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Jun 19, 2023

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A combat game in which players own NFT cards of their heroes and take on adventurous quests and fights for rewards.

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Q4 2020

  • Core Product
  • Feasibility Research
  • Core Team Building

Q1 2021

  • Collateral Assets (HashrateRigs)
  • Begin Operations in NorthAmerica
  • The first IP (I AM MT) JoinsHashland

Q2 2021

  • V1 Online
  • Start to Test Core FunctionsLike Minting Synthetic Assets, Trading, and Lending

Q3 2021

  • Contract Code Audit
  • Start Play-To-Earn model
  • Begin Beta Testing

Q4 2021

  • First Batch of NFT CardPre-Orders
  • Upgrade, Crafting, Farming andGameFi Available

About the game

Player Requirements

By downloading and installing the Android app, players can enter HashLand's captivating world. The game plans to launch on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. For seamless in-game experiences, players must register and connect their wallet.


At the heart of HashLand lies the HC token, serving as the primary in-game currency. With a total supply of 21,000,000 HC tokens, this digital asset operates on the BEP-20 system, leveraging the Binance Smart Chain for enhanced security and efficiency. Players earn HC tokens primarily by participating in various in-game activities and game modes.

In addition to HC tokens, players can utilize other in-game currencies to optimize their gameplay experience:


  • Facilitates in-game item upgrades
  • Enhances heroes' star ratings
  • Empowers heroes' skills


  • Enables the acquisition of stamina
  • Facilitates item purchases
  • Allows for gold exchange
  • Grants access to valuable in-game props


Players have numerous avenues through which they can amass tokens and other rewards within HashLand:

  • Selling or renting their NFTs
  • Engaging in PvP mode
  • Participating in PvE mode
  • Partaking in Guild Wars mode




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Analytic Opinion

“I liked the game at firstglance, but after a closer look at the website and white paper, Ifound that there wasn't much information. There isn’t anyinformation about the team and the game modes are described toobriefly, but it's an intuitive game, and I think anyone who likes toplay RPGs will pick it up quickly. What surprised me about the gameis that there are characters like Hulkbuster, Winter soldier, thencharacters from World of Warcraft, Pokémon, etc., that are nameddifferently but look almost identical to the originals. The gamedoesn't have particularly good graphics, but it's a mobile game, soplayers can't expect much more. The big plus is the numerouspartnerships and the Free-To-Play version of the game.”


is an immersive combat game that revolutionizes the gaming experience by integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as essential game assets. Players embark on adventurous quests and engage in exhilarating battles to claim extraordinary rewards in this cutting-edge gaming platform.

Central to the game's mechanics are NFT cards representing formidable heroes, each possessing distinctive appearances, traits, and abilities. These character classes are generated randomly, with their attack, speed, health, and defense values varying for each hero. The four primary character classes are:

  • MT (Rider)
  • Gul'dan (Mage)
  • Hunter (Killer)
  • Lady (Paladin)

Upon entering the game, players are granted two free heroes, with additional characters becoming available as they progress. To enhance their heroes' prowess, players can opt for character upgrades through PvE (Player versus Environment) mode or employ the "experience potion." Furthermore, heroes are endowed with unique skill sets randomly generated, encompassing attributes such as attack range, damage inflicted on adversaries, and special damage. As a means of expanding their hero roster, players have the option to purchase heroes from the marketplace or rent them from fellow gamers.

To bolster their heroes' capabilities, players can utilize HC tokens to craft weapons, armor, experience potions, and other items within the in-game lottery. Additionally, heroes can be minted, granting players a comprehensive range of customization options.

Game Modes

Adventure Mode (PvE):

In this mode, players embark on thrilling adventures to unlock new levels, earning coveted HC tokens, rewards, and valuable items by overcoming non-player characters (NPCs). However, each endeavor consumes the hero's stamina, which can be procured from the in-game market.

Player-vs-Player (PvP) Combat Mode:

Within this mode, players engage in fierce battles against each other, vying for HC tokens. As a prerequisite, players assemble a strategic team comprising both defensive and offensive heroes. Tactical choices can encompass heroes of the same class or diverse classes, depending on the player's preferred approach. Climbing the leaderboard becomes the primary objective, as the highest ranks yield substantial HC token rewards.

Guild Wars (GW) Mode:

In this captivating mode, players band together and join guilds to wage war alongside their teammates. The game facilitates 3 versus 3 battles, with rewards distributed based on ranking at the conclusion of each season.