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May 15, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Funny characters
  • Poor graphics
  • Lack of information
  • Anonymous team
  • Messy Whitepaper
  • No Tokenomics
  • Disorganized & boring

An NFT game set in the 1920s when New York City was ruled by five mafia families. Players will battle to collect protection money, get more powerful, rank up, and earn rewards.

Official Trailer



  • Building social media and posting regularly on them.
  • Design, game concept, card layouts.
  • Game token development.
  • Community development and first marketing push.


  • NFT design finalization.
  • Second marketing push, YT & AMAs.
  • Whitelisting for Atomic Hub and Nefty.
  • Website, DApp development and testing.
  • Token finalization.


  • NFT founders sale.
  • Implementing NFT staking.
  • Token contract audit.
  • Focus on community growth, animated story shorts.
  • Genesis NFT Drop on NeftyBlocks.


  • Shakedown Beta release.
  • Token listings on Alcor DEX.
  • 3D city development.
  • Official Shakedown release.
  • Further marketing and community building.
  • Collaboration events.


  • New Shakedown features / game introduced.
  • Land sale.
  • 3D city first look.
  • Further marketing and community building.
  • Full release of new features.
  • 3D city Beta testing.

About the game

Player Requirements

There are no special requirements.


There will be two tokens in the game, however no detailed information about them is available yet.

  • $FELLAS – players get these from businesses by collecting protection money.
  • $MOB – players will probably be able to earn them by staking.

The game economy is divided into five phases:

  • Phase 1: Staking before the game is released. This option will only be available to founders and collaborators, and they will receive a $MOB token as a reward.
  • Phase 2: Shakedown, in which players will take risks and collect rewards. Players will mint multiple character packs and merge them into one to get higher-rarity NFT.
  • Phase 3: The Stand-off fighting game in which players team up with a mob family, use three characters of their choice, and fight local businesses and bosses. The battle level can be chosen based on the player’s power level. Players can also fight together against a “raid” boss.
  • Phase 4: Development of the 3D city and social interactions. Players will be allowed to build and decorate apartments. They will also be able to roam the city and rob other players’ houses.
  • Phase 5: Development of this will begin after Phase 4 is activated. Mafia Wars will be introduced, in which players can find out information about other players, even their family members, using the spy action. If players don’t want to participate in PvP battles, they can also complete daily quests and earn rewards.


  • Players earn $FELLAS tokens by collecting protection fees from businesses or by winning games such as Shakedown and Stand-off.
  • Players will also be rewarded for PvP battles, completing missions, and protecting their families.
  • Staking will be used to earn the $MOB token.
  • An interesting way to generate profit is to buy multiple packs and combine common characters to create new ones with higher rarity that can be sold.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“This game is for mafia-game enthusiasts. The Road Map does not have any dates, so I don’t really know when the third phase, in which they will implement NFT Staking, Token Audit, and Genesis Character NFT Drops, will start.

I detect some lack of order in the presentation. I honestly trust them just a little only because there is a human face on the official videos. Otherwise, I wouldn’t trust the project due to the absence of development and professional management.

It is true when the developers say they are involved in the community – they genuinely are, but I believe they are not using modern marketing strategies as the social-media content is not as attractive as it could be nowadays.

There is also some disorganization regarding the Whitepaper. For example, they don’t even have Tokenomics, something crucial for every NFT project. For these reasons, I believe that the anonymous team should put more effort into upgrading their website and making it better-looking. In conclusion, the project looks messy and boring, and I would not play it at all.”

Dogefellas is an NFT-powered espionage game in which players become family members of mafia gangs that rule New York City. The goal is to rank up and become the most powerful family/person in the five mafia families.

The players’ goal is to earn $FELLAS tokens by collecting protection money from local businesses and building a team of three strong characters to prepare for Shakedown battles and other game modes with different difficulty levels.

The game is powered by the WAX blockchain.

The main game characters will be “Genesis Characters”, which are limited to 7,500 NFT cards. Each card will have its own description taking into account the game storyline. Three NFT cards of the same rarity can be combined to create one rarer card.

In the game, players will also find cards from other NFT games with special abilities, which will be called “Collab Characters”. Collaborations should be announced weekly.

This allows users to get into their character role and try to occupy businesses and defeat the other New York mafia families. Each business has different strengths and weaknesses, so players have to choose the most suitable character to maximize the chances of success.

There are different types of NFT that players can earn in the game, increasing their chances of success:

  • Equipment: Players can craft equipment to increase the amount of protection money collected.
  • Consumables: Used to replenish a character’s energy or heal wounds. There is also a distillery, where an alchemist will help players get what they came for.
  • Apartments or land: It will be possible to purchase these assets three months after the launch of the metaverse.
  • Accessories: Used to steal from apartments and characters.

In Dogefellas, players can currently play three game types: Shakedown, Stand-off, and Mafia Wars.

  • Dogefellas Shakedown: A risk-based click & collect game in which players build a team of three characters to best prepare for a Stand-off game.
  • Dogefellas Stand-off: A turn-based battle game in which a pre-selected team fights to increase their power and influence. Earnings can be used to craft equipment and consumables.
  • Mafia Wars: A PvP espionage game in which players will interact with each other, trade, and visit other businesses and apartments during the day. Players will go through the city and complete various missions, spy on others, and find out who is a “rat”. If they manage to uncover a member of a different family, they will protect their own family and win.