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Galactic Arena: The NFTverse

Published: 13 November 2022 

The game looks to integrate NFT characters into one universe. Players can level up their characters, duel other player’s characters, and get in-game rewards for it.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Typically, players from different games invest money and cryptocurrency into particular NFT assets, but cannot get value from them outside of its ecosystem.

The Galactic Arena project aims to solve this problem by allowing these NFTs to connect to the game and join the Arena. By bringing those NFTs into this NFTverse, the game allows them to get some of their value back and remain a revenue-generating asset for their owners. This project plans to add up to 25 different games into the ecosystem to give a multitude of players the chance to utilize their NFTs, or simply generate more revenue. At this moment, this game has integrated NFT characters from 2 other games: Polkamonster and Cryptozoon.

Road Map

Q3 – 2021:

Founded GAN team.

Design Website.

Design dApp.

Introduce gameplay.

Open seed round.

Q4 – 2021:

Launch Website.

Open Private Sale.

Audit Smart Contract. $GAN IDO.

Game Phase 1 Launch.

CMC – CK Listing.

Q1 – 2022:

Add 5+ Games to the Ecosystem.

List on CEXs (Centralized Exchanges).

Approve NFTs for Staking.

Q2 – 2022:

Add 15+ games to our Ecosystem.

New In-Game Feature: Boss battles, earn BNB.

New In-Game Feature: Multi-Hero Battle.

Q3 – 2022:

Add 20+ games to our Ecosystem.

New Gameplay Mode: MOBA.

New In-Game Feature: Co-owner NFT Estate.

Q4 – 2022:

To be announced

About the game

Players will need to get an NFT character to play the game. There are currently only two game modes:

PvE: The Carnival allows players to spin the wheel for a chance to win rewards (like $GAN and experience for leveling up) and in-game items. As players grow their character’s experience and level, their rewards will get multiplied. As for the Syphon box, this is a mystery cube that gives the player the opportunity to win a pre-upgraded hero. It is considered a rare reward that players can obtain in The Carnival.

PvP: The Cage is a real-time matchmaking system where characters face each other in short battles. It requires two different players with their respective characters. The players bet on each other and whoever wins the fight gets the full reward (generally a substantial $GAN pool). The higher the Level and Rank, the higher the win rate, but the reward is reduced appropriately in order to keep things fair for lower-level characters.

The player is incentivized to continuously play PvE by spinning the wheel for daily Exp and $GAN rewards, which will encourage them to enter The Cage and battle other players.

The top 10 players with the most wins will be on the Leaderboard with the possibility of earning $BNB and getting mentioned on the game’s official social media channels.

Player requirements

To start playing the game, a user needs an online wallet to connect with their gaming profile. An initial $GAN purchase is required to get a Native character (this means you need a cryptocurrency wallet) to start playing any of the game modes. Each Native character costs 3,000 $GAN  and this kind of character does not have to hold the minimum amount of $GAN required to participate. If you want to play with a Visiting NFT character from another game, it is required that the player holds a minimum of 2,500 $GAN  per NFT character, to enter The Carnival (PvE). The minimum holding time is 24 hours. Once the migrated Visiting heroes reach Rank 2, they can earn $GAN in The Carnival by spinning the wheel. Also, visiting characters must hold 2,500 $GAN in their wallet to battle others in The Cage.


The $GAN is the native currency in the Galactic Arena ecosystem, the max supply of GAN is 1,000,000,000 tokens. tokens. Players can utilize $GAN to buy in-game items like Syphon Cubes, characters, extra spins, upgrades and participating in battles.

Tokens will primarily be distributed as rewards for contributing to the game through the game modes, for topping the leaderboard, or for winning tournaments. The fees are 5% for selling and 2% for buying.

Although the project plans to have $GAN Staking, there are currently no Staking programs for getting extra $GAN in this project.


You can earn $GAN by spinning the wheel (The Carnival) and playing PvP mode in The Cage. Eventually, you will also be able to stake $GAN to earn bonus $GAN.


Analyst opinion

“Galactic Arena: The NTFverse sets a precedent on the multiverse idea of integrating different NFT characters into one platform. This concept is what makes Blockchain technology and NFT gaming both revolutionary and appealing to possible customers and investors. The game, however, does not manage to live up to its promises, as only two other games have been integrated into the Galactic Arena platform since December of 2021.

The gambling-based system and the limited game modes this project offers will make a good portion of users indifferent to the goals and vision this game supposedly has, since the PvP system offers little to no interaction between the players and the fights themselves. As of today, the project hasn´t been able to formally present the Team that supports and develops it. It would not make much sense to invest in this project at this time.”

Rubén Hernández

Rubén Hernández

Published: 13 November 2022 

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