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May 15, 2023

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Train your heroes, send them into battle and defeat your opponents!

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Q3 - 2021

  • Design Heroes NFT (BEP-721).
  • Develop Hera Marketplace.

Q4 - 2021

  • IDO new token $HERA (Hero Arena Token).
  • NFT Staking.
  • Design Item NFT (BEP-1155).
  • Initial NFT Offering (INO).
  • Release world map and web version.
  • PvE & Dungeon.

Q1 - 2022

  • Mobile version on iOS & Android.
  • Titan’s Realm.

Q2 - 2022

  • PvP & Arena.
  • Item and Pet system (BEP-721).
  • New classes.
  • Guild & Guild Battle.

Q3 - 2022

  • Cross-chain gameplay on Polygon.

About the game

Player Requirements

First of all, the player must have an internet connection to play. Next, they must download the MetaMask wallet from and connect it to the game. In order to play the game, an initial investment is required.


The $HERA token

It is the main currency of the Hero Arena project and the total token supply is 100 000 000 $HERA. If a player owns a $HERA token, they own a portion of the Hero Arena project.

Utility of the token:

  • Exchange trading.
  • Staking of the token in pools.
  • Farming.
  • Purchasing a Hero box on the marketplace.
  • Swapping on the open market.

Hero Arena opens staking and farming pools on the Bunicorn Exchange. In order to participate, a player must pay a 0.5% deposit fee. All players who participate in the $HERA staking and farming pools will receive $HERA tokens as a reward.


Staking pools will be released for players to earn passive income. At the end of each month, pool participants will have the opportunity to win NFT hero fragments via lottery tickets. The longer the staking period, the more experienced heroes the players will gain.


In the early stages of the game, high-yield farming is supported. Over time, new features will be released and the yield will decrease.

The $HEGEM token

$HEGEM tokens are not sold directly by Hero Arena, but can be earned through in-game activities and then transferred to the player’s wallet. The total supply of $HEGEM tokens is unlimited. Players can trade this token on PancakeSwap.

Utility of the token:

  • Upgrading heroes’ life levels and equipment.
  • Unlocking skills – level upgrades unlock new skills for the player.
  • AFK – allows the player to earn more rewards.
  • Totem enhancements – increases the hero’s full power.
  • Upgrading items (e.g., equipment).
  • Increasing the number of stars.
  • Creating a guild.
  • Purchasing equipment to upgrade heroes.
  • Wheel of Fortune.


In the game, the player can earn tokens in several ways: For example, by participating in various events and in-game activities such as playing in PvP, PvE, Dungeon, or boss hunting mode.

Another player option is to trade their heroes on the marketplace and earn tokens for selling heroes.

The last option is staking and farming. This allows the player to generate passive income.




  • Johny Dang - Founder/CEO. More than 10 years of experience in marketing and business growth of technology start-up on the ASEAN market.
  • Ngoc Pham - CTO. Over 15 years in the gaming industry. Former game product manager at VNG.
  • Nhan Ho - Developer. Has been developing games using Unity and HTML5 for over 8 years.
  • Lan Nguyen - Senior blockchain developer. Has been a Senior Backend Developer for over 5 years and works on the blockchain technology.
  • Tony Ho - Community Manager. Has been involved in community building for five years in many gaming and crypto projects in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Daniel Nguyen - COO. Over 8 years in technology companies in various countries in Asia and Singapore.
  • Hana Nguyen - Artist and designer. Has 4 years of experience in game design. Graduated from FPT Arena University.
  • Alice Dang - Graphic designer. Has 3 years of experience in graphic design. She has done more than 10 projects related to social media design.


  • Phuc Nguyen - Founder/Executive Director of the Bunicorn company.
  • Ash WSB - CEO of Everse Capital.
  • Lim Lester - Founder of X21 Digital.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“The game has built a strong community on social media, the team is also active and posts are published frequently on social media. The game has a familiar concept. There are quite a few games on the market with a similar theme, which I rate as a minus. The project does not have a Free-To-Play option, therefore, if you want to play the game, you must first make a certain investment. As far as Road Map is concerned, the project has been delayed, as the mobile app hasn’t been released for either Android or iOS yet. The project has strong partnerships in place, which is a good thing. However, you can try the game yourself and maybe it will appeal to you.”

Hero Arena is a blockchain game inspired by DOTA2. Players can earn tokens through gameplay to join the game’s ecosystem. The gameplay involves players training their heroes to compete against each other and then sending them into battle.

Heroes in the game can be categorized by their rarity, race, class, power, their skills and level. Players can equip their heroes with progressively better gear to make them stronger. Player can have up to 5 heroes in their team. The more they own, the more advantages they can gain. A hero reaches his maximum potential at level 300. XP points are needed to level up, which the player can earn by completing quests, participating in battles, etc. After reaching every 20th level, the player needs to deposit a certain amount of $HERA tokens and provide Ascend potion. Players can trade heroes on the marketplace to earn additional tokens.



Battles are fought in 1on1 style. The player’s task is to defeat the opponent’s heroes within the time limit. In battles, the player can form a team of up to five heroes, which cannot be changed during the battle. The player with the most heroes left on the battlefield wins. The player can choose between PvP and PvE mode.

PvE mode – The player here fights against monsters and bosses. As the player progresses to the next stages, the difficulty of the environment also increases. Rewards and bonuses are given to the player for beating all the stages of the game.

PvP mode – Players fight other players of the same rank. They can choose slots as a form of defense, which are activated when another player attacks and are controlled by an “autopilot”. If successful, the player gains points, and if unsuccessful, the player loses points.


If a player wants to participate in an arena fight, they must place a stake in $HEGEM. The opponents are chosen randomly and the winner gets the bets of the other participants and the so-called RP. At the end of each season, the top 20% of players receive a seasonal reward, which is influenced by the player’s rank.


Players can enter the dungeon every day and earn gold rewards. Rewards can also include a $HERA token, Blue Essence or Evolutionary Stones.

World boss:

Every Saturday, one boss will be summoned in the game. After defeating it, or after 2 hours, it will disappear. Players can sign up for the boss hunt two days in advance. If a player wants to participate in the hunt, they must have at least $1000 HERA. At the end of the game, the loot will be distributed to all participants according to the degree to which they contributed to the damage dealt to the boss.

The loot can include $HERA tokens, Gold, Blue Essence and Evolution Stones.