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Heroes & Empires
May 16, 2023

Overall Rating

Current Token Price
Project Potential
  • User-friendly UI
  • Regular DEV Updates
  • Highly Engaging
  • Mobile version available for iOS and Android
  • No information on the team
  • Initial investment
  • Expensive upgrade fees
  • Difficult to play

Heroes & Empires is a blockchain-based AI gaming platform that combines Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess within its ecosystem.

Official Trailer


Q1 - 2022

  • Add “Retire Heroes” Feature Together with Barrack Store
  • Add Artifacts, the Last Piece of the Gear System to Power Up Squads

Q2 - 2022

  • Release Official Mobile Version with Free-To-Play Model
  • Release Skin System
  • Release Race Towers
  • Add Email Registration
  • Add Battle Pass
  • Update Marketplace: Change the Payment Mechanism from BNB to BUSD
  • Add World Bosses Game Mode and Frame Avatar

Q3 - 2022

  • Add Arena Rank System
  • Add Real-Time Custom Tournaments (Beta)

About the game

Player Requirements

Players taking part in the game need to buy Hero NFTs on the Heroes & Empires Marketplace.

To play the game and take part in battles, players must have a minimum of 5 Heroes.


HE Token: Governance Token

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Players can use $HE tokens for:

  • Play-To-Earn (P2E) combat and events
  • Payment for minting Hero NFTs and playing
  • Governance
  • GameFi: In-game expenses, such as creating clans or recruiting other players

Players can stake their $HE tokens to earn more $HE, which will allow them to upgrade their heroes or unlock gear or signature items. In the future, staking tokens will also give voting rights in the Heroes & Empires ecosystem.


Players can earn by:

  • Taking part in in-game activities such as daily, weekly and progress quests
  • Competing in PvP battles for leaderboard prizes
  • Collecting and speculating on the heroes, gear, and more
  • Opening Hero Packs and exchanging them on the market
  • Staking their $HE tokens
  • Players can sell, borrow, lend or stake their NFTs, as well as taking part in the decentralized financial market to make more profit




Heroes & Empires is being developed by CryptoViet Labs and IMBA Studio. The game is also co-incubated by Megala Ventures.

CryptoViet Labs was founded under the sponsorship of CryptoViet & Megala Ventures. It was established in 2016 by a group of crypto enthusiasts.

IMBA Studio is the leading mobile game developer and publisher in Vietnam, focusing on games such as I Am Hero (AFK Tactical Teamfight), Archer Hunter – Master of Arrow, Kawaii Mansion (Cute Hidden Object Game).

Megala Ventures is one of the blockchain sponsors from Southeast Asia. The company was founded in 2020 and has incubated at least 35 leading blockchain projects, including Casper Network, Persistence, Subquery, and My Defi Pet.

The team has a total of 60 full-time employees and their headquarters is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Social Media and Online Presence

Analytic Opinion

“Although there is some very detailed information about the heroes and their characteristics and special powers, I would like to get a better understanding of the overall story of the game. It is always good to grasp the story as a whole, rather than trying to analyze it through the descriptions of the individual heroes.

I found the web page pretty informative in terms of the game itself. There are guides for team building, as well as on how to play the game for both beginners and advanced players.

The fact that there is no detailed whitepaper does come across as a little unprofessional, but their main focus is on the game details, which is also reflected in the way they have built the game. However, the overall layout, in my opinion, seems a little muddled.

Regarding the team, the information is limited in terms of the company names behind this ecosystem. When I performed a search, I found that some of the partners' web pages were ‘not secure,’ which makes me think they didn`t pay for proper domain names. Furthermore, some partners did not even have web pages, or they weren’t working.

Overall, the documentation is not very user friendly or well coordinated, and this can be seen on their Road Map, too. It is difficult to tell if their goals have been achieved or were just planned. Further investigation is necessary to be able to figure out exactly what they’ve managed to do.

When investigating their social media, I noticed that their Twitter has 103,400 followers, but their tweets only get 5-10 likes each. Similarly, their Telegram chat is full of announcements, but there is no active chat between followers. Their Facebook has 19,000 followers but again, posts get single-figure likes. Ultimately, this makes me think that the followers are not real.

Discord is the most active of their channels, which is to be expected within the gaming community. However, their YouTube channel does seem to be getting more likes and more activity.

Although there is an initial investment required, there is a Free-To-Play option in which players are given 5 non-mintable heroes so they can experience the gameplay. This is a good initial option for players to decide if they like the game and want to invest.”

Developed on Unity Engine, Heroes & Empires combines Idle Role Playing Gaming with a strategy game approach.

Players select five heroes and create a team for battle, focusing on choosing characters that complement each other to create a stronger unit. After doing this, players can then take part in PvP and PvE battles, earn rewards, upgrade, and increase their heroes powers. Players can also join daily, weekly and progress quests to earn rewards and $HE tokens.

As well as different races, each hero has a different story and abilities. Players must build their teams strategically to win battles, paying attention to their heroes’ abilities. Heroes also have special gear, such as weapons, helms, armor, and boots. Each individual item of gear has usage limits for different races and types.

Players will be awarded with signature items during the game as they win the battles and unlock new levels. These items will increase power stats as well as unlocking the heroes’ special skills.

The races of heroes are:

  • Elves - playful, humanoid creatures (18.5% of total)
  • Beasts - mutated descendants from enlightened mortals (18.5% of total)
  • Demons - corrupt mutants who were imprisoned within their own weapons in a demon war (2.5% of total)
  • Goblins - creatures that traveled through unseen portals to a land of curious enchantment (18.5% of total).
  • Gods - also known as god-warriors, they were once humans who underwent a transformative ritual centuries ago (2.5% of total).
  • Humans - the dominant life forms of Sunda, with a variety of appearances, strengths and magical powers (18.5% of total).
  • Naga Race - centuries ago, they built a hidden village beneath a coral reef under the sea, where they hid until a massive rift opened near their home (2.5% of total)
  • Undead Race - by using the power of artifacts (extremely powerful weapons), they can become the most powerful specters, while retaining much of their personality (18.5% of total)