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Dragon War
May 22, 2023

Overall Rating

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Project Potential
  • Players can choose their opponents by level
  • Free-To-Play version
  • Original hero-dragons team combination
  • Original dragon position mechanic
  • Easy-To-Learn, Hard-To-Master
  • Unoriginal gameplay
  • Not possible to earn money in the Free-To-Play version without paying for a membership
  • The team tries to confuse players by saying it is possible to earn in the free version

Dragon War is an RPG turn-based game that uses NFT technology to allow players to own their heroes and dragons and fight battles.

Official Trailer


Q1 - 2022: Alliance of Eragard

  • Core System: Hero, Dragon, Body Parts, Skill, Campaign Map
  • Game mode: PvE (Passive Turn-based)
  • Testnet Launch
  • IDO
  • Marketplace

Q2 - 2022: Strike Back

  • Initial NFT Offering
  • Mainnet Launch
  • 2nd in-game Token: ERA
  • Building, Resources, and Farming system
  • Dragon & Body parts: Upgrade, Fusion, Combine, Release, Dismantle
  • Game mode: PvP (Passive Turn-based)
  • More contents: Map Chapters, Dragons, Skills, Rarity level

Q3 - 2022: Civil Wars

  • Game mode: PvP (Active Turn-based)
  • PvP Tournament
  • PvE additional modes & features:

            Treasure Hunting

            Dragon Hunting

           Boss Raid

           Hero's Equipment System

           Mobile version


Q4 - 2022: The Eraverse

  • Eragard Metaverse - The Eraverse
  • Land & Kingdom
  • Game mode: Massive Online Battlefield (Multiplayer PvP)
  • World map: Guild Wars

Q1 - 2023: Alliance of Eragard

  • Update new chapter
  • New dragon skill

Q2 - 2023: Strike Back

  • Exchange currency
  • New payment method
  • New in-game gatcha system
  • New dragon modification up to Epic rarity

Q3 - 2023: Civil Wars

  • Game mode: PvP (active turn-based)
  • PvP tournament
  • PvE additional features:

           Treasure hunting

            Dragon hunting

            Boss raid

            Hero’s equipment system

Q4 - 2023: The Eraverse

  • Game mode: Massive online battlefield (Multiplayer PvP)
  • World map: Guild wars

About the game

Player Requirements

There is a free version of the game, but to play the full version, players must create a Phantom Wallet or a Solflare Wallet to buy DRAW tokens because it is required to buy at least 1 NFT hero and 1 NFT dragon to be able to play.

The game is web-based, and therefore, the player will be able to play the game on a PC with any OS. Also, it will be possible to play on iPhone and Android mobiles.


DRAW: main token

Total supply: 1,500,000,000

DRAW can be used to:

  • Stake
  • Buy NFT heroes, NFT dragons, and NFT items on the marketplace
  • Buy NFT Land
  • Modify the NFT Dragons

ERA: in-game token

Total supply: infinite

ERA can be used to:

  • Buying NFT Skill-cards
  • Buying hero equipment items
  • Buying consumable items
  • Buying buildings (used for ERA farming and dragon enhancement)


Players can earn DRAW in the following ways:

  • Selling enhancement NFT items and NFT heroes on the marketplace
  • Completing mini maps (9 stages and one boss) in the Campaign mode
  • Winning in Boss Raid mode
  • Winning in Guild Wars mode
  • Completing daily and weekly missions
  • Winning regular player vs. player battles
  • Staking DRAW




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“It is easy to tell that the team is putting effort into the game. The art and style look great, there is a lot of information on the game, and the team has uploaded many videos on YouTube for a while.

A good thing about the game is that it has an “Easy-To-Learn, Hard-To-Master” formula that is always good for making games fun.

A big downside is that it is tough to find something that differentiates it from other turn-based and pet games like Axie Infinity. It seems to have the same formula. Nevertheless, the dragon's position on the battlefield and the hero-dragon combination make it a little more original and exciting.

The biggest problem with Dragon War is that earning money in the free version is impossible. There is a note in the whitepaper, inside the Free-To-Play section, that says: “... Note: All tokens you earn in all game modes will not be claimed or deposited to the wallet. To earn that token, you will need to connect to your wallet and buy a membership package to convert...”.

It is terrible that the team tries to confuse players by saying many times in the whitepaper and the YouTube channel that they can earn money in the free version but only adding one small note explaining that they will need to pay to claim the tokens they won.

Despite that, I think trying the free version of the game with the free heroes and dragons is a good idea. If the game turns out to be fun and addictive in the long term, buying an NFT dragon and NFT hero to play the full game will be nice.”

Dragon War is a turn-based RPG game where players own a team of NFT heroes and NFT dragons to fight other players or AI enemies. They must use strategy and choose different power items to win.

In Dragon War, players will use at least one NFT hero and one NFT dragon and, with the help of items and equipment, fight other players to reduce the HP points of their heroes and dragons to 0.

There are two game modes:

Campaign mode

Campaign (or history mode) is the player vs. environment mode, where players can complete “mini-maps” with nine stages and one boss to earn Hero XP or DRAW tokens.


The arena is the player vs. player mode, where players can choose their opponent by looking at their level.

Players must choose in a strategic way which heroes and dragons they will use and how they will use them, according to the:

Dragon stats: they are determined by the six NFT body parts of the dragon.

  • Attack: depends on the Claws
  • Critical: depends on the Horns
  • Defense: depends on the Chest
  • Health Points: depends on the Rune
  • Dodge: depends on the Eyes
  • Speed: depends on the Tail

These body parts can have different levels of rarity. And it is also possible to breed new dragons with better qualities and more rarity.

Hero race: heroes can be Human, Elf, Dark Elf, or Orc. It will determine different bonuses over attack, defense, and HP.

  • Human: small bonuses on every stat
  • Elf: big bonus in dragons’ defense
  • Dark Elf: big bonus in dragons’ attack
  • Orc: big bonus in dragons’ HP

Hero specialty: it comes with the hero from the beginning, and it can have bonus effects over all the dragons, like increasing the same stat for all dragons of the team or increasing their skills.

Dragon formation: dragons can be used in different positions on the battlefield (more defensive or offensive). It will determine other aspects of the battle, like healing capabilities, damage caused when attacking, etc.

Dragon element: each dragon has 1 out of 5 different elements (fire, earth, wood, thunder, water), which gives a bonus to various stats, and at the same time, determines element advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other dragons.

Dragon class: it works the same way as the element. The combination between an element and class allows for another stats bonus.