Golden Bros

Fight with your heroes, defeat your opponents in battle and earn rewards for winning.

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  • Option to play the game for free
  • Graphics
  • No internet connection required


  • Anonymous team
  • Partners and investors
Rating 6.5
4 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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Q1 - 2022


Q2 - 2022

  • Survival Mode Added.

Q3 - 2022

  • Grand Launch.
  • Action Parts (Non-NFT) Added.
  • Collection Cards (NFT) Added.
  • Equipment System Added.
  • Costume Durability Recharge System Added.
  • New Heroes Added.
  • Ranked Battles Added.

Q4 - 2022

  • 2 New Heroes Added.
  • Ranked Battle Cheering Added.
  • New Event Modes Added.

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About the Game

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Golden Bros is a fast-paced PvP Play-2-Earn game in which the player's goal is to defeat opponents in battles using their heroes. There are 9 hero types to choose from. Each is ranked according to their strength, ability to dodge attacks and the role they play within the game.



The  player receives 9 Bros heroes after first joining the game. If playing Free-To-Play, the player does not receive $GBC tokens for winning, but in-game currencies gold and medals. The player can also obtain check-in rewards for daily login and receive N-Class costumes.


Class N costumes

Players with these costumes can earn a small amount of $GBC token.



Used by the player to purchase Bros Genes and other items.



Used to open Camping chests that contain gold, Bros Genes and other items.



Each costume has certain levels. Higher ones offer better effects. They can also take part in more daily battles. The player receives bonuses depending on which of the levels they own.


Costumes also have durability that decreases by 1 for each game played. If it reaches 0, it is no longer usable. It can be recharged and used again.

League battle

Players fight in teams of 3 vs. 3 and their task is to win in a 3-minute battle. Winning battles earns players points, which allow them to advance in the rankings. The league consists of iron, bronze, silver, gold and diamond tiers. Based on the points earned, the player progresses from the basic iron tier all the way to the diamond tier. The league runs in different seasons, offering different points and rewards each time.  


Survival battle mode

The survival mode is played by 10 players. The last player standing wins the battle. During the game, the battlefield begins to fill with poison gas which gradually shrinks the battlefield. Rewards are divided among the top 7 players. Wins or losses in this mode do not affect a player's league score.


Daily Mode

A mode accessible once a day with no entry requirements. The player's task is to eliminate zombies and defeat bosses. The player is rewarded with gold.


Story event

In order to participate, the player needs to buy a ticket. Their task is to clear 3 maps. For clearing each of them, they get XP and in-game rewards.

Mission event

The player can earn rewards and points for completing missions. Missions are opened every day and the player can complete them at any time after they open.

Bros pass

With Bros pass, the player can complete missions, level up in the current league season and earn rewards. The bros pass can be purchased for a fee. Once the player completes a certain number of missions and increases their level, they are eligible to collect rewards.

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Player Requirements

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If you want to play the game on your computer, you must first download the Cube app and then Golden Bros. To log in, you must download the app to your phone and register (you can use your Google account). You will then log into the downloaded game.


In case you want to trade NFTs or make deposits in the game, you need to link your account to your wallet. You can create a new wallet through the Cube Wallet app. If you are using a Binance wallet, you will need to "migrate" your NFT. Instructions can be found here.


Compatible wallets:

  • Cube Wallet.
  • MetaMask.
  • BitKeep.
  • WalletConnect.
  • Coinbase Wallet.
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The $GBC Token

This is the main in-game currency of Golden Bros. The GBC token can be exchanged for an $Item cube. It can also be exchanged or used in the NFT store.

Total supply: 1 000 000 000 $BGC


Token Use:

  • Selling and buying Golden Bros. items.
  • Upgrading heroes leading to higher rewards.
  • Increasing game performance and gameplay.
  • Purchasing Bros pass and Golden pass.


The player can withdraw tokens earned from the game at any time during the day. This can only be done once every 2 days and the daily limit is 1500 $GBC. If the player does not want to withdraw the tokens, he or she can invest them in their heroes. This way they will get higher rewards.



Maximum supply of NFT costumes: 300,000 pieces.

Costumes will be issued based on token value and the size of the player base.


The $ITEM CUBE Token

This is required for trading on the secondary marketplace. It can be obtained by exchanging $GBC tokens. A fee of 0.5% of the transaction amount will be charged. This fee will be returned to the game ecosystem and paid out as a reward for placements etc.


When trading NFTs between Cube users, players will be charged a fee of 7% of the price.


Usage of the fee:

Ecosystem return - 71.43%.

Game operation - 14.29%.

Game development and maintenance - 14.29%.

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There are several ways to make money in the game. In the Free-To-Play version, players can fight 9 heroes and earn rewards and gold.


If the player wants to earn more tokens, he or she must invest in a costume. The amount of $GBC tokens earned depends on three factors:

  • Costume level.
  • League tier.
  • Battle wins.


If a player loses a battle, he or she will receive 1 $GBC regardless of their tier and costume level.


Streamers and Influencers

If streamers and influencers showcase the game to other potential players, the Golden Bros team will support them with benefits. In order to receive these rewards, a player must be one of the highest rated.

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If you meet the following requirements, you can become a project partner.

Requirements for partners:

  • Have your own channel (YouTube, Twitch, other social networks).
  • At least 5,000 subscribers on YouTube or other social networks. 5,000 followers on more than 5,000 social networks, 2,000 followers on Twitch.

Partner activities:

  • Uploading videos, live streaming.
  • Guided video production, streaming for users.


Currently the game has two main partners:

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There are two main teams  behind the Golden Bros project:

Golden Bros Game Studio

One of the most successful development teams within Netmarble F&C that has been developing the game for the past two years. The team has used the Unreal Engine to produce high quality graphics for the game.

The team's main goal is to create a P2E game that is fun and has a sustainable NFT and token economy.

Cube blockchain team

The team provides the P2E infrastructure – from the marketplace to DeFi services. Its main goal is to provide the smoothest NFT trading and token usage experience possible. The team is also dedicated to protecting players from attacks or unusual activities.

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analyst opinion

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"You can already play this very well made mobile game. It's available on PC, Android, and iOS. I personally tried it out on a PC by following the website's instructions. I installed Golden Bros. on the Cube, loaded it up, and began playing. I had to sign up for the game and confirm my authentication email before I could play. A brief tutorial greeted me after logging in, but since the game is primarily for mobile devices, it's not quite designed for PC control. I quickly understood the features and controls because the tutorial is so simple and clear. On a PC, WASD is used for game control, and clicking the mouse is only required to trigger active abilities; otherwise, the so-called "autoattack" is fully automatic, eliminating the need for frantic clicking. Overall, I have a positive impression of the game because it has excellent graphics for a mobile game and gives players a variety of game options. The game has a reliable and strong community, especially on Discord, where players and the team are constantly interacting."

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Šárka Mokrá

Šárka Mokrá

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