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Gods Unchained

Published: 5 October 2022

Gods Unchained is a Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn digital fantasy card game in which players compete against each other in duels. You can download the game and immediately start playing with the prepared basic card decks.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Gods Unchained requires strategic skill in building card decks that offer a wide variety of gameplay options. It allows players to own and trade digital items using Ethereum blockchain technology. The base currency is the $GODS token. Thanks to the Play-To-Earn economy, participants are rewarded at the end of each duel.

Gods Unchained delivers a competitive and dynamic environment with a strong emphasis on strategy. A solid base of over 450,000 registered players, USD 34,000,000 worth of NFT sold, and an experienced team of creators are pushing this game to the top of the gaming industry.

Gods Unchained will be also available as a mobile app.

Road Map

Q3 2018

  • Introducing Gods Unchained.

Q4 2018

  • 1,000,000 NFT cards sold.

Q1 2020

  • The first Play-To-Earn stage.
  • Gods Unchained reaches 100,000 registered players.

Q1 2021

  • Launch of partnership with Coinbase and Play-To-Earn campaign release.
  • The Trial of the Gods sold out.

Q2 2021

  • The game reaches 200,000 registered players.
  • Game embedded into Immutable X Layer 2, enabling constant trading.

Q3 2021

  • Game reaches 450,000 registered players.

About the game

Gods Unchained contains various card sets:

  1. Basic cards – The player earns these in-game.
  2. Genesis – The first card set that was sold before the game was released is no longer in production and will not change its abilities in the future. If necessary, some of them can be purchased from other players in online markets.
  3. Season 1 – Cards not yet released, but their themes are known. A few beta testers had the chance to try them out.
  4. Paid cards – Valuable cards whose stats and ownership history are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain.

Gods Unchained also features additional collectibles providing special cosmetic benefits and which be displayed in matches against other players. All game operations take place off the blockchain and there are no transaction fees associated with them.

Players can also use the characters of the six gods for their turns. Each of the six gods can use one of their four abilities. In addition, Immutable has long been creating additional fighters for each god to play with, and they will add five additional characters to the game, each with their own ability.

Player requirements

Register on the website and download the game.


Players can use the $GODS token to produce NFT, purchase decks in the Gods Unchained marketplace, and earn even greater rewards by owning tokens in Immutable X. $GODS tokens also provide voting rights that allow players to participate in suggestions for game management and further development. As a $GODS token owner, you can earn in-game and out-of-game rewards. Cards represent tokens that can also be traded in game marketplaces such as tokentrove.com.


Owning $GODS allows staking, which can yield rewards in tokens. This thus serves to expand the Gods Unchained economy, as they represent another possibility for earning in addition to actually playing.

NFT items

Players can spend $GODS tokens to convert game cards into NFT created directly on Immutable X. These cards are then tradable on the Ethereum Layer 2 platform. The player gains full ownership of the digital assets.

Game administration

$GODS tokens will allow players to vote and decide the fate of the game.


Gods Unchained features a Play-To-Earn economy that allows you to generate profit by playing. This economy allows in-game items to be traded for real-world currency. The pillar of the Gods Unchained Play-To-Earn economy is the $GODS token. The main game trading items are NFT cards, which are unlocked in-game. The developers are constantly adding new cards to the game. The game uses Immutable X technology, which enables direct communication between clients.

Of the total 500,000,000 $GODS tokens, 34% are available for Play-To-Earn rewards, depending on:

  1. the player’s weekend position
  2. the daily token reward system
  3. seasonal rewards
  4. tournaments



Chris Clay
– Creative Director (former Director of Magic: The Gathering Arena).

Matt Aldrich
– Head of Art Production (more than 20 years’ experience in creating AAA game titles, experience from the EA and Lucasfilm studios).

Derek Proud
– Producer (a gaming industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, e.g., Harry Potter, Avatar, etc.).

Arash Mahboubi
– Head of Crypto Production (responsible for the crypto ecosystem and blockchain development).


Analyst opinion

“I’m not a digital card games fan. However, I must point out that Gods Unchained will surely be a big attraction for players thanks to its look, tokenomics, and entry into the game without needing to make any investment. A very strong team of experienced developers has created a game worth trying out.”



Published: 5 October 2022

All analyses by Sakkari

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