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Published: 9 November 2022

Ecioverse is a hostile place full of many enemies and space kingdoms. The player’s main task is to re-establish peace and order by winning all battles. This is a Play-To-Earn game.


Basic information

ECIO Space is a Play-To-Earn game that place the player in several galactic kingdoms. The player will be able to choose three breeds of aliens, Solarians, Andromedians or Sculpians, all with a variety of features that will be participating in impressive battles, to win token rewards and collectives.

Road Map

Q4 2021

– CertiK audit.

– Marketplace, IDO, TGE, tokens staking.


Q1 2022

NFT staking, second phase of tokens staking.

– NFT Gachapon, Binance NFT.

– Alpha pass program a testnet.


Q2 2022

– Bio, battle and Neuron lab.

– Lakrima tokens development, holographic replicator.

– Alpha P2E mainnet (Boss Hunter, Survival a Mise modes).

– NFT comics: zero chapter.

– NFT profile picture.


Q3-Q4 2022

– Alpha version stability and bug fixing.

– Alpha version mobile help.

– PvP alpha arena.

About the game

This game has various gameplay modes: Adventure mode, Survival Mode, Guild war, Co-operation, and Battle Arena. Player Vs Environment is the most common type of scenario, however, depending on the selected game mode, there will be a few changes (such as multiplayer). Players will travel around the universe encountering several enemies with the task of beating them all; this is the mission’s objective.


There are two important tokens used in ECIO Space, both are used in different scenarios and are rewarded differently.

$ECIO:  Is the game’s governance currency.  It  can be used for trading, buying, selling items, farming, or staking. This is the most important token because it gives the player the opportunity to increase the NFT and obtain fantastic items.

$LAKRIMA: This is a secondary resource, its use is mostly for in-game purposes, but players can get staking rewards or buy special items with this as well.

Many times, projects integrate more than one asset to diversify the capitalization that they’ll receive to provide value to another digital asset.

ECIO token address: 0x327a3e880bf2674ee40b6f872be2050ed406b021

Lakrima token address: 0xc2d761fbb7e009860b1c3084e7854db952ed51e1

LPs address: 0x054407D77a00514fDA4F27aec37b6D7F8EEb0656

Here is the official token distribution:


The mechanic for reward earning will be defined by certain circumstances, this information is taken directly from the Whitepaper.

In-game rewards:

  • Dropping treasures: After each battle, players will get different items in which the drop rate corresponds to the level and rarity of the enemy. For ECIO Token, the drop rate will vary according to the market price.

  • Treasures could contain $LAKRIMA, $ECIO, Genomic fragment, Blueprint fragment (as items).

  • Reward treasures: This will be distributed to the top 50% rank players of the Battle Arena from the overall players.
  • Farming: The players can pair Ecio Token to BNB or BUSD and create LPs Pool in Pancake swap to farm LPs token on our platform and receive interests in $LAKRIMA.

Token benefits:

ECIO Staking: There are three pools to stake and their APR is around 100 to 200%.

Stake LPs pool between $ECIO with $BUSD and $ECIO with $BNB to earn $LAKRIMA.



Analyst opinion

“ECIO space, as a game, has a good external DeFi ecosystem.  The main use of Binance Smart Chain blockchain gives a better opportunity to many people that avoid ETH gas fees. It’s always cool that you can make a staking contract with your token rewards while playing a game at home; this increases your value.

When speaking about the game itself, the graphics are not so innovative but  they serve their purpose. Adding three different game modes is another good advantage, because players prefer games with a variety of things to do.

The main use I would give this game is to take advantage of the  opportunity to earn token rewards.”

Leonardo Calderón

Leonardo Calderón

Published: 9 November 2022

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