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H-Hedz Sharksquad

Published: 28 October 2022

A collection of hybrid hammerhead shark-human NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by X1-Digital.

Official Trailer

Basic information

H-Hedz Sharksquad team’s mission is to create a NFT Play-To-Earn game that solves the sustainability issues other Play-To-Earn games are facing.

NFT projects with a P2E feature regularly experience economic collapse when game players withdraw their rewards in large quantities and not enough newcomers enter the game to create new revenue.

H-Hedz Sharksquad created  a mathematical solver software as a solution to sustain a  long-term game economy that is balanced and profitable

The H-Hedz are hammerhead shark-human hybrids from Terakuwa, a progressive planet of freethinkers and innovators.

The hero’s mission is to save their world from the impending threat – Terakuwa’s rare mineral is slowly burning up as time passes.

They have to go on a quest to find a replacement or a substitute to power the core, otherwise the natural cycle of Terakuwa’s ecosystem will break.

H-Hedz Sharksquad team will involve the community in the game development process. H-Hedz Sharksquad NFT holders will be able to vote for their preferred features of game design and mechanics, and may suggest further improvements.

Road Map

  1. Genesis drop

Release of 8,999 Premium 3D Avatars. These are the strongest avatars from the Terakuwa civilization.

  1. Hold-2-Earn

NFT holders will start to earn H-Hedz Coins daily while awaiting the game’s release. Coins can be used to buy legendary items in the Play-To-Earn game..

  1. Community-Drive

This is a community-driven game development process; we will create a game that  will be loved. The community will be involved in the game development process. The game design and mechanics will be proposed by the core team then holders can voice out which core features they prefer.

  1. Whitepaper

Release of Tokenomics, whitepaper and governance. This contains the projyect’s details of the long-term financial sustainability plan. We want to build a digital ecosystem that will provide long-term value to the players

  1. Beta Phase (Mobile)

The release of the beta phase is exclusive for NFT holders. They will be given an early advantage to build and play before it goes public. In this stage, community feedback will be used for making further improvements.

  1. Robust Marketing

This includes robust marketing activities, PR campaigns and partnerships with game influencers. This will take place six to eight weeks before the launching of the game to the public.

  1. Public Release

The public release of the Play-To-Earn game will allow players to enjoy the game co-created by the developers and the community. We want each member to feel proud of this project. Scholarship, marketplace and other core features will be released.

About the game

The H-Hedz are a group of young, edgy Terakuwans- smart professionals by day, musicians by night- each possessing its own quirks, talents, and tastes.

Trillions of species of plants and animals live in harmony in Terakuwa, but  imminent destruction is near, if the H-Hedz do not do anything to prevent it.

They have to search for an alternative power source for the planet’s ecosystem, which is three times as copious and sophisticated as that of Earth.

The player chooses between the four characters, Apex, Swift, Faze or Snap and begins their quest to search for the substitute material.

Every character can be played and switched according to the challenges faced.

Each level-challenge has to be completed, in order to gain points en-route unlocking a new path leading closer to the objective.



Utility token on ERC20.

Total supply 10,000,000.


Can be used in-game to buy legendary and ultra-legendary items, such as clothes and collectibles.

Staking is currently only available for the Terakuwa Pass NFTs.

Currently, you can stake your Terakuwa Pass on Discord to earn $TRK.

It is planned to implement a website staking in the future, as well as $TRK staking.


Members currently can stake their Terakuwa Pass NFT on Discord to earn $TRK.

By staking on Discord you earn 3.5 % from the average H-Hedz sales on OpenSsea, withdrawable every 30 days upon the first day of staking.

In the future, the website staking will allow the following ways to earn:

  • Stake your Terakuwa Pass NFT, giving you a percentage depending on your staked NFT rarity:

o Legendary 3.1-5 %.

o Rare 1-3 %.

o Common 0,1-0,9 %.

  • $TRK staking.
  • Playing the game and earn $TRK as in-game rewards.



Analyst opinion

“It is commonly known that current P2E games are not sustainable in the long-term. An infamous example is Axie Infinity.

The team behind H-Hedz Sharksquad is very diverse, with over 15 years of vast experience in entrepreneurship, digital design and branding, which gives me the impression that they indeed might have come up with a solution for a long-term game economy sustainability.

The community-driven game development process is very interesting. The community will be involved to a further degree, by giving them the possibility to vote for game design,mechanic features and suggest improvements.

As the project was just recently created, the token is not yet released and the TGE is yet to be defined.

What concerns me a little bit is the token price in the pre-rounds.

Private Sale will be 0.80 USDT per TRK and Presale 1 USDT per TRK. Therefore, the TGE price will be higher than 1 USDT.

Other game projects who launched their token in the past at 1 USDT or higher, such as GalaxyBlitz for instance, faced a little resistance of getting their pools filled at their launch. Many people face a mental barrier when purchasing a token at TGE higher $1.

H-Hedz is planning to be listed as well on CEX, such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi Prime, Kucoin, Gate.io and Polkastarter. If they manage to get listed on these major exchanges, it will be definitively advantageous for the players/investors.

Although the project is still in its very early phase and information on the exact gameplay is scarce, the team’s vision is clear and defined. If they manage to achieve what they aim, the project might be very successful. It is doubtlessly worth to keep an eye on it.”



Published: 28 October 2022

All analyses by Lara

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