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Jun 6, 2024

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Project Potential
  • A crypto game with an original theme
  • Non-traditional gameplay promoting sport and healthy lifestyle
  • Major investors and project ambassadors
  • Interesting tokenomics
  • No dual tokenomics

The Dotmoovs gaming environment is a mobile application that allows players to compete and earn by playing regular sport activities.

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Q2 - 2021

  • Theoretical research and Road Map planning
  • Evaluation of the implementation of several algorithmic approaches
  • NFT farming research

Q3 - 2021

  • Alpha launch of the first scoring algorithm
  • Launch first NFT collectibles by ambassadors
  • Testing of collection data

Q4 - 2021

  • Launch of the first usable NFT collection
  • Sport Mining v1.0
  • Launch beta app and first tournaments

Q1 - 2022

  • First league and new tournaments
  • NFT Lending
  • Dance-To-Earn mechanics

Q2 - 2022

  • New NFT sports collections
  • New marketplace
  • Introduction to MOOV club

Q3 - 2022

  • Expansion of sports selection
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) control of competitions
  • Further development of sports

Q4 - 2022

  • Beta launch of new refereeing approaches
  • Launch support for new sports

About the game

Player Requirements

Players only need a bit of experience and skill in their chosen sport, and a good smartphone. The app is available for Android and iOS. Everything you need comes through the LiDAR sensors that are already present within new smartphone lenses. To get started, players must own at least one NFT.


The project's authors have a democratic approach and are trying to create a global gaming community. Any player can compete with anyone. anywhere in the world, for fair rewards. This is also reflected in the tokenomics.

The native token of the game is $MOOV.

It is used as:

  • A ticket to tournaments and leagues
  • A tool for higher staking and lower fees
  • Currency for purchasing special NFT items

Allows communities to:

  • Host global live events
  • Customize staking challenges, prizes, and fees

Players can profit:

  • By participating in challenges on the Dotmoovs platform
  • Increasing their rankings
  • Completing in-game milestones

It is also possible to stake $MOOV tokens and get collectible NFTs.

MOOV tokens were sold for 0.003 USD in the private sale and 0.004 USD in the Public Sale. In total, tokens reserved for both sales make up 32% of the total amount of $MOOV.

Of the total number of $MOOV tokens, 10% are held by the team, and 10% are held in reserve.


The player generates profit:

  • By completing challenges
  • By achieving in-game milestones
  • By playing against legendary players
  • By playing regular sports and participating in competitions
  • For rewards in tournaments
  • By trading NFT items with stars within each sport
  • By lending NFTs to other players





Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

"Dotmoovs is another unique project that reaches an extensive player base in a completely new way. Sport is a passion for billions of people, so competing in sport while having a user presence in the crypto world is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Along with AI controls during competition, this project allows players to trade $MOOV tokens and in-game NFTs on the marketplace. These options, in my opinion, will certainly be attractive to many players. One significant advantage is that you can participate in the game with a smartphone with a decent camera. And, of course, sport is the main focus of the Dotmoovs project, which promotes better player health. From my point of view, this is one of the most meaningful projects out there, and although it doesn't offer flashy graphics or an epic story, it does offer something new. At this point, it's worth mentioning the following phrase: There is beauty in simplicity."

The Dotmoovs project brings a new vision that connects the digital world with the everyday entertainment of billions of people through the medium of sport.


Various sports are available on the Detmoovs gaming platform, all of which have one thing in common - the player can earn significant financial rewards every day thanks to its Play-To-Earn mechanics. The player's regular training sessions are rewarded with tokens, and an AI-based video referee constantly compares their skills with other Dotmoovs users. A computer algorithm tracks the players’ body movement, and their scores are compared using another algorithm that can evaluate player experience in each sport.

Vision of Dotmoovs

Users can enjoy themselves with other players from all over the world. At the same time, they can experience fair competition and new challenges, while physically perceiving their improvements. Dotmoovs breaks down boundaries and allows players to compete wherever they are, whether with friends or similarly skilled players in their favorite sport.

$MOOV tokens can help the player to unlock more levels and higher staking.

The number of sports in Dotmoovs will increase as new partners join, as will the number of special NFT items.


You must own at least one NFT to enter the game and participate in tournaments. Rewards will be in cryptocurrency or NFTs, and collections will be varied. Players can use NFTs to enter tournaments.