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Fishing Town

Published: 25 October 2022

A nostalgic pixel art, Play-To-Earn, Metaverse, NFT Fishing Game on the Binance Smart Chain.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Available on Computer, IOS and Android, Fishing Town combines old school gaming with reality-related aquatic animals. Players impersonate a fisher who meets with other fishermen and women from all over the world  at Fishing Town to find different  types or various  rarity types of fish.


With over 10-years’ experience in the game development industry, the team’s mission is to build an appealing NFT  Fishing game for players, by making Blockchain technology accessible to the general public with tokenized fishing rods and fish.

Fishing Town is meant to be a Play-Fun-Earn instead of a Play-to-Earn model, by building a relaxing game atmosphere capable of awakening childhood memories with their nostalgic pixel art concept, targeting age groups from 20 to 40, from South-East Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America.

Fishing has been a part of human daily life in every culture and country. The Fishing Town team is passionate about aquatic animals, and their goal is also to raise awareness about the annihilation of marine life caused by overfishing, irresponsible and destructive fishing, wiping out fish’s food sources and their habitat. Thereupon, the community can vote to donate a portion of their earnings for charity marine conservation organizations.

Road Map

As per their website, without any indication of a timeline:

Phase 1

– Technology researching: blockchain, NFT, bridge.

– The beginning of Fishing Town game development.

– Business plan for NFT game.


Phase 2

– Private pre-sale, IDO public pre-sale (BSC).

– Game Release 1.0.

– Marketplace

– Community Event and Competitors.


Phase 3

– Game release new features on Fishing Town game: New map, new in-game items, new NFTs.

– Merging fishing rod.

– New NPC and relationship making with NPC.

– Fishing rod equipment features.

– Mint woodcutting equipment NFTs.

– Leaderboard

– Staking $FHTN.

– Voting system.

– Game release 1.1 – Mobile (Android and IOS).


Phase 4

– Game center release.

– House and house upgrade system.

– New NPC and relationship making with NPC.

– Cooking.

– Listing $FHTN on CEX.


Phase 5

– PvP

– More cross-chain NFTs.

– Aquarium – breeding fish – feeding fish – fish tank decorations.

– Metaverse (multiplayer).

About the game

The Goddess Nanami created Fishing Town, a place rich with different fish species.

The players earn their living costs through catching fish. The player starts at level 1 with 100 Stamina. Moving between maps or upgrading equipment drains your Stamina. Stamina will be recharged within a certain quantity of units per hour (depending on the player’s level) or by purchasing feed with the in-game token $FHNT. Depending on what you fish (nothing or a certain type of fish), you gain experience points, which upgrades your character. Completing quests also provides you with experience points. The higher your character level, the higher your Stamina level, which will also regenerate quicker. You can buy axes and pickaxes to mine minerals, which are required to update (refine) your rod. There are different festivals and events during  spring, summer, fall and winter games that players may participate in. During these festivals and events, different occurrences take place, such as the appearance of free skill and capacity increasing items, resources, special feed, or allowing for special breeds of fish to become easier to catch, etc.

Player requirements

First you have to ensure you have $FHTN, as you cannot start playing without it.

Then you connect your wallet to the website and click onBUY NFT PROFILE

to open the rod box that will randomly give you a rod. You need to use $FHTN and $BNB to open the box.

Alternatively, you can also go to thea marketplace and buy a rod.

There are different rarity levels of rods.

You may now begin playing. On the website, go to PLAY GAME!!!“.

Choose how you want to create your account. You can choose between email, Metamask or WalletConnect.

Once you choose the way to connect, now you have to choose your character and name it. It is important to mention that the character appearance and its name may not be modified afterwards, so choose carefully.

Now your character goes into town

Click on the map to choose the location where you would like to fish (sea, lake or river) and the difficulty level.

Each location (sea, lake or river) has special properties and different types of fish.

From your inventory you may choose the rod and start fishing.

You can select if you want to receive your catch in the form of $GIL or fish NFTs.

Repair or upgrade your fishing rod for a higher chance of catching rare fish.

Once you catch a fish, you can sell it on Marketplace or use it in in-game activities.

If you selected $GIL, you can withdraw and sell $GIL on an exchange or use it in-game for rod upgrades, for example.



$FHTN is the main token and Fishing Town s maximální zásobou 100,000,000 tokenů a počátečním množstvím v oběhu 10,520,000.

$FHTN is required to play Fishing Town. It is used for each transaction within the game, for purchasing and opening in-game assets, like equipment (e.g. fishing rods or rod boxes), feed and as an entrance fee to participate in events.

You can stake your $FHTN by providing liquidity in a liquidity pool and earn $FHTN.

$FHTN holders will be able to participate in the governance of Fishing Town through voting. Voters will be rewarded $GIL for their contribution.


$GIL is the ecosystem token, with an unlimited supply, used for specific actions.

You can earn $GIL by completing quests, winning PVE mini games or selling goods at the Marketplace.

Some events require $GIL as an entrance fee. By participating in the Game Center (lotto, fish racing, dice and wheel of fortune) you can earn $GIL as well.

Equipment upgrades, such as fishing rod upgrades, require $GIL.


Currently you can earn with the following methods:

Selling equipment (rods) and fish on marketplace.

Winning a mini game (PVE).

Participating in in-game events.

Completing quests.

Stake $FHTN.

– Voting (Contribute to DAO structure).

– Community airdrops & events.

The project mentions future earning possibilities as well:

– Mining resourc.

– Cutting wood.

– Game Center (lottery, fish racing, dice and wheel of fortune).

Fishing rods are currently listed in the range from 1 BUSD to 35 BUSD on Fishing Town’s marketplace.



The Team is anonymous and only provides “Fish-related” fictional names, such as Jack Whale or Tony Orca.

Analyst opinion

“The idea behind Fishing Town is nice and the team seems to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.

However, they are not really capable of expressing the details.

It is worth mentioning that the project is doing a huge effort to attract people from all over the world, this is shown with the website being available in 5(!) different languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese), but there are many spelling mistakes & typos on the website and on social media.

In addition, the Spanish website version seems to have been translated by google translate without any further proof reading being done.

The Whitepaper talks about axes and pickaxes that need to be minted, but you can only guess that you may need them in future for mining minerals necessary for upgrades, as no further information is provided anywhere else.

The scenario of when to use $FHTN or  $GIL is also a little bit confusing and contradictory in the Whitepaper, Pitchdeck and Github. It is not 100% clear when $FHTN or when $GIL is needed.

Although Fishing Town has not been very active on social media lately, they recently posted that they are actively working in the background on expanding Fishing Town and announced that they plan to have a scholarship system in the future.

The project’s Whitepaper states that it is targeting age groups from 20 to 40, which is notable on the attention given to detail on spelling errors or non-working links on their website.

Users in these age groups might not give great importance to this type of things.  Fishing Town may be nice to play to resurrect childhood memories.  Even though Fishing Town claims to be audited by Certik, Inspex and PeckShield and mentions many partners, I would not consider Fishing Town as an investment or a huge earning opportunity.

Currently there are not many other functioning fishing games, competitors like Meta Fish and Coin to Fish are offline, so Fishing Town has the  potential to keep existing in the future, if enough young people are interested in fishing.”



Published: 25 October 2022

All analyses by Lara

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