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Gate of Abyss
Jun 4, 2024

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Ambitious vision
  • Good marketing
  • Free-To-Play

  • No real Road Map
  • Very little information about the developer team
  • High risk on land investment
  • Redundant/repetitive whitepaper

Taking inspiration from Pokémon Go’s success, Gate of Abyss presents an augmented reality MMORPG experience, taking place on the real planet Earth, but with the added opportunity to own virtual land, and construct buildings and shops there.

Official Trailer


Jan 12 – 2023

  • Land sale starts

Q1 – 2023

  • Game launch

Q2 – 2023

  • Land plot integration (owners will be able to receive income from this date on)

About the game

Player Requirements

The game will be free on the Play Store and Apple Store after its release. There will be no investment required.



Utility token, which can be used to buy high-end items, construct buildings, upgrade gear and breed.


In-game token, which can be used for purchasing items, upgrading gears, and constructing buildings.


Government token, with a total supply of 100,000,000,000, which can be used for voting in the DAO and staking.


Landowners will get $GIN with every transaction made in the buildings on that land, while building owners also get income on those transactions.

$GIN can be earned as well by completing quests and killing monsters in game, or through staking of TipsyCoin. Players can earn $TipsyCoin as well through soft staking (just holding the token).

Defeating monsters to close portals will give loot to all the players who participated in the fight, according to how much damage they dealt, the type of monster, and its difficulty level. This loot might be gold, non-NFT items like gear, or even $GIN.




Gate of Abyss is being developed by The Tipsy Company, which has a team of over 90 people across the globe.

The team working on Gate of Abyss has a combined experience of decades in the mobile gaming industry, including developing Minion Rush, Demon Hunter and Asphalt back in their days at Gameloft.

Tipsy Company’s advisory panel includes the co-founder of a billion dollar medical software company, the global head of digital assets for a Fortune 500 bank, and the co-founder of the first AAA blockchain based game to gain backing from Binance, and Animoca.

These individuals have experience in gaming (and blockchain gaming), banking, business processes, data protection & privacy, digital transformation, media & publishing, communication & strategy, and education.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“I was pleasantly surprised with the first impression I got from the Gate of Abyss website: a modern and appealing design with simple explanations, and a short but compelling trailer for the game. However, since the project has not shown any gameplay demos yet, it was hard to overlook the fact that I couldn’t find much information about the developing team, the tokenomics, or the Road Map.

This project is by no means a bad idea, but since it is so ambitious, the team should put more focus on the core gameplay and offer more information about themselves to look more credible. Right now, an investment in this project would be extremely risky, since the prices are high even at this early sale stage, and the long-term specific milestones and sustainability models are totally uncertain.”

The game is about protecting our world from interdimensional creatures that spawn via portals throughout the globe, and users can do so by creating their own characters of a certain class, then moving out and finding these portals via the game app, with their GPS turned on.

Players will try to improve their characters’ combat abilities with skill orbs, gear, weapons and consumables. They will have the chance to fight alone or in groups in order to defeat a common enemy, and receive rewards as loot if they manage to kill the monster(s) in time.

These monsters, known as “Reapers,” have their own set of strengths and weaknesses that players need to take into consideration in order to successfully defeat them. Once players engage with a portal, a monster will spawn to defend it, and they will have 24 hours to kill it. If they can’t do it before this period, the monster’s health will be reset and they will have to try again from the start.

There will also be a PvP mode, where players will have the chance to prove who is the best fighter.

The Gate of Abyss world is mapped on top of the real world via virtual and augmented reality features, meaning players will get to explore and face dangers that they can see on their smartphones but only as they move in reality, utilizing their GPS.

Interacting with the environment is key to both individual character progression and community cooperation in the game. Players will trade items through shops, get weapon upgrades from blacksmiths, buy consumables from chemists, and more. There will also be social gathering buildings like pubs, town halls, and outposts.

Each building will be NPC-operated, and located on specific land plots that users will be able to buy. Each time a transaction takes place on that terrain, the respective landowner will be rewarded with a small percentage of that transaction as $GIN. Buying several plots of land and merging them into an NFT is also a possibility, encouraging strategic investment in specific real-life gathering points, like an events venue in New York, or a park in Tokyo.

Owning a land plot will grant users the ability to earn fiat currency through virtual real estate in the form of land NFTs that they can sell or hold to earn passive income. Owning virtual land also will give access to future expansions.