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Fight Of The Ages

Published: 15 August 2022

FOTA is an AAA metaverse project combining MOBA and RPG, integrated with Microsoft Mesh (MR) technology.

Official Trailer

Basic information

FOTA is an AAA MOBA game with a fantasy theme. In the world of FOTA, the NFT technology is optimized to give users a real sense of valuable digital asset ownership while playing.
The game is designed in Unity 3D, thanks to which you can look forward to a smooth graphic experience. It is being developed simultaneously for iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows and macOS platforms.
Choosing Binance Smart Chain provided extraordinary benefits such as low transaction fees, NFT capabilities and especially the Binance ecosystem users.
Integration in Microsoft Mesh (a platform of Microsoft Corporation that is a leader in creating the most immersive experiences inmetaverse) turn this metaverse into an even more realistic world.

Road Map


Game design creation.
Game prototype creation.
Business strategy.

Smart contract tokens on mainnet audited by Certik & Hacken.
Whitepaper / pitchdeck publication.
Home page available.
Marketplace launch.
Heroes creation.
Items and races release.
Seed sale.

Private sale.
Adding new heroes.
Fotaland (land).
Release of new heroes.
New epic and legendary items.

NFT sale.
Listing on an CEX exchange.
Introducing new heroes.
Availability on PancakeSwap.
Crafting launch.

New heroes and skins release.
Release of the DUEL, CHAT SYSTEM and SKINS features.
Cross-chain with Solana and Near.
Microsoft Mesh integration into the FOTA system.

More heroes and skins.
New features.
The Worlds Saga game alpha release.
Digital Identifiers (DIDs).

About the game

In the thirty-level campaign, players can explore the three main game worlds: Greenland, The Earth, and The Nightmare. In these worlds, players will have to complete quests to earn rewards in the form of FOTA game tokens and experience points.
There are also special monthly and seasonal quests planned that will add new challenges with even greater rewards. In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a PvP arena where players can participate in battles. The matchmaking system is designed to draw players of a similar level against each other, keeping things fair. However, if players want to test their strength against stronger opponents, they can use challenge mode and fight against any player.
Like any modern crypto game, Fight Of The Ages also has a built-in Play-2-Earn mechanic that makes the game lucrative. Game assets are tokenized in the form of NFTs owned by the player, for example: characters, game items, lands, and even player skins. NFTs can be upgraded during the game and sold on the marketplace at any time.


The FOTA token is a standard BEP20 token with a total supply of 700,000,000. 
It is distributed in the following ratio:
65% game rewards, 11% token sale, 5% advisors and team, 10% fund, 5% exchange and liquidity, 4% marketing.
The public can purchase the token from 19 May 2022, but its exact use is unknown. 



CEO – Duc Trinh – Chairman of the Board of D.lion Media & Solutions.
CTO – Ryan Nguyen – Former cyber security specialist at Microsoft.
COO/CPO – Binh Nguyen – Technical Advisor at VNG Corporation.
Art Director – Minh Hoang – Main artist at KIXEYE STUDIO. 

Analyst opinion

“The VR and MR combination is absolutely incredible and I really find it hard to imagine. It will definitely be a game that will draw the attention of players at least for a while, to check the environment, and then either stay or move on to another game. Now it depends on how the studio deals with the technical demands of the game. After all, VR glasses and other components are not common for middle class gamers. The project will certainly find its players, but only time will tell if it will be enough.”

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