Hash Rush

Players in Hush Rush try to develop and manage their small mining colony, face monsters and trade valuable items and resources. Hash Rush is being developed by the game studio VZ Games, for Windows PC. The game’s running on Vorto Network.

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  • Very active team
  • Alpha gameplay released
  • Intuitive controls of the game
  • Low graphics requirements


  • Small community
  • Marketing

Rating 3
2 - Project Potential
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Official Trailer

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Basic Information

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Road Map

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September 2021

  • Hash Rush “Redesigned” proof of concept launched
  • Launch of first Heroes: Farion (Tank), Carax (DPS), Melighar (Mage-DPS)

May 2022 - Playtest 1

  • Core RTS Gameplay
  • Basic Crafting System
  • First Planet with Forest Biome
  • Heavily Improved Graphics and UI
  • Three new heroes added, Sarnack (in-game crafted), Arhan (DPS), and Velkir (Support).

August 2022 - Playtest 2

  • New game mode – Dungeons
  • New planet with 2 new biomes “Plains and Thunderlands”
  • Fae biome added to Forest planet
  • Initial crafting system added to the game
  • New hero crafting system – Hero Tokens
  • New heroes added to the crafting pool
  • Special hero “Voltero” put on sale. (Winning entry of the Design Hero event”)
  • Further optimized performance
  • Improved balancing for the heroes & equipment

Q1 - 2023

  • Wise sound plug-in added
  • Music for the main menu composed
  • Sounds for hitting/punches and for 3 skills composed
  • Description for the CVore Loop completed
  • UX HUD amended
  • UI HUD designed
  • Music for the fights/battles composed
  • Sounds for the menu prepared
  • 3D Model optimised
  • Story for the lore of the game developed
  • Resource assets designed

Q2 - 2023

  • New UI implemented
  • New sounds /FX implemented
  • Voice-acting/sounding of all the remaining effects/FX on the map and the characters
  • Part of the quest story added
  • Testing the main core loop
  • Storytelling for quests, crafting and upgrading players added
  • All servers and database to hosting
  • Functioning build us in place
  • Initial game testing completed
  • Fixing major bugs, etc.
  • Onboarding/tutorial developed (Light version)
  • Testing and polishing of the game so it is early access ready
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About the Game

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Hash Rush is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game set in the Hermian galaxy.

Hash Rush is divided into three different game modes: Standard, Dungeon and Boss Assault.


The Standard game mode requires the player to cleanse a corrupted planet from the Crystal Scourge. The planet itself is split into multiple zones. This mode is the only one where players can acquire (via gameplay) special crafting materials.


Dungeon is an upcoming game mode currently planned for the second playtest of the game (June 2022) and plays a vital role in the game’s crafting system. Dungeons differ from Standard Mode as you cannot build any buildings or train additional units. However, players are given points to spend on heroes. Dungeons are the main source of recipes for crafting.

Boss Assault

Boss Assault mode is designed to be a quick gameplay mode. When a player enters this mode, they must select which heroes to take into the match, (heroes are optional, but recommended) and are then given a pre-made base. The player will have a few minutes to train a defensive force, and prepare for the enemy.

Here players can also get the items needed to unlock and upgrade heroes’ skills or add experience to heroes.

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Player Requirements

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The usefulness of the token has varied over time.

The total supply is 10,000,000 RUSH. The game will have its own store that will only accept RUSH. Token holders will be able to vote on specific game features and changes.

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analyst opinion

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“After watching the latest gameplay videos released, I like the game. I think that the controls and overall gameplay will be pretty intuitive and even a player who has never played an RTS (Real-time strategy) will understand the principles of the game very quickly. The impression that the model of the main character left on me is that the authors were inspired by League of Legends, more precisely by its look in 2011, when their ‘minions’ looked very similar. Next, I would comment on the graphic design: ‘it doesn’t impress, but it won’t offend either’. I give the Near network a thumbs up; it is a fast and powerful network with very low fees. The team is unknown. Rush token is described in a chaotic way and the information lacks how and where it was created. There is no direct link to the whitepaper on the website, the link is only available on Discord.”

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Matyáš Kopčák

Matyáš Kopčák

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