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Published: 3 October 2022

A card game full of epic creatures that closely resembles Hearthstone. Form a strong team and defeat your opponents in battle!

Official Trailer

Basic information

Dracards is an NFT Play-To-Earn collectible card game, designed and created by gamers who love card games and technology. Players can battle, collect or swap cards and enjoy many other features in the Dracards universe.

Dracards uses a Play-To-Earn system to reward players for their achievements in the ecosystem.

Players can earn rewards in competitive PvP battles, by completing daily quests, or by trading cards on the marketplace.

A prerequisite for creating a game account is to connect your Cardano blockchain Nami wallet. The wallet is also available as a Google Chrome extension.

Road Map

Q4 2021:
– Private sale of the FIRE token.
– FIRE token presale. 

Q1 2022:
– Public sale of the FIRE token.
– DEX listing.
– Nami wallet integration.
– Passive staking.

Q2 2022:
– Launch of the Open Boosters website.

Q4 2022:
– Staking assets.

Q1 2023:
– Launch of PvP mode.

Q2 2023:
– Marketplace and governance.

Q3 2023:
– Launch of PvE mode.

About the game

Dracards is a collectible card game set in a fantasy universe.

Players must build a deck of 50 cards, which are then randomly shuffled and drafted at the start of the game. Each duel takes place between two opponents.

After the card draft phase (5 cards), each round is played based on energy (soul) consumption.
In the first turn, each player starts with two energy points and can place creatures into play based on their energy requirement.
After the creatures are deployed, a combat phase is held to compare the strengths of the two players. The difference between their strengths is subtracted from the starting value of 500 points.
After the combat phase, another draw phase begins, in which players decide which cards to keep in their hand from the previous draft phase. The remaining ones are returned to the deck, which is shuffled again. At the end, a player must always have 5 cards in hand.

Players can have a maximum of 9 cards of the same name in their deck. If a player lays out multiple cards of the same name at the same time, they will combine to form one stronger card on the game table. The game ends when one player has zero points. If this does not happen even after the 10th turn, the player with the highest number of points remaining wins.

Player requirements

To create a game account, you need to connect your Nami wallet.


Tokenomics are based on one master token, $FIRE, which has a total supply of 100,000,000 units.
It can be used for:

– Buying buildings (you can stake cards in these).
– Trading on the marketplace.
– Buying boosters (additional card packs).

Each in-game card has a HASHPOWER value, which indicates how effective it is at staking. A card’s HASHPOWER is set according to its rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). The rarer the card, the higher its HASHPOWER and the higher the staking reward.

Each player has a building that has a capped HASHPOWER limit and is not an NFT. This building cannot be sold or traded and has a limited number of slots that are used for card staking.


There are several ways for players to earn rewards. For the top ranked players there is a regular reward of $FIRE tokens. Owners of NFT buildings have the option of renting out their staking slots to other players to earn rewards. When a player destroys their card, they will receive the appropriate amount of $FIRE. Tournaments are also planned where players will be rewarded with tokens or unique cards.

Analyst opinion

“Dracards is a really well thought out card game, full of epic creatures. It’s very similar to a game called Hearthstone, and fans of these types of games will probably find it the most appealing. I really like the graphical design of the complete world of Dracards, and even more of the actual cards that can be collected and then used in the game. The ability to boost creatures with multiple copies of the same card is also a great idea.”

Monika Fürbacherova

Monika Fürbacherova

Publikováno: 5.9.2022

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