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Gala Games

Published: 2 Jun 2022

Gala Games – a big fish in the pond of NFT games. Don’t miss out on their projects!

Official Trailer

Basic information

Gala Games is one of the largest game development studios focusing on NFT games. Its motto is that games should be fun and the use of blockchain almost invisible. Players get to truly own what they win, i.e., when you win a sword on the Gala Games Platform, it is yours and you can trade it. The goal of Gala Games is to lead the gaming industry in a different direction by handing the power over the game to the players, who can own NFTs and influence game management within the Gala Games ecosystem. Using the “Founding Nodes” mechanism, players can have a say in what games the studio should develop and what games should be funded.

Gala Games is unique in that it offers blockchain games of various categories so that everyone can find a game that’s fun and entertaining for them. The goal is to create its own Metaverse that will connect all these games. The studio has released one game so far – Town Star, and an NFT collection called VOX.

VOX is a collection of Gala Games collectible NFT avatars. Each avatar is unique and somehow rare. Avatar holders can lock the GALA token and earn VOXcoin by playing games with their avatars.

Gala nodes

Users can operate Gala nodes that support the Gala network. As a reward, they receive a GALA token, limited NFTs and other opportunities. The ecosystem consists of a triple-verified node system – Proof-of-Work (PoW), Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Storage.

Simply put – a node is a software that runs on a user’s computer and helps protect the entire studio’s ecosystem. You get a reward for operating the node, which is essentially cryptocurrency mining. In addition, node operators can vote on the fate of the entire ecosystem, e.g., by changing the amount of rewards in games.

Source: app.gala.games/about

Town Star

Town Star is a competitive farming game created by the founder of Zynga company, the creator of Farmville.

In the game players select a territory and build a farm, grow and sell crops, build more buildings and cultivate the land. Every day, players meet the Play-2-Earn challenges to win TownCoin, and every week the best players win the leaderboard prizes. The goal is to expand and become the most efficient and productive city.

Some items in the game are available to anyone and can be purchased for in-game currency, other items are NFTs and have a real-world value.

In order to earn rewards, players must use NFTs in the city they are building.

The game is available both on mobile devices and for PCs. Each week, prizes worth $ 10,000 await the best players. There are already 700,000 unique cities in the game.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk/tech/16964210/town-star-guide-how-to-earn-gala-coin/

Other games that are being developed include:

  • Fortified is a PvP (Player versus Player) tower defense game set in the Medieval period. In game, players will be able to compete with one another to build the best tower defense strategies.
  • Mirandus is an RPG game set in a huge world ruled by 5 player-driven monarchies. Players will be able to own gaming assets and claim parts of the game world.
  • Echoes of Empire is a sci-fi strategy game set in a galaxy at war. Players will be able to own their spaceships and control parts of the galaxy.
  • MOBA Spider Tank Project is a game allowing players to choose a spider tank to fight against other players.

As a way to build a good relationship with the players, members of the Discord community have the opportunity to test and evaluate new games.


GALA token = the main token of the project, running on the ETH network.

It can be obtained in two ways:
1) By playing games

2) By operating nodes (essentially mining)

GALA on CoinMarketCap

Price as of 14 March 2022 – 0.2155 USD

The maximum total supply will be 35 billion GALA tokens. Currently there are about 7 billion tokens in circulation.

17,123,286 of GALA is being distributed daily. This amount will be halved each year.

GALA is a useful token used to acquire items in the game.

The token can be purchased on Binance, CoinBase, crypto.com, Okex, Kucoin, gate.io and Uniswap.

Source: www.coinmarketcap.com/cs/currencies/gala/


Gala Games was founded by Eric Schiermeyer, the founder of Zynga company developing mobile games. Under his leadership, Zynga has released games such as Poker, Mafia Wars and Farmville.

Gala Games was founded in 2019 with the goal to create blockchain games and to give players more ownership over them.

Since its foundation, Gala Games has grown to 1.3 million monthly active players. 26,000 NFTs have been sold, with the most expensive piece being sold for $ 3 million.

There are over 90 developers on the team.

Analyst opinion

“The idea of Gala Games is rather interesting, to say the least; the project targets a wide range of players who can choose a game according to their liking, as well as investors who can basically mine their token.

The project is directly linked with another game studio, Zynga, which created the very successful Farmville farm game. Both projects have the same founder. The team has over 90 developers.

It seems that the project vision is successfully coming true, as there are over 1.3 million active players and over 26,000 NFTs have been sold, with the most expensive NFT being sold for $ 3 million.
The game continues to be transparent and maintains a good relationship with the community, which is always a plus.

For investors, the total token supply of 35 billion units could be alarming as it is a really high amount that could keep the price from growing.”

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