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Eizper Chain
Jun 10, 2024

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  • Free-To-Play
  • User-friendly interface
  • Active team
  • Investing gives an advantage

Eizper Chain is a Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn online steampunk-style ARPG, powered by Solana blockchain technology.

Official Trailer


Q2 - 2022

  • INO of Windfell Collection in six different launchpads
  • Open strategic and Private Round investment
  • Develop smart contract
  • Develop mobile version for the game project
  • Fix bugs and increase to HDRP quality

Q3 - 2022

  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Release Alpha version of the mobile version
  • Open NFT Holder Round investment
  • Add more characters, NPCs, enemies, and a new map

Q4 - 2022

  • Release a Full version of the game project for PC
  • Release Beta version of the mobile game
  • INO of Quarombi Collection
  • IDO and IEO

Q1 - 2023

  • Adding 4 legendary heroes & 4 job class of free characters

Q2 - 2023

  • Closed beta test for mobile version
  • 5 legendary heroes & 5 job class of free characters
  • Smart Contract Audit

Q3 - 2023

  • Open Beta for mobile version
  • 6 legendary heroes & 6 job class of free characters
  • INO second collection (NFT sales)
  • Game exhibition in Fornas 2023

Q4 - 2023

  • Open Beta for PC version
  • 6 legendary heroes & 6 job class of free characters

About the game

Player Requirements

Eizper Chain is a Free-To-Play game, with no necessary investment.

Players will need to download the launcher, install the game, sign up and login to play.

PC minimum requirements:

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows® 10 or Windows® 11
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3 – 8th Gen
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Version 11 or higher
  • Storage: 32 GB+ available space


The core token for the Eizper Chain platform is $EIZ, with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens.

$EIZ functions are:

  • NFT purchase
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Buy Battle Arena entry ticket, guild emblem, battle pass
  • Unlock character slots
  • Governance
  • Liquidity providers (staking)

Staking rewards are distributed on a daily basis and based in the pool. Over time, the pool will be depleted. To counter this effect, Eizper Chain will dedicate part of its revenue to replenish it.

GOLD is the off-chain basic currency to acquire in-game necessities, like buying items. Players can obtain GOLD in unlimited amounts in easy ways, like selling items. GOLD is not tradeable.


Players can earn the following ways:

  • Finishing quests to obtain $EIZ
  • Selling NFTs in the marketplace

      - Upgrade Equipment to NFT (mint to NFT when equipment reaches level 6)

       - Upgrade Skill Crystal to NFT (mint to NFT when Skill Crystal reaches max level)

  • By staking $EIZ




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“As an ARPG, and for its gameplay, we can compare it to the Diablo series games where users can explore the world, complete quests and dungeons alone or with friends. It’s awesome that we are able to transform in-game assets to NFTs and be able to sell them.

The Whitepaper is very detailed and explains a lot about the game and how it works, but doesn’t mention any background about the Eizper Chain’s team members. Eizper Chain’s YouTube Channel has some informative videos that can help any person interested in the game to learn more about it.

It’s great when a game is Free-To-Play, so that one can give it a try before investing in it. In this game, like some others, investing will give you an advantage over the Free-To-Play users. This could mean that for PvP modes, it may not be so popular for some gamers. With all its game modes and ways to earn, it seems like a pretty entertaining game that can hopefully build a great community.”

Eizper Chain is a Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn blockchain-based ARPG.

In Eizper Chain, users will be able to explore the world, do quests, fight enemies and collect treasures.

The Battle Arena is a game mode where players can:

  • Fight against waves of enemies (PvE)
  • Fight against other players (PvP)
  • Guild vs Guild (PvP)

Eizper Chain NFTs have benefits that will give the user advantage over Free-To-Play game-play.

The NFT categories for Eizper Chain are:

  • Heroes: characters with special skills, more stamina and extra quest rewards
  • Items & Equipment: users can mint their weapons and armor into NFT by leveling to tier six (max tier level is ten)
  • Enemies: increased monster drop rates, reduced damage
  • NPCs: receive privileges from certain NPCs, like discounts or increased equipment upgrade success chance