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Published: 7 October 2022

A first-person shooter on the Solana blockchain. One click is all it takes to let the user enter the game, where they can then start earning.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Ev.io is a first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Addicting Games. The game is inspired by the style of popular titles of the same genre such as Halo or Destiny. The beta version was launched in January 2021 and already has over 400,000 registered users. But that does not mean that it is just as popular. The shooter can be played directly in the browser (no download or installation) and is available on all desktop devices.

Players can choose from several game modes, which they enter with pre-selected equipment and abilities. A Solana wallet and a registered account are all you need to get rewards.

Road Map

The beta version was released in January 2021. The authors now consider the game as finished.
They have completed the following items from the Road Map so far:

  • NFT mint: 3000 weapons and 3000 characters.
  • Deploying NFTs into the game.
  • Higher rewards for NFTs with higher rarity levels.
  • Kill rewards.
  • Kill method rewards.
  • Game modes: Deathmatch, Mayhem, Capture the Flag.
  • Conversion of the in-game currency e to SOL (withdrawal of earnings to own wallet), launched from June 2022.
  • NFT stipends or renting out your NFTs to players and sharing the earnings.
  • Ev.io Developer API.
  • Map creating tools.
  • Level up ability.
  • Release of 2,500 more NFT swords.

The following features are in development:

  • Increased rewards for surviving longer.
  • Increased rewards for achieving a high number of opponent kills (e.g., 30, 40, 50 kill games).
  • Recurring events such as “5x Friday” and “Clan Wars”.
  • Daily reward for completing one game.
  • Finding AG Coins. This is a random discovery of coins with game currency, which can provide up to e 1000.
  • “Winner Takes All” mode.
  • Possibility to tip other players with small rewards.
  • Mint and additional Play-2-Earn mechanism for “Pickup weapons” such as shotgun, sniper rifle, deagle and rocket launcher.
  • Creator codes (system for sharing player rewards with streamers).
  • Mini Games – details to be announced.
  • Land sale – details will be announced, but probably not until October.

About the game

Ev.io is a simple first-person shooter. There is a lot of jumping and running in this game. This makes it difficult for opponents to hit the player. In deathmatch mode, you start in a more remote map part, where the player’s character appears every time they are killed. If you own an NFT, you are entitled to rewards that are paid out in SOL for every kill. A lot of maps can already be found in the game (more than the image below).

Ev.io currently has the following game modes available:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Mayhem
  • Battle Royale
  • Survival
  • Capture the Flag

In time, ev.io should also become an e-sports title. However, for now there is a leaderboard where you can see how much the top players have earned: https://ev.io/earn-rankings.

How to start playing:

  • Go to the game webpage: https://ev.io/
  • On the main game webpage, in the “Abilities” section, you choose one of the four main weapons and other equipment and also set your skills.
  • Then, select the game mode in the menu.
  • Now you just click on “Play” and you are in the game.

There are specially created places on the map where there are weapons that you can take. These weapons are usually better than your main weapon. It can be a more powerful rifle, grenade launcher, etc.

When an enemy is killed, it sometimes happens that they fly away as if they were hit by a rocket launcher. The game will receive updates over time, which should gradually improve the quality and content.


Here you choose one of four main weapons. Next are your character’s skills. Choose between increased sprint endurance, higher jump, and teleport distance. You have 3 points for these skills, which you divide. The choice between reload speed or weapon change speed also works in the same way. You can then choose the types of grenades and mines you will use.


Ev.io offers NFT skins and weapons, which so far include rifles and swords. In total, this game has 6,366 NFTs issued. The use of NFTs allows the activation of the reward acquisition (monetization). Those who do not have NFTs can rent them on the official lending protocol here.

NFT upgrades

NFTs have a level of 0 to 100. By increasing the NFT level, it is possible to increase the earning potential and appearance of game characters and weapons. This will be reflected in the fact that they gradually start to shine more brightly. Levelling up is said to be very difficult.

Marketplace and NFT trade

NFTs can be bought on the game marketplace: https://www.fractal.is/ev.

Player requirements

One click in the browser is enough to start the game. But for this, it is necessary to run the game on a PC, laptop, or Mac. The need for English language is minimal. Solana wallet installed in the browser and a registered account via e-mail are sufficient for monetization.


The game currency is called “e”. It can be earned in-game and later converted to the SOL (Solana) cryptocurrency. The e to SOL conversion rate is based on the USD to SOL exchange rate at the time ev.io purchases SOL for Play-2-Earn rewards. It is a relatively constant ratio of USD 5 per e 10,000 earned. If SOL suddenly reaches USD 1,000, the speed of earning e will change dramatically. The e currency can be exchanged for SOL once a day, but you need to exchange min. e 1000.


USD 120,000 per year is earmarked for monetization. This may increase as this amount is referred to as the earmarked minimum. The development studio claims that it will increase this amount dramatically with money from sponsors. These are supposed to be attracted cryptocurrency exchanges, DAO and other crypto organizations.

Monetization is contingent upon holding NFTs. There are currently 6,366 of them in the game. If the player decides not to buy any NFT, the option to rent NFT is offered at the following link: https://ev.io/lend.

The Play-2-Earn mechanism in this game is simple. For killing opponents, the player gets rewards that he or she accumulates on his account in the “e” currency. By the time the article is published, this equation may already be in effect, which also covers the monetization of swords.

Reward Equation: E = 0,5 * V * X * G* (C+W+S)

E – Conversion of e to SOL.

V – Win or lose (1 for a loss, 1.5 for a win).

X – Score 100 for a normal kill, 110 for a headshot kill and 130 for achieving the so-called “Monster Kill”.

G – Global Earn Rate 0.01 (0.02 at double rate).

C –  NFT character / skin (1 for common NFT, 1.05 for rare NFT, 1.10 for epic characters and 1.15 for legendary skins).

W – NFT weapon (1 for common, 1.05 for rare, 1.10 for epic, 1.15 for legendary).

S – NFT sword (1 for common, 1.05 for rare, 1.10 for epic, 1.15 for legendary).

The following factors will affect earnings in the future:

  • Your in-game performance, e.g., number of opponents killed.
  • The fund size created by the sponsors.
  • Upgrade level on each of your deployed NFTs. You can only have one skin, weapon, and sword on at a time.
  • Rarity level of your NFTs.
  • Number of players who are actively earning.
  • Global earnings rate. The current Earn Rate is displayed at the top of the ev.io Discord. At the time of writing, it is “2x”. So, players earn double the regular rate.
  • Bonus for every kill you get without dying.
  • Achieving high kill counts (e.g., 30, 40, 50 kill games).
  • Recurring events / actions.
  • Daily reward for completing 1 game.
  • Kill types: headshot, regular kill, multi-kill, first place acquisition, kill from the grave, ranged or sword kill, etc.
  • Finding AG coins that appear randomly and contain an unspecified number of e. You can find up to e 1000.
  • “Winner Takes All” mode. E.g., in Deathmatch, the player in first place gets all the rewards.
  • Players will be able to choose which content creators (on Twitch and YouTube) they want to award a bonus amount from their earnings. Only people who regularly stream about ev.io or consistently create content (e.g., YouTube videos) qualify for the program.

Levelling up is supposed to be extremely difficult. This is because NFTs with higher levels will have dramatically better earning potential. NFT levelling information is yet to be announced.

Player bets should also be possible in the future. For example, imagine a deathmatch that requires a bet of USD 0.5 (e 1000). Every time you kill someone, you get their bet e. This way, players gradually gain but also lose rewards, and when the timer runs out, the remaining balance of bet e is earned by the player.


  1. Addicting Games – highly accessible, casual games for people of all ages.
  2. Luminosity – one of the largest gaming, e-sports, and entertainment brands in the world.
  3. Enthusiast Gaming – a worldwide gaming communities’ network through multi-channel media, custom content and events.
  4. Fractal.is – marketplace for gaming NFTs and virtual lands. They also run the YouTube channel Fractal Radio with crypto gaming content. The co-founder of Fractal.is is also the co-founder of the Twitch streaming platform.
  5. Hut 8 – The company improves decentralized systems with digital asset mining and high-performance computing.


The idea for ev.io was born from conversations between Chris Scott and Addicting Games CEO Bill Karamouzis in 2019. Everyone on the ev.io team is self-taught, driven primarily by curiosity and passion. Below you will find an overview of the team along with each member’s Discord nickname and Twitter link.

Analyst opinion

“The team does not seem to be particularly experienced, but the results achieved by the developers cannot be denied. It’s a small team, but I believe it will expand over time as this game continues to do well. Here we have a super simple crypto shooter that works and is fun. If you don’t care much about graphics, you’ll enjoy this game. A simple monetization system allows you to quickly test the game and find out if it is your “cup of tea” or not. All you need is a SOL wallet and email registration.

In deathmatch mode, you start at a more remote location on the map, where you spawn every time you get killed. I found this mode easy. I also had several successful “kills” there on my MacBook with a touchpad.

The game is currently being translated into Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi, and French. Therefore, I suspect that the followers’ number on social networks will increase even more. Mostly given the fact that they are just establishing a marketing department and that they have handed over this task to their partners, who are more experienced in this field. It is said that the developers have hardly dealt with marketing until now.

The studio also has an SDK already released, so independent developers can more easily get involved and start building on an already working project. Everyone has the option to come up with their own maps, modes, or mini games. If he is successful with his creation, he can earn money.

Monetization looks simple and solid. It is transparent and there is no risk that you will buy their token and then its value will collapse, because in ev.io you only have the virtual currency e, which is easily converted to already purchased SOL. The game economy thus avoids the risk of issuing its own token and managing its own tokenomics. Hypothetically, it could thus be much easier for them to migrate the project to another blockchain.”

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