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Published: 27 October 2022

Gunstar is a Play-To-Earn, turn-based strategy game built on the BSC platform, which features a PvE campaign, PvP battles, and NFT Pets.

Official Trailer

Basic information

Gunstar is a NFT strategy game, in which the player owns a pet (or several pets) to fight against the game’s AI or other players in various game modes. The player has the freedom to choose between a PvE Campaign or a PvP, where both game modes can be played as a single player or multiplayer.

The game focuses on growing and developing your NFT pet and your skills. Each pet has unique characteristics and skills that you have to master in order to win battles. There are a total of 23 different pets with different rarity levels: Ascend, Legendary, Mythic, Elite, Rare, and Normal.

The player can win in-game tokens by participating in in-game activities. These tokens can be used to buy in-game items, level up your pet, buy stamina, among other things such as buying the off-game token. This token is used for staking, buying/selling pets in the marketplace, and more.

Road Map

Q1 2022:

Release DApp.

– Marketplace

– NFT Sale


Release Gunstar 1.0 – Mainne.

Release Gunstar 1.1

Raid Boss events.

Game content updates.

Q2 2022:

Release 1.2 and 1.3.

Game content updates.

PvP and Leaderboard.

Chat System.

Pet Renting System.

Metaverse development.

Q3 2022:

Release big update 2.0.

Game content updates.

Metaverse (House NFT item).

Scholarship Development.

iOS and Android Support.

Q4 2022:

Release Update 2.1.

Game content updates.

– Cosmetic NFT items.

– Private chain development.

Q1 2023:

Soon …

About the game

Gunstar is a turn-based strategy game with a focus on developing your NFT pet. The game consists of battles against the game’s AI or other players in the game, depending on the game mode the player chooses. The game lets you own several NFT pets that can be developed and leveled up as you keep improving and moving forward within the game. 

There are 4 game modes:

Campaign: Single PvE.

Raid Boss: Single/Co-op PvE.

Arena – Solo: Single PvP.

Arena – Team: co-op PvP.

The Campaign Single PvE is simply a storyline in which the player explores StarWorld (the game’s metaverse) and fights the enemy to get rewards, new worlds and pets.

Raid Boss are time-limited events that are only available for a period of time. The player can decide whether or not to join forces with friends or to go alone into battle. By doing this, the player can get Pet Fragments as a reward.

Arena – Solo is a PvP battle, the main goal is to beat your opponent and climb up the leaderboard ladder. Each player is allowed to bring 2 pets to battle.

Arena – Team is a PvP battle that consists of 2 teams of 4 players each. In this game mode, the player is only allowed to bring 1 pet into battle. 

The NFT Pet System is the main focus of the game. Pets come in different shapes, sizes, skills, rarity, and effects. The player gets a free pet (not NFT, meaning it cannot be traded/sold) at the beginning of the game. However, they can be acquired by buying pet eggs and hatching them, buying the actual pet directly from other players, and earning pet fragments and merging them. 

There are different rarities among pets. They go from Ascend (being the rarest) to Normal (being the least rare). However, they are all pretty much the same when it comes to power. The creators of the game established that this is a game of skill, and not a game to see who can spend the most money. This means that a very skilled player with a Normal pet can easily win a battle against a player who is not very skilled with an Ascend pet

Each pet has 3 unique skills and a passive skill. The player has to choose one attack per turn to strike their opponent. The passive skill is the pet’s effects on the battle, for example increasing attack power by 30 %. 

Pets can be leveled up by using a $GSC token and cannot exceed the player’s level. 

Players can earn Pet Fragments, which are pieces of pet souls. They can be used to create new pets by merging their own pet with these fragments. As of now, the way to acquire pet fragments is by opening fragments packs, which can be earned during Raid Boss battles and Leaderboards. If the player does not want to merge it into a new pet, they can use it to upgrade their current pet as well.

Player requirements

First of all, the player needs to have a wallet to link to the game. After signing into the game for the first time, the game will ask you to link it. If you do not have a wallet, you cannot get into the game. 

Gunstar is actually a Free-To-Play game, yet it has its twist. The player does not need to pay or invest any money if he just wants to have fun and earn some in-game tokens. This player will only have one pet, which the game provides to everyone and will not have the possibility to earn a new one. However, if the player wants to get more competitive, he can buy eggs (to be hatched) or pets from the Gunstar Marketplace.

In order to earn money, the player needs to hold at least 2 NFT pets for 7 days. This will give the user the ability to withdraw tokens from the game.


Token: $GST

Total supply: 400,000,000

Players also have the possibility to stake their coins. Depending on the days the player locks their $GST, they can get an APY of 10 % – 20 %.

In-game token: $GSC

It has an unlimited supply. This token is mostly used for in-game activities. For example, players can buy stamina which will allow them to play after they run out of it. Also, $GSC will be used to pay for house rental (under development), transportation, and a fortune wheel.


Players need to own 2 pets for 7 days in order to earn the right to withdraw tokens. There are a few ways to make money in Gunstar. 

The player can earn $GST by participating in PvP modes and getting ranked in the leaderboard. Also, the user can trade pets in the marketplace. In the future, players will require to pay rent or own a home. If a player owns a home, he can earn money by renting it out to other players. 

Furthermore, players can earn $GSC by playing Campaign, Boss Raids, and Arena and Leaderboard rewards.

Partners and investors




Analyst opinion

“In my opinion, this game looks good. Even though it is Free-To-Play, the pet they give for free at the beginning is not as good as it could be. Therefore, you would not be able to perform well in the high levels of the game or against other players with better pets. You would have to invest to get an egg or a pet if you want to be in a competitive level among the rest. Other than that, the game offers  several game modes depending on the type of player that you are or what you like. 

The creators made sure to make the game playable and winnable for small and big spenders alike, since the rarity of your pet does not mean that it is stronger or better. It is actually a game that focuses on the player’s skill and game analysis. 

To conclude, it is a good game and project, promised to keep improving and developing to make it better and have a better ecosystem. We should definitely keep an eye on it.”

Diego Kebork

Diego Kebork

Publikováno: 27 October 2022

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