Farmers World

Farmers World is an NFT game built on the WAX platform, where players must craft tools, exploit resources and buy land to be able to run a successful farm. Unfortunately the team is not active on social media. We recommend exercising caution.

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  • Big online community


  • Anonymous team and partners
  • Very little information about the project
  • No whitepaper
  • Outdated information
  • No real timeline on the Road Map
Rating 2
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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  • Composing game scripts
  • Characters and item drawings
  • Smart contract completed
  • UI developed
  • Beta UI tested
  • Standard pack release and sales
  • Crop cultivation: farmers must grow crops, harvest and exchange fruits with others to complete a variety of fruit collection. They will be compensated with valuable rewards when acquiring all of the required fruits
  • New characters & items: introduction of new characters and items
  • Mobile app: developing a Farmers World application on both iOS and Android platforms in order to provide players with a fantastic, brand new experience
  • IDO: working with partners and investment funds to prepare for the IDO in November. Farmers World’s tokens will be listed on exchanges
  • Clashes: the White Tribes and the Red Tribes have discovered the farms and are planning to conquer them. Being aware of this potential threat, farmers start to forge new weapons, recruit new warriors, and join forces to protect their farms against the dangerous intruders. Devastating conflicts are inevitable
  • Farmers World’s Ecosystem: Players can easily switch resources between Farmers World and other games. For example, players can bring their land and troops in and out of Farmers World
  • Farmers Land: after mining gold, farmers will find ways to buy new land on which they can build their farms
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About the Game

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This is the first farming game on the NFT platform. Farmers World focuses on allowing players to create their own individual, sustainable farm.

Farmers World is an NFT farming game where players have to run a successful farm. More specifically, players have to craft the necessary tools to exploit resources and buy land to enlarge their territory:

Mining: players have the opportunity to mine gold ($FWG). Gold and wood ($FWW) can be combined in order to craft or repair tools and equipment

Breeding: farmers must raise cattle in order to produce food ($FWF) to restore their energy levels in the game

Building: players can expand on their farm by building various establishments for different purposes

Cultivation: farmers have to cultivate and harvest crops to provide food for their cattle

Wild Animals: wildlife is a threat to the farm; players have to fight against them to protect their land, cattle, and trees

There are various NFTs that players can obtain by either playing the game or buying them from the marketplace. There are four types:

  • Tools: Axe, Fishing Rod, Saw, Stone Axe, Ancient Stone Axe, and Chainsaw, amongst others
  • Memberships: Bronze Member, Silver Member, Gold Member, and Diamond Member
  • Farm Animals: Baby Calf, Calf, Bull, Chick, Chicken, amongst many others
  • Farm Building: Coop, Cowshed, and Farm Plot

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Player Requirements

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To begin playing, the player must have a WAX wallet to buy and equip themselves with tools from the marketplace, such as an axe and a fishing rod.

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Token: $FWW

This token is used to craft in-game tools, such as axes, saws, and chainsaws.

Token: $FWF

This token is mostly used to obtain fishing rods, nets, and boats.

Token: $FWG

Players can use this token to purchase a mining excavator in pursuance of various mining resources.

All tokens can be bought and sold in the marketplace.

The project has not released any additional information about the total supply or staking possibilities.

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Players can earn tokens by playing the game and  mining resources. Those tokens can then become NFT items. Users have the  possibility to buy and sell those NFTs in return for $WAX tokens.

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analyst opinion

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“Skimming through the website, you may get the impression that it looks nice, pretty and user-friendly. The reality is that there is a notable amount of missing pieces. Let’s begin with the fact that there isn’t any information on the team and/or partners. This makes the project seem terribly suspicious. If I was to begin playing a game that involved money, I would appreciate having a website with a great deal of information or at least the whitepaper. However, they do not offer neither nor! Finally, their roadmap is all over the place because they do not have a timeline. What they state as “coming soon” could take days, weeks, months, or even years.

Honestly, I don’t understand how they could have such a big community on social media because they do not provide much information or updates. Either way, I feel very skeptical about the project.“

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Diego Kebork

Diego Kebork

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