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Hello Coaster
May 18, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • Entertaining game
  • The game has three tokens
  • The game does not have a Free-To-Play version
  • The team is not listed
  • No partners or investors listed
  • Tokens are not listed on exchanges
  • A small community on social media

Build an amusement park, employ staff to maintain the park, and attract many visitors!

Official Trailer



  • Pack sales & auctions


  • Mining phase
  • Players can mine their Hello Coaster NFTs and generate tokens


  • Park phase
  • Following a theme park land sale, players can build their parks! Some of the game mechanics included in Phase 2 are Coaster construction, Staff Employment, and Guest Attendance


  • Morality phase


  • Designer phase
  • The game is now in the first phase

About the game

Player Requirements

To join the game, players must connect their wallets. The game accepts the Wax wallet and the Anchor wallet.


In the first phase of the game, three interdependent tokens are established:

  • $FUN - players can use it to mine NFT Coaster types and layouts
  • $FIX - players can use it to mine NFT staff
  • $VIBE - players can use it to mine NFT guests

In the first phase, these three tokens are mined, and after the first phase is over, the total supply is reduced to match the circulating supply. Players will save the tokens to their game account. Players who wish to withdraw tokens from their account will be charged an 8% fee. Tokens earned in Phase 1 are used to purchase land.


Players can participate in daily and seasonal competitions based on their Park Points. They get rewarded according to their position in the ranking. Depending on their rank, they might earn tokens and NFTs.




Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“In my opinion, the game has great potential. I believe that it will find its fans and regular players in the future. As the game is in the first phase of the Road Map, only information about this phase can be found. More information will be released during the next phases. Nevertheless, I like the idea very much.”

Hello Coaster is a theme park project. All the components that make up the park are dependent on each other. Guests need to be entertained, the staff keeps morale high by keeping guests in good spirits, and roller coasters need to be repaired by employees. The game uses a three-token system. Park owners consume energy and can refill it by combining tokens. The amount of tokens earned depends on the rarity of the NFT.

At the beginning of the game, players have two slots where they can place their NFTs. The number of additional slots players can unlock in the game is unlimited, but players must pay a fee in tokens to unlock a new slot.

Phase 1 focused on mining Coaster NFTs. Phase 2 focuses on a real-time strategy game in which players have to build the best theme park and earn rewards.

Game’s NFTs


Club NFTs have a limited membership, and their owners benefit from the game. Only one club in the game now: Park Lord Coaster Club. Holders’ benefits include:

  • One NFT Coaster Layout that is airdropped monthly
  • VIP access to discounted drops
  • A role in the Coaster Club on Discord

Coaster types

Each theme park has roller coasters, where the first stage of the NFT game is the actual ride on each roller coaster type. NFT Coaster types can be mined for $FUN tokens. In the game’s second phase, players can place that coaster type. In phase 3, they will be able to build it, and in phase 4, they will be able to design the coaster type.

Coaster layout

It represents the roller coaster’s design. Players can acquire these NFTs through the Coaster Club and auctions. NFTs can be mined for the $FUN token. In later stages of the game, NFT holders will have this coaster design unlocked and be allowed to build them. In Phase 4 of the game, players can mine these NFTs from their creations.


In the first phase of the game, guests can be mined using the $VIBE token. Once the mining phase is complete, NFT holders can unlock the ability to sell guests and have them go into the park.


Some of the park’s employees include mechanics, maintenance workers, and cleaners. These NFTs can be mined for $FIX tokens. In later stages of the game, players can employ or even manage their park employees.


Players can purchase Land NFTs to create their park. There are different sizes, types, and attributes in each Land:

  • Small, medium, large, and extra large
  • Access and Aesthetic
  • Lakeside, desert, metro, mountain, and plains

NFT rarity

Common NFTs - Basic park features such as maintenance workers, sniffling children, or wild mouse pads.

Uncommon - Selected park features, such as classic wooden pads, maintenance workers, and academics.

Rare - Signs of a thriving park - hyper steel trays, mechanics, and professional crowds.

Legendary - Gems of the park - giga coasters.

Park lords - Great additions to the park - the park is popular with amateurs and excitement seekers alike.

1 of 1 - The park is unique; there is no other park on the planet as good.

In the game, players will be able to choose one of two paths they want to take:

The Wicked Path - players can apply questionable tactics to achieve high guest traffic. The main opponents are concerned family members, authorities, and the media.

A Noble Journey - players will create a safe, fun park that will attract guests through promotions, unique attractions, and comfortable amenities. Customers are the main adversary, as they won’t stay in the park for long if they are tired.

Players have to maintain in good shape and state the coaster, staff, and guests.

The park can be improved to increase rewards and lower maintenance costs.

Players earn Park Points by maintaining a healthy park and having coasters, staff, and guests in a positive state.

The aesthetic attribute affects the effectiveness of repairing the park. The more aesthetic it is, the easier it is to repair the park.