Football Battle

Football Battle is a turn-based, Play-To-Earn, NFT game that focuses on collecting NFT players to oppose other players in soccer matches.

Football Battle Introduction
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  • Large community
  • Different game modes


  • Invest to play
  • Stake to play
Rating 3.5
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 – 2022

  • Game sneak peaks
  • Seed funding
  • Test version & game demo
  • Testnet $FBL
  • Testnet $FBT

Q2 – 2022

April 2022

  • Private sale
  • 5,000 playable common characters (Genesis Class) pre-sell
  • Private demo for NFT holders

May 2022

  • 1,000 common characters pre-sell
  • 1,000 legendary characters pre-sell
  • Marketplace ready
  • Public demo
  • $FBL public sale (Launchpads)
  • Mainnet
  • DEX listing
  • Game ready for PvC

June 2022

  • PvP game matching
  • NFT characters expansion class release
  • New in-game content release

Q3 – 2022 & Onward

  • Tournament hosting
  • Breeding available
  • New in-game content release
  • CEX listing
  • Player creations introduction
  • Football world introduction
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About the Game

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Football Battle is a turn-based card game with NFT characters that can be developed and traded. This NFT game focuses on building your team with football players to oppose other game users or the game’s AI.

The players are NFT characters used in the game to battle, trade, train, and make new players. They have different stats depending on their rarity and position. The rarity levels are Normal (being the most common one), Expansion, and Legendary (being the rarest one).

To train and develop the players’ stats, the user will need to purchase training packs at the shop, with $FBT and $FBL or by earning them after matches.

Users can breed new players by combining existing players in their squad. However, it will cost the user $FBL and $FBT tokens.

In terms of the gameplay, there are game modes that users can enjoy:

PvC Saga Mode: A different level walkthrough where the user competes against computer-controlled teams. The further you advance, the more difficult your opponent will be. The player gets rewarded after winning a match.

PvP Friendly Match: This is a casual type of match where users go against other online players or the game’s AI. These can be played as a 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5. The match’s winner will be rewarded.

PvP Head-to-Head: This game mode is season-based and is divided into different levels depending on the user’s level. After the season, teams will be rewarded, rated, promoted, or relegated.

PvP Tournament: Only the best teams compete in these events. Participation in this tournament is by invitation only. There are two types of tournaments: free and paid. The top 3 winners of the free tournaments will be rewarded. The top 3 winners of the paid tournaments will share the pot money in the form of $FBT.

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Player Requirements

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First, users need to buy $FBL, and at least 4 players. Furthermore, players must stake $FBL to participate in the game.

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Governance Token: $FBL

Total Supply: 100,000,000

$FBL is mainly used for stake to play, and to participate in some events. Another $FBL use is to breed new players and stake to mint NFT characters in the marketplace.

Users also have the possibility to stake $FBL to earn $FBT tokens.

In-game currency: $FBT

Total Supply: Unlimited

It can be obtained through the gameplay and by staking $FBL. This token is used for in-game activities and to breed new players.

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Players can earn $FBL tokens and other rewards (such as training packs, etc.) by winning matches against both the game’s AI in the Saga Mode and other online players. Users can trade their NFT players in the marketplace for $USDT in return.

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analyst opinion

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“Football Battle allows players to play a strategy game of soccer, which happens to be the most popular sport in the world. This would probably give this project an advantage against other sports games. It brings people together in the form of tournaments or just for friendly matches.

However, there is no room for casual players since the user must invest to play. I would say that you have to know that you love the game before playing it, so that you are 100% sure this is where you want to invest your money. Also, I get that they went for pixelated art and that could potentially create some sort of nostalgia for players, and that would lure them into the game, but I personally think that we are looking for better looking graphics when it comes to sports games.

Overall, it looks like a good project with good earning possibilities, game modes, and NFTs for those willing to invest and be consistent in the game. If not, I would suggest finding another game that can better accommodate to your pockets.”

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Diego Kebork

Diego Kebork

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