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Published: 24 June 2022 

A card battler available for computers and phones.

Basic information

EpicHero is a card battler that will be available on computers as well as phones. In order to play it, you need to buy at least one NFT hero card. The cards are unique and are divided by class, rarity, element and power, which determines the price of the card. The game is classified as Play-2-Earn.

Obrázek Hrdinů ze hry Epic Hero

Road Map

Q1 2022:

– Hero Equipment and Marketplace.

– Arenas (1v1, 3v3, 5v5, and thousands versus thousands).

– World Map release.

– Hiring other players’ heroes.

Q2 2022:

– Resource wars between nations.

– Pet system.

Q3 2022:

– Release of the job system.

– You can own and decorate your own land, be a landlord.

About the game


You can combine heroes to create one stronger one, or level them up with the EPICHERO token. The higher the level of the heroes, the more they earn (see the table).

Statistiky ze hry Epic hero

How to buy a hero:

Connect the wallet to EpicHero. MetaMask can be used, as can other wallets such as Infinity Wallet, Ledger or Wallet 3. Buy a $EPICHERO token, which you can use to buy either a specific hero on the Marketplace or a chest from which you get a random hero.

Battle for Olympus:

Our heroes can take part in the battle for Olympus. Here you can choose between three legions that are identical to each other. The winning legion will be drawn live on YouTube each Saturday based on the attack power of the heroes who chose it. The winners will receive a prize, plus double rewards until the end of Sunday.


According to the developers, the most fun part of the game should be the Dungeons. They are divided into small, medium and large, and also according to the level of the heroes. In small dungeons there are only 1v1 fights, in medium ones 3v3 and in big ones 5v5. There is an entrance fee depending on the type of the dungeon (see picture). To enter the dungeons, heroes must also have enough “mana”, which determines the number of entries per day. If a hero runs out of mana, you can send them to work or to Olympus and wait till the next day for the mana to be replenished.

Obrázek 2 ze hry Epic Hero

Player requirements

Daily tasks (jobs):

Heroes can complete daily quests for rewards. We can send them questing for the day, and during that time they will continuously earn us money (they’re called quests, but we are more or less sending the hero “to work” to earn us money). Quests have different levels that determine their earnings. Weekday rewards are higher than on weekends.

It’s necessary to complete daily tasks, and this requires a certain amount of time. The estimate can be around four hours of game time per day. A powerful computer/phone is not required to play.



EpicHero is a 3D NFT on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) where a new mechanism has been introduced. NFT holders receive 7% of each transaction in the form of BNB (BinanceCoin).

The second advantage for the holders is that NFTs are limited in number and the number of heroes will gradually decrease due to the possibility of combining two heroes into one with better attributes. The goal is for NFTs to become increasingly rare.


EPICHERO is the token that powers the game.


Price (as of 26 April 2022) $0.0077

Max. supply 1,000,000,000  

Logo hry Epic Hero

For each purchase and sale, the project charges relatively high fees of 5% for purchases and 15% for sales. These tokens are later split between the token holder, the team and the project management and the rest goes back into circulation. A small percentage is burned.

The project plans to burn up to 50% of the total tokens during its lifetime.

The token can be purchased on the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange.

Farming is also planned, but details are not known, nor does it appear anywhere on the Road Map.


Partneri hry Epic Hero


The team behind the project is not transparent; it is neither mentioned nor searchable anywhere.

Analyst opinion

“The game itself, at least as it is presented, doesn’t look bad, but even if it worked perfectly, it would still have a lot of competition, because there are many similar projects being created. Many other projects are also not afraid to expose their team or have stronger partnerships, which is definitely not to EpicHero’s advantage.

At the same time, the project doesn’t even have its own Discord. As for other social networks, their membership base is (no wonder) gradually thinning out. The project hasn’t made a single step forward in over a month, the Road Map is more than a quarter behind, and the website itself is definitely not what we would call ‘well-organized’.

Some of the project’s ideas aren’t necessarily bad, but I don’t see any reason for anyone to risk buying the token. Therefore, I do not recommend the project.”

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