, you get a choice of daily tasks. These will be the main method of earning in-game resources, but you won’t always be able to obtain them. It all depends on your Devikin and the chance to get the reward. You send your Devikin on an adventure and leave it until it returns back. This will take hours. So far, it seems like a very calm game so far. You return to perform actions after the necessary time has elapsed.

Road Map


Q1 – Pre-production, market research. 

Q2 – Production kick off, Devicoin creation.

Q3 – NFT shop, NFT webviewer.

Q4 – NFT marketplace, closed Beta.


Q1 – Phase 1 Launch (Training and Breeding System).

Q3 – Phase 2 Launch (Turn Based Combat, PvP and PvE).

Q4 – Phase 3 Launch (Turn Based Combat, new PvP and PvE).

About the game


Devikin NFT characters are unique creatures with several characteristics. They have genes, origin, personality, affinity (amplification rate), a life stage, and basic attributes.

These characters can be obtained in three ways: by buying them from other players, buying them from the game publisher for a fixed price in USD, or through the “Procreation” process. In this process, you combine two NFT characters to create another Devikin for your collection. Devikins sold by the publisher have a fixed inflation.

You start by customizing your avatar and training it early in its development. You train your NFT Devikin to increase as many valuable attributes as possible and then you go on adventures, during which he or she matures. Alternatively, you can increase your collection of Devikins for later stage of the game. The gameplay can also be considered from an economic point of view, where by creating more rare Devikins you are creating game products for sale.

Right now, in the alpha version of Devikins, you’re mostly just clicking around. The turn-based RPG system isn’t in use yet, but it’s in preparation and should be ready in Q3 2022. For now, the features available in the game are limited.

DVK Pool

By playing and via other activities, you earn Mynthe Seeds and are eligible for DVK token rewards. You can then sell these on the open market or spend them in-game for in-game gear, additional Devikins, or in-game memberships for more benefits.

Devikins Life Stages

Devikins have three life stages – embryo, toddler and adult. From the embryo you get a toddler, which you then train. After completing the training, you will turn them into an adult.


You will be tasked with taking care of the basic needs of your Devikins and keeping them happy, and while doing so you will be improving their basic attributes that will then carry over into their adult life. Each time you reach 100% on one of the three needs, you will increase 1 or 2 1-2 attributes of the toddler by one point. One activity can last, for example, 30 minutes. The activities your Devikin prefers also depend on his personality.


Devikin characters have five basic attributes: Vitality, Strength, Bravery, Agility, and Sanity. For each of its five basic attributes, a Devikin also has an affinity (a growth coefficient). The affinity ranges between 1 and 10, where the higher it is, the better. This can be used to determine the rarity of your Devikin. By adding up all the affinities you obtain the Devikin’s Overall Affinity (OA), and this provides a clear picture of the rarity of your NFT compared to others.

If you purchase each Affinity in-game, the chance of getting all five Affinities worth 10 (50 OA) is lower. So to obtain the rarest Devikin with an OA value of 50, it is better to choose the Procreation process, i.e. the breeding of a pair of Devikins, which can result in a similarly rare Devikin, but also a rarer Devikin than its parents.


Another characteristic of Devikins is their personality. This adds a few points to some of the Devikin’s basic attributes.

Appearance – genes and ancestry

Genes, which will be released seasonally, also come into play. The stronger your affinity score, the rarer the genes you will get, and these are visible in the Devikin’s appearance. Genes do not affect the gameplay; they are just an aesthetic element. Another aesthetic feature of the Devikin is their lineage or ancestry.

Burning NFT

Over time, a feature will be launched giving the option to burn four of your NFT in order to receive one new one.


During the game, you will level up your Devikin and improve it. To obtain a fully upgraded Devikin, it will be necessary to burn 18 other Devikins. In this way, the developers promise to reduce the circulation of NFT.


Devikin rarities are divided into the following classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, and Eldritch. The minting of Devikins is divided into Soft and Hard mint. Soft mint saves gas fees by keeping NFT not directly in your TRON wallet, but on the Klever Chain network that the game is migrating to in Q3 2022. Your NFT are held by the developer on this new chain. You have access to it and can migrate it to TRON (hard mint) at any time.

Hard mint is a more expensive option, but it allows you to actually own NFT, i.e., the possibility of forwarding and selling on the marketplace. Those who choose Hard mint can migrate back to this chain after the launch of the Klever blockchain.

Another type of NFT will be the weapons. There have been 14 of them so far. Your Devikin’s personality (Weapon Profile) will determine the seven weapons you will be able to use. Pet NFT are also planned to be added, so there will be pets as well.


The developers mention the creation of a League system that ranks PvP players so that they don’t end up in fights against significantly stronger opponents. Other game modes such as boss battles etc. are not planned yet, as the developers are focusing on the combat system itself for now.

The developers also mention an Energy Limit System to help prevent match spamming, as well as Guild battles where eight players will be in a 4 vs 4 battle.

They plan to develop NFT rental only after the completion of much more important elements of the game. Lots of questions and answers can be found in the AMA article on their Medium blog.

The relevant official instructions are attached below:

  1. How to import NFTs to the game.
  2. Guide to the NFT marketplace.

Player requirements

You will need:

  1. An Android or iOS device.
  2. An installed Klever wallet, where you send TRX (for gas fees and selected NFT).
  3. To exchange TRX for DVK. Keep some TRX for gas fees (gas fees can be 35 TRX for 1 NFT; for a package of ten NFT it can amount to around 250 TRX).
  4. Knowledge of English language.

Instructions in English incl. images and wallet download links can be found here.


The studio launched the Devicoin (DVK) token in Q3 2021. It is a utility token used as the main currency in the game. It has been created on the TRON network along with the NFT. The network is marked TRC-20. You can recognize the address by the fact that it does not begin with “0x”. The developers are migrating both the NFT and the token to the Klever blockchain in Q3 2022, so staking is not available at the time of writing.

Devikins already have a working marketplace in the alpha version. Devikin characters can be purchased along with training equipment that improves their attributes, and so can game membership unlocking diverse benefits in the game.

Basics of Tokenomics

Total supply: 10,000,000,000 DVK

Stock for public sale: + 3,700,000,000 DVK

Staked so far: +1,143,000,000 DVK (Q3 2022)


For now, monetization of the game is performed through NFT characters and the sale of the DVK token obtained by playing, through the subsequent claim to the reward from the game pool.



Sergio Nunes Jr., MSc

Dio Ianakiara

  • Board member with Software Architect experience
  • Since March 2021, Software Architect, CEO and Founder of the company, 16 years of experience in the field.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/dbuarque/

Ícaro Campos

Douglas Jano

Ícaro G F M França, MSc 

Elaine Luo

Westen Fry

Elizabeth Thomson

LinkedIn of the Team here.

Analyst opinion

“I have to praise the studio for its experienced team, however, they have too few developers.

The biggest plus I would mention is the already launched sale of tokens in the form of the market. A large number of other games in alpha version have a token issued but sales have not launched yet. The token didn’t make it by Q3 2022 anyway, but at least the demand for the token is clear.

What I like about the creation of Devikin NFT via procreation is that you get rarer NFT through it. You have practically no chance to get rare NFT via an official purchase. There is an opportunity for purchasing these from real players, but as I mentioned earlier, demand is necessary. I wouldn’t count on that being too high. The alpha game will not really attract much interest from players or buyers of tokens and NFT.”

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