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Published: 14 June 2022

Genopets is the first mobile Move-2-Earn game that encourages a more active lifestyle. Physical activity in the real world is translated into rewards in the game world.

Showcase of the game

Basic information

Genopets is a Move-2-Earn game, meaning a game in which you can earn money by moving. It is based on the BSC and Solana blockchain. The Free-2-Play system ensures that no entry fee is required to start the game. The game will also be available for mobile phones.

Obrázek souboje ze hry Genopets
Obrázek Momo ze hry Genopets
Obrázek příšer ze hry Genopets

Source: https://www.genopets.me/game

Road Map

PHASE 1 – Gaining XP for walking.

PHASE 2 – Selling NFTs in the marketplace, GENE staking.

PHASE 3 – Open world, earning through items.

PHASE 4 – PvP, PvE, custom quests.

About the game

The core aim of the game is to collect Genopets, which allow the player to earn money. Genopets live in a metaverse where you can explore their world, create weapons or collect various items. The Genopets’ dwellings, called Habitats, look like burrows or elf houses. Habitats are NFTs and can therefore be sold freely. They also generate crystals and tokens that increase the level of Genopets. The better the Genopets, the higher their value.

The attributes of Genopets are: skill, speed, strength and number of hit points.

Move-2-Earn – Data from the Fitbit or Strava apps is synced with the Genopets account, allowing for pet upgrades. In addition, players also earn XP (in-game points) for movement.


Gene token -governance and staking token

KI token – reward token

XP – points used to upgrade Genopets

Gene crystals – NFTs made from GENE and KI that can also upgrade Genopets

On the main page of the game you will find a “Play now” button through which you can create your Genopet. There are various items in the game: eggs, elixirs, soil.

Obrázet Habitatů ze hry Genopets

Source: https://docsend.com/view/b9bqd2j78nekzdgr

Player requirements

The game is not time-consuming, it is only up to the player whether he devotes a whole day or a few minutes to it. It does not require any initial investment, but during the game it is possible to invest in “necessary” things. For example, eggs, elixirs or land can be bought right now, but we expect that other types of items will be created gradually. There is a KI token for in-game fees, but currently these are paid with SOL, so players need a Phantom wallet. Some of the in-game items can also be purchased on the exchange, and payments there are also made in Solana.


GENE – governance token on the Solana blockchain, as of 31 March 2022, the price was around USD 16.89. The token can be purchased on exchanges such as Bybit and PancakeSwap. Owners of this token get a stake in the DAO and can participate in the development of the game. The token should be able to be staked in the future.

KI – in-game currency on the Solana blockchain, people who have purchased a Habitat will receive it. It will also be used to speed up the development of Genopets or to create in-game items. Staking will not be possible (more information is not yet available).


Albert Chen – Experience of more than 10 years in marketing, owner of several e-commerce businesses, more than 10 years in software development, 4 years focused on blockchain engineering. Winner of the EOS Global Hacktown in 2018.

Benjamin Tse – Product designer with 15+ years in UI/UX, business strategy, SaaS, ecommerce and branding. 6 years in blockchain and crypto assets. Winner of the EOS Global Hackathon in 2018.

Jay Chang – Head of Product Management and Marketing with 10+ years of experience, 4 years in blockchain, 3 years in product marketing – Head of Launch for EOS at Block.one, then joined the Google P&E dev marketing team.

Source: https://www.genopets.me/team

Analyst opinion

“I wasn’t too impressed with the game, it doesn’t even stand out with its graphics. On the other hand, it will certainly appeal to minimalists, it looks clear and has simple controls.

The question is whether motion games make sense nowadays, considering the rise of the metaverse and the move into virtual reality.

I can imagine setting up farms dedicated to improving Genopets for the purpose of increasing their value, but that depends on the game adaptation.”

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