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Elpis Battle
May 18, 2023

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Project Potential
  • Earning possibilities
  • Credible investors and partners
  • Team experienced in mobile games development
  • Quality graphics
  • Initial investment required
  • Additional investment required for daily earnings

A Play-To-Earn ecosystem with a variety of games in an RPG style. Players must employ the necessary tactics to win battles and level up their heroes, heroes’ skills, and pets.

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Q2 - 2022

  • New Level: Dungeon Battle v2
  • Governance System

Q3 - 2022

  • Class Balance PvP Mode Launch
  • Revamp LAPIS to LAPIS v2
  • Guild Manager Tool

Q4 - 2022

  • Mobile Version
  • In-Game Community
  • Skill Book
  • Data Dashboard
  • MEG Stabilizing Mechanism

About the game

Player Requirements

To start playing Elpis Battle, players need to purchase at least one hero NFT from the game marketplace. The marketplace can be accessed by connecting to it with a crypto wallet. Once connected, players will need to create an account and make their purchase. A scholarship option is available for players who want to start playing without any initial investment.


$EBA is the governance token used for features like upgrading NFTs, recruiting and staking. Holders can vote on game decisions and earn profits from revenue.

The total Supply is 1,000,000,000.

xEBA is a derivative of EBA and can be earned through staking EBA. It allows for compound staking rewards.

$MEG is the in-game currency obtained through activities, used to purchase tickets and rewards, recruit, upgrade heroes and equipment, and purchase skills from the marketplace.

The total Supply is unlimited.

Staking hero NFTs can also earn equipment NFTs and items.


Players can earn through:

  • Participating and winning in any game mode within the game
  • Raid boss events
  • Selling Dungeon event rewards on the marketplace
  • Trading hero skills and equipment on the marketplace
  • Renting NFTs for $USDT or $BNB
  • Winning a map. Elpis Battle players receive roughly $20 when they complete a map and move to the next one
  • Defeating the raid boss will unlock an EBA leaderboard reward
  • Renting NFT collections on the RiFi NFT Marketplace
  • $BUSD through special events




Elpis Battle is a game developed by Elpis Global, a Vietnamese studio closely tied to ZEGO studio and iKame, its parent company.

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Analytic Opinion

“Elpis Battle offers players various earning opportunities, but requires at least 4 NFTs to earn daily rewards. The game has received support from venture capitalists and guilds, though its plot and game world are not particularly engaging. Despite this, its graphics and technical features make it a competitive option in the growing market of blockchain gaming. Elpis Battle's staking options and multiple passive income opportunities are likely to attract players, but its long-term success will depend on the enjoyment it provides beyond the potential for financial gain.”

Elpis Battle is a unique Tactical Turn-Based game that takes place on eight different continents, each occupied by a different clans of humans and heroes. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain and offers a range of features to players, including mining, staking, renting, training, and more.

The game’s storyline is based on an ancient legend that tells of a battle among races on the planet thousands of years ago. The battle caused the separation and division of continents, and they were sealed away from each other. However, one day, the Conjunction of the Spheres occurred, aligning the planets and weakening the seal. A mysterious motion caused the seal to break completely, and this is where the game begins.

The player’s goal in Elpis Battle is to become a lord by conquering continents or becoming an arms dealer for the benefit of both sides of the battle. The game offers an economy through mining, staking, renting, training, and more, and players can upgrade their heroes through a series of upgrade-able features.

The trading system in the game allows players to sell and trade their in-game assets in the game’s marketplace, and the multiplayer feature provides a platform for engagement and cooperation with other players, depending on their characters’ features.

Elpis Battle offers a range of gameplay modes to appeal to a range of player experience levels. One of the modes is Dungeon mode, where players must conquer a dungeon to gain experience and collect rewards. This mode is where the PvE battles are held, and there are seven worlds to explore, each divided into a map. In each map, players must fight monsters and win rewards before moving on to the next map.

The game also has a recruitment feature that allows players to unlock more NFT heroes by using their existing heroes. Players must hold $EBA, $MEG, and at least two available NFT heroes to recruit a new hero, and each hero can reproduce a maximum of seven times.

The NFT system allows players to choose from eight different classes of heroes. Each race has different qualities, including strength, agility, and vitality and hero has a unique shape determined by their eyes, face, head, and other body parts. The heroes come with random stats based on their body parts, and these stats depend on how they are combined together. The rarity of the hero depends on the number of body parts affecting the character’s stats.

The game offers a range of skills, items, and equipment for players to choose from. Each hero has a maximum of five skills, four of which are default and can never be changed. However, the fifth skill can be learned through the Skill Book, which can be obtained by winning a stage, receiving it from other players, or purchasing it from the marketplace and Gacha. The Gacha feature allows users to stake $EBA or $EBA Liquidity Pool tokens for a chance to receive NFT heroes, equipment, items, pets, and skills.

The stats of the heroes increase depending on the items they are equipped with. The five equipment types are body armor, helmet, boots, weapon, and rings, and they can be upgraded by spending $MEG and using Ancient Scrolls. Even though a hero can only be upgraded every ten levels, players can ‘awaken’ their heroes by using their $MEG and eStone, which removes the upgrade limitation.