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Heroes of Mavia

Published: 6 July 2022

A combination of strategic base-building games like Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity with pleasant graphics. This Play-2-Earn game is about improving your base and NFTs.

Official Trailer

Basic information

An AAA NFT Base-Building game.

Heroes of Mavia is a blockchain AAA Play-2-Earn game, inspired by Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity. It is a so-called base building game, i.e., a game where you build a base. The game will be available on PC and mobile devices. The game was designed by the SKRICE studio.

Road Map

Q1-2022 – Community expansion.
Q1-2022 – Token launch.
Q2-2022 – NFT land sale, alpha version testing.
Q3-2022 – Public beta version launch.
Q4-2022 – Official game launch.

About the game

The game will combine Clash of Clans with Axie Infinity. Therefore, you will have to create conditions for both defense and living in your base. You will have an army ready to fight for you. In combat, you will be able to collect the enemy’s so-called golden oil. However, the most valuable substance will be RUBY.

The resources used in the game will be gold, oil and RUBY.

With RUBY, you will be able to improve your base and NFTs. For the best chance of gaining RUBY, the developers recommend: creating ground and air defenses, having a good base layout, improving the walls and towers to the maximum, placing bombs and traps, and improving NFT heroes.

There will be 3 types of NFTs in the game: base / land, heroes and statues. The lands will have 3 levels of rarity: common, rare and legendary. The heroes will help in attack and defense. The statues will improve the base in various areas of production and protection, each helping only in one area.

Player requirements

You will need to purchase one of the parcels to play the game. There are currently 7,000 parcels available – 4,600 common, 1,600 rare and 800 legendary. In the past, public land minting was carried out, but these are already sold out. You can currently buy land on OpenSea. As of 9 April 2022, the cheapest land costs ETH 0.84, which is quite expensive for a game that has not been launched yet. All transactions are currently taking place on OpenSea using the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Therefore, you will need a MetaMask wallet for transactions. In the future, you will be able to invest in heroes or statues. A Mavia marketplace will also be established, where transactions will take place in MAVIA. The game should not have high technical requirements.


RUBY will be earned by the following ways:

– Winning a battle against another base (at least 1 star worth of damage).

– Successfully defending your base against an attacker.

– Winning a three-star battle and taking opponents’ RUBY.

– Fulfilling daily challenges.

– Removing basic obstacles (shrubs, trees and stones).

– Winning a bet.

– Getting top placements in leaderboards.

– Renting your base.

– Renting your base. (Partnership = donation of land to a new player. This will result in a share distribution of all RUBY earnings to the original owner and the new one.) 


The game uses two tokens:

Usage of RUBY:

– Leveling-up the base.

– Leveling-up heroes.

– Leveling-up statues.

– Purchase of skins for heroes.

– Purchase of decorations for the base.

– Purchase of consumables (one-time bonuses / improvements).

– Shield activation to protect your base from attackers.

– Acceleration of building construction.

– Troop training completion / training time reduction.

– Purchase of missing resources – gold / oil.

– Betting on matches.

This token cannot be staked, and it runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

– MAVIA will be a governance token only. It will be used for NFT sales. Its staking should be possible, but we do not know its APY. The price is not available yet.

HeroesOfMavia-Tokenomika kopie



Analyst opinion

“I view the game rather positively. I like that someone has finally come up with a game resembling Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is well-known by almost every mobile user who has visited Google Play or App Store. Therefore, I think that this game will be a success, also thanks to its availability for mobile devices. We’ll see how the game’s developers handle their scheduled Road Map. If they succeed, I see lots of potential here.”

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